Ruin Lands

smuggling has begun

”I am done. ” Gareth spoke with a slight smile. When he looked at Nait who had been wrapped in several bandage strips.

Nait was wrapped, sitting on the chair. Where there was on his face, strips of bandages. From his nose to the left half of his left shaggy black hair. To cover his left eye while leaving the right eye without a bandage.

His hands and feet were wrapped in bandages. As well as on his stomach due to hitting a Roderick which left green spots on it. which was covered in bandages by his shirt.

Wonderful I no longer feel the pain I used to feel before putting the bandages on, and it has changed to a refreshing feeling. What he said was really true. Nait thought.

”Thank you for your recovery, Mr. Gareth. ” Nait said this, thinking it was good to thank the doctors for their work.

”No thanks for duty. It is important that you take care of yourself. Remember, when you are in a situation like this, do not hesitate to come to my clinic, Gareths clinic. You will find me there. ” Gareth said with eyes closed and a smile on his face.

A puzzled expression appeared on his face, Hmm?…In this town?!…There is nothing in the clinic hes talking about. According to what I saw from the memory of the previous angel.

He roamed the entire town of Midnight, leaving nowhere or going to him, using his familys background. Perhaps, the clinic is in one can see it. Only those who need it.

So it wouldn be strange not to know. He has never been like me now before. He always walks with strong guards who take care of violent matters. Hes never trained, as well as playful.

”Ill remember this, ” said Nait.

”Hahaha…. ” Roderick, who was leaning against the room wall by the door, laughed after hearing Naits words. He said with an arrogant expression, ”Cheah…its like you
e going to get out of here… keep dreaming. ”

Nait frowned and looked at Roderick. He could not deny what he said, all his words were true.

Damn. Impossible to think of escaping from his grasp. Thinking of confronting him, if I wish to die.

One hit from him is enough. I remember that he hit me in the eye and made me unconscious. I saw that his hand glowed a bright red. If my guess is correct. That moment he used his ability. I can resist him.

The Nait cried in his mind over his misfortune as he commented on the thinking of the previous body angel, Thats a moron, why didn he train his body or participate in sword training. Is not, the sword of the nobles pride. This is the mistake of parents, pamper him like this. Where is your ability?! I can see youve used it your whole life.

It is useless to think. I have to answer his words. Nait provoked, ”Come on, I want to see how youll stop me. ”

Anger appeared on Roderick after hearing Naits provocation. He squeezed his right hand into a fist with several veins. He started walking toward Nait, ”Insect, you have a long tongue. Ill hammer it for you as you wish… ”

As he was walking suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder to stop him moving, ”Mr. Gareth? ” He said this after turning around.

”Are you kidding? I just cured him now. Do you want to waste my effort? I don want to bother telling your master. And ask for compensation. ”

”B… but..well. ” Roderick relaxed his face and then returned to the side of the door and stood.

Nait smiled at Gareths behavior.

He laughed at Rodericks behavior, ”Hehehe…torture insane. ”

Gareth picked up his box and started walking toward the room door. ”Again take care of yourself. Im just a doctor. All I can help you with is treat your injury. Thats the most I can do. ”

With that, Gareth walked out of the room, leaving Roderick and Nait alone.

Roderick went to the place where he put the ropes to which Nait was tied. to find them and carry them towards Nait.

”Okay, Im going to tie you up now. Don bite like a dog, agreed. ” When Roderick finished speaking. His entire body began to show a bright red glow. And he continued walking toward Nait.

e saying he activated his ability from now on, really? I can do nothing. I thought if I had the chance like last time. I could…but just give up now. Nait thought when he saw Rodericks act.

And so Roderick tied him to the chair.

Roderick went to the room door to get out. And then close it.

Nait could hear the sound of the key closing the door. Because of this did not understand why all these security measures. And I think its not as strong as they are afraid of. And hes just a normal human.


After 45 minutes of boring waiting.

I opened the door to show who opened it was Roderick. He was carrying a wooden tray in his hands. It contained the food of a piece of bread and porridge in a wooden bowl, and the porridge did not contain only one piece of meat and vegetables. And a cup of water.

Roderick went over to Nait to place the tray on the stone floor. Then he untied Nait again and said, ”This is your food. Health and healing. ”

Uncuffed, he looked at the food without showing any expression of surprise or concern.

Roderick started walking back to the side of the door to lean against a wall. And hes watching Nait.

With that, Nait picked up the wooden tray. To sit after that on the chair and put the tray in his hole. And start eating.

What is strange is he no longer eats as he used to do in a cart with David or in a restaurant. He ate slowly and took one spoonful after another while chewing hard bread.

This even he remarked, Its strange why, Im not hungry. Im sure I was feeling a little hungry before I got hit in the stomach by Carlos. So I must be very hungry now. Although I don know for how long I was unconscious. But I know its long.

Im not even thirsty. What is that? Its strange that you can eat food and not feel a little hungry. Is it maybe because I ate a lot before so I don feel hungry now….Yes thats how it is. Nait continued eating after convincing himself.

After a while, Nait finished eating, and drank all of the water at the end.

When Roderick notices that Nait has finished eating. He went towards him thinking Isn he hungry? Its impossible, they just brought him here yesterday. The whole time he was unconscious. But he ate as if he ate breakfast in the morning. And now he eats breakfast at noon.

Well, from my masters information, this person is a member of a noble family. So I guess he was on a diet so its not a problem for him to go without food for a long time like this. He took the wooden tray from Nait after convincing himself as well.

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