Ruin Lands

Knights leader Carlos

in a barren place. We can see a small dust cloud coming. If we get closer we find that it was a luxury chariot with a strip of gold color in the sides.

In the drivers place there are two people, one armored and the other covering himself with a robe.

Inside that carriage was a person lying on a chair. And the opposite of the chair in which there was a man lying down. There was a rather fat man who sat on a chair and looked out the window, his eyes looking like she was thinking of something.

After a while the person lying down began to move his hands, then suddenly he woke up very quickly holding his chest, and appeared on the face of drops of sweat, breathing very quickly.

After he managed to catch his breath, he looked around and with a surprised expression of where he was, until he ended up seeing the person on the other side of the chair, looking rather fat with brown clothes with golden stripes on the ends, his face puffy like a balloon with eyes Brown with brown hair and on his head there is a small brown hat with a golden ribbon on the ends that matches the clothes he wears.

He said with a smile on his face, ”You woke up! …. It seems that you suffered a lot in this place, after I saw your behavior when you woke up?! ”

After listening to what he had to say, that person got up from the red-colored chair. He adjusted himself as he sat on the chair in which three people could sit, opposite a fat man.

”Thank you for saving my life, I owe you, ” he said, looking at the fat man through his black eyes. The fat man replied after hearing that persons words, with a smile on his face clearer than the previous one, ”No need to thank me, it was just a coincidence, so I thank you for your luck because I found you in the ground and noticed you before you died. ” Hearing that fat mans response, a friendly smile began to appear on that persons face.

After stopping without anyone speaking, the fat man killed him, saying, ”Come on, you
e hungry right? Im going to order food. ” Without listening to that persons opinion, a fat man called his driver. The horse cart stops after a while of his calls.

About the place of the carriage the sounds of footsteps began to sound instead of the sound of horses, until the sound stopped and then knocked on the door and the voice of the fat man said ”Enter. ” To open the door and to show that he was the driver, he said to his master, ”Your orders, sir? ” His master said, ”Bring the table and prepare the food.

Hearing the driver, he immediately went to the back of the horse cart and took out several things from a box. Including the food represented by meat, vegetables and cooking utensils, as well as the piece of wood that looks like a table, as well as its wooden legs, it is clear that it was made to fit the box. The driver took it out, climbed into the carriage, and put it in the space between the two side chairs. Then he placed upon them luxurious white cups prepared for drinking with a handkerchief, and brought them a bottle that resembled a kind of drink, as well as a white clay jug containing water.

After all these things had been put in place, the driver, waiter, or cook finished preparing the table, and without further delay he started to say to his master, ”Is there anything else you would like, sir? ” He replied, ”No, go and prepare the food. ” After hearing the answer, he closed the door and left.

Inside the carriage after closing the door, the fat man asked the person, ”Go ahead. ” When you hear the words of the fat man. This person quickly took the jug of water and started drinking like a madman without a sense of politeness. When he saw fat for that persons behavior. He had a strange expression on his face, but he quickly turned into a smile, waiting for that person to finish drinking.

When the young person finished drinking the water, he wiped the remaining water in his mouth with his hand. Then the jug of water held the vacuum in place firmly until a knocking sound was heard on the table. He bent his body for a while and then began to return to his previous position, noticing the strange fat mans expression who could not resist and hide it any longer.

This took a hurried person explaining himself with some anxiety as he rubbed his curly hair with his hand, ”Sorry, I couldn control myself after not drinking water in convincing quantities and I forgot about my morals… ha…haha… ”.

What he said was half true, the other half being the usual behavior he was accustomed to. A person mistakes because of his extreme thirst and forgetting that he moved here. And act according to the etiquette of this world.

Hearing what that fat man said, he replied with the return of his usual smile, ”No, I understand your situation. ”.

The heart of that person was relieved after hearing the words of the fat person. After the fat person finished speaking, he came back and continued, saying while holding a bottle and pouring into the cup, ”What is your name? ”

After the fat man finished pouring himself, he pointed to that person with a cannula, meaning that he would pour it for him.

Having seen it, he took the cup and began to bring it to him, to finally pour it for him. He took a few sips from the glass, then paused, saying, ”Im Nait field ” of the Field family. ”

Hearing Nait reply, Hearing Nait reply, the fat man spit out a sip that he drank from the cup. Then he quickly took a handkerchief and began wiping his mouth.

Then the fat man said with a bit of fright, ”I didn expect you to be the young master of the Field Family, I apologize for any inconvenience I caused you. ” After hearing about the fat man, Nait expected it due to the strength of his new family. But he said, ”Don worry, didn I thank you before for the ruins of my life. And who are you? ” Hearing Nait words, the smile returned, but there was still a bit of fear.

”Sir, my name is David Stonebeck, just a simple merchant. Im going to your town for business, ” said the fat person, holding his hands and rubbing them, after hearing Davids reply, Nait sighed. The moment of his return to the new home in which he will live in peace and prosperity.

In my previous life, I lived a life full of problems, I stayed up nights and worked hard to have a good life. But before I could even enjoy it, I died. I ended up in this world and fortunately I have a family here and it is not an ordinary family but rather a strong and wealthy one with two tender sons and a nice little sister. It was as if my luck was starting to form a yellow aura around me.

After he thought back, Nait said, ”Well we
e on the same path, and so stop calling me sir, please. After all, youve saved my life. We
e like brothers from now on. Young master of the Stonebeek family business. ”.

Upon hearing Naits words, Davids face appeared happy, and he quickly said, ”Yes, Mr. Nait. ” Nait replied, ”Hm? ” he sighed and said ”Okay, ”. At that moment, after Nait had said it, David began to shout angrily. ”Wheres the food? Im starting to get hungry, and Mr. Nait will die of hunger. ”

Upon hearing his words, a chuckle appeared from Nait.

