Ruin Lands

Suffering and despair


In a blue sky and a blazing sun, there was a group of crows screaming and circling in a roundabout. They closely watch the corpse lying on the barren red ground.

In the same place beside the corpse was a wrecked cart on a large sand-red rock.

This cart had a medieval character. Black with horses in the foreground.

Because the cart collides with the big boulder. The collision distorted the front of the cart and caused one of the horses to die in a very strange position. The other horse was not there, only severed ropes.

At that moment among the red crows that watched the corpse lying on the ground beside the cart. One of them came down to the corpse and slowly approached the corpses hand. He started clicking on it.

Suddenly, the fingers of the corpses hand moved, in shabby clothes covered in dirt and blood. And his eyes shivered, calling for him to open them.

His eyes opened in the blink of an eye and he raised his back with an incredible speed, making the crow flee in fear.

Drops of cold sweat appeared on the corpses face and its black pupils became, trembling in great fear. He looked around right and left with his face covered by his hand, leaving only his eyes to see the scene from which he was shocked.

”What the hell?! Where am I?!… I remember…Arghhh… ” Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly attacked a terrible pain in his head that made him flounder on the ground and scream.

”Arghhh…Arrrrgh…Arg… ”

That person remained in the same position for a while.

He took a big breath and got up from his place with a lot of new information in his mind. After the pain is over my inferno.

”I seem to have died and been resurrected in this body. Like a fairy tale. ”

”Wow…I didn expect that what I was reading, it would have been true. ”

The name of the previous owner of the body was Nait, one of the sons of large families in the city from which he came. Near his death area.

Out of his good fortune, and a professional rickshaw driver, they crashed into a large boulder. Which compressed the driver into a piece of paper and made the previous bodys angel fly out of the cart. to hit his head on the ground.

He looked at the wrecked cart and headed towards it, wanting to check it out.

Hmm…a water bag. This will be useful, for I doubt I will not thirst on the way back to the city. He took a small leather bag packed with water in the back of the cart box.

I have to change clothes. Its very torn. After his body flew and hit a body on the ground, some parts of the clothes were torn to pieces.

After a certain period of time, from changing clothes and drinking water to quench his thirst. Nait was ready to go (to go back to town). Tie a water bag on his waist. He covered his head with a piece of cloth to avoid heat stroke.

”Damn its so hot theres my new clothes already soaked with sweat. I have to hurry into town. ”

He started walking, following the tracks of the cart wheels and the horses footsteps.


In the middle of an arid region, under high temperature, with strong winds moving dust.

Someone was walking and he was going to fall at any moment. It was Nait.

After walking for a long time, Nait stopped and took a flask of water in his hand toward his mouth that had a few cracks in it. It is clear that the cause of these cracks is dehydration.

He took a flask of water to drink from it with the expectation that there would be a little water left in it, but what came out of it only a drop went towards his mouth.

Due to the amount of water he had, Nait decided not to drink large amounts of water in order to preserve it for a long period of time.

Noting this, he said with a frown, ”My water has run out, and it seems the city is still a bit far away. ” Nait didn have any water left, he just drank it all on his way back, though he tried to save it. Due to the amount of water he had, Nait decided not to drink large amounts of water in order to preserve it for a long period of time.

Without thinking about things that don make sense now. Nait continued walking towards his destination. He knew there was no point in sitting here and waiting for his imminent death. He decided to at least try to survive.

In the middle of the barren place, Nait was walking, it seemed he couldn bear to walk anymore, he seemed to walk bent over like an old man, clutching his crutch and walking with difficulty, with his face pale and black eyes that seemed to not be alive anymore, and several cracks appearing on his lips His skin turned red. Nait started thinking Am I going to die again and look… saying that with a smile on the face of the almost dead …what a silly death.


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