After a little while, the gate was heard expelling the cart, David said, ”Open. ” Then it appears that he is the driver, saying, ”Sir, the food is ready. ”. ”Faster, ” replied David angrily. Upon hearing his master he hurried over with fear in his face.

After a while, the table was prepared with the finest dishes. ”Go ahead, Mr. Nait, ” said David. This time he didn lose his sense as the time passed. He started taking the knife and fork and cutting the meat with a knife and holding it with a fork as he remembered from the memory of the previous owner of the body, and started eating.

When the food entered his mouth, he felt the most delicious food he had ever eaten. He suppressed the tears that were about to fall and continued to eat. When David saw Naits reaction, he laughed and said, ”Eat until you
e sated. ” Take the knife and fork and eat too.


Inside the cart. There were two people. One of them is rather fat with brown hair and a small hat on his head. As for the other, he was skinny with black eyes and radiant hair.

Nait hits his stomach and then puts his hand on it, ”Thank you David for such a good meal, ” he said.

Upon hearing Naits words, David replied, ”No thanks for duty. It seems you have a really big appetite! ”.

He looked at the table that was previously filled with various foods. But now all the dishes are completely empty and a little clean. Especially in the Nait part of the table. It contained many dishes arranged one above the other.

After hearing Davids reply, some embarrassment appeared on Naits face.

Having said that, a little embarrassment happened to Nait. David called a driver who ordered him to clean the table and take it away to leave the space in the middle of the cart empty.

After cleaning the cart, the driver returned to continue the journey back to town.

After an hour or two of conversation and mutual laughter between David and Nait. Nait suddenly looked out the window with a strange expression.

David saw that Nait was looking out the window. He also went to look and said, ”Oh, we are not too far from the town. ”.

Upon hearing Davids words, Nait nodded and said, ”Apparently, but weren we just a little while ago in a barren place with high temperature and almost no life there. Can you explain how we became? In a place full of animal life and green trees and grass in the ground? ”.

Upon hearing Naits words, he started saying, ”It seems that the place contains a very old legend that tells. A fierce battle between a dragon and a royal knight leader of a kingdom at that time over this place.

Upon hearing Naits words, he started saying, ”It seems that the place contains a very old legend that tells. That a fierce battle between a dragon and the royal knight leader of a kingdom at that time over this place. As the barren place is the effects of their battle. But there is no evidence that There really is a dragon or not. As the Royal Knights leader never returned from that place called Barren Battlefield. ”.

David stopped talking, then raised his hand and pointed his finger up and continued, ”But its all a myth and that dragons don really exist. No one has ever seen a dragon in their life. The real explanation for the real phenomenon in that barren place is that there are mana veins underneath. The Earth has fiery properties, so it creates a lot of heat and it becomes a barren place. ”.

A big smile appeared on David after he finished speaking and he continued after a few moments and said, ”As for the creatures not appearing, it was because you were lucky not to meet one of them. If it was like that, I wouldn have hired guards for my trip. ” When he finished, he sighed.

When David finished speaking, Nait thought while rubbing his chin, according to the memory of the former angel of the flesh. That this world contains what is called mana. Whoever owns it and controls it well can produce fire, ice, or even water from nothing. ”.

A smile appeared on Naits face at the thought of possessing such supernatural abilities. He hopes to use it someday.

”Interesting, thank you for the clarification, David, ” Nait said to David.

”Im at your service, Mr. Nait, Feel free to ask anything of me. ” David replied after hearing Nait with a smile.


After several hours…

”Look, the town is in sight, ” said David.

Upon hearing Davids words, Nait went looking out the carriage window.

He could see the big town surrounding by long walls and possessing four gates in different four directions.

Outside the wall were many agricultural fields filled with many ripe crops.

But on the other hand there were many houses made of thatch and wood on the side of the walls. It is clearly haunted by people. Those who were not allowed to enter the protected town between the walls due to the density of population.

On one side of the town walls. There was a river so wide that a large ship moved through it without any problems. On the side of this river there are many wooden houses. It connects it and the river with a wooden bridge that ends with a small wooden boat.

There was a dirt road connecting a town gate to it. On the roadside there are many agricultural fields as well.

It began as a prosperous town from many agricultural, commercial and maritime aspects. As there were many carriages and people passing through the town gates.

After not too long. The carriage in which Nait was in queued to enter through the gate. On the side of the trolley queue there was a queue of people wishing to enter a town.

Nait could see them through the carriage window. He also saw a sign above the gate, a wall on which ” ”Midnight town ” ” was ornately written.

After a while in line, there was only one cart left before it was Davids dealers turn.

Looking out the window we see an armored figure from the bottom up, in silver. He wears a silver helmet with a red ribbon at the end, which moves when he moves.

He went to the rickshaw driver and asked him to get off. And apparently in order to check the goods located behind the cart. The rickshaw driver walked over and saw what was in his carriage. When the guard checked the merchandise, he started writing on a piece of paper. In his hand was a pen that ended with a piece of coal.

Then the driver took a bag out of his pocket and gave it to the guard. Before him and allowed him to cross and enter the town. Apparently the bag contained cash, which was an entry tax into the town.

Next was the turn of the cart in which David and Nait were in. Upon reaching the guard, David called for a driver. And he gave him a letter sealed with wax. And he said to him, ”Give it to the guard, so he can deliver it to the person whose name is written on it. ”.

Upon seeing this, Nait did not pay any attention to her, as he thought that David sent her to an acquaintance who entered a town.

The driver after hearing this went to the guard. And give it to him when a guard sees the name of the person to whom the message should reach. Fear appeared on his face, and then he ordered a driver who went into town without even asking him for tax or checking the carriage.

Thus, the vehicle entered the town of Midnight successfully.

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