Ruin Lands

The Smuggler

The blond and brown-haired walked out of the unknown building, toward the long deserted alley with the guard there. And they started walking out of the alley.

While they were counting, the brown-haired man couldn help but speak. He asked that blond, ”What the hell was that place?! ”.

When Al-Ashqar heard him, he replied, ”This place is one of the black spots in this city, it allows us to ask for anything. Like what we have done now smuggling things, as well as stealing and assassination….etc. ”.

The brown-haired face showed shock at the blonds saying, ”So then, I didn expect something like this to exist in this city. ”.

Al-Ashkar replied, ”For me, this is expected, or even certain, of their existence. There is no prosperous place without their presence in it. Eliminating them is almost impossible, given the state of the world in which we are. ”.

He stopped talking as he turned to the blond haired man and continued, ”They are in a breeding position, no matter how much you get rid of them there will be more. ”.

The brown-haired nodded in agreement with what his owner said.

Seeing the brown-haired mans behavior, the blond said, ”Come on, lets hurry to the Commander. Don be slow like last time. ”


Inside an unknown building there was a person with a scar on his face who sat at a desk. He plays with a knife and thinks From their looks I don know what they are exactly. But from the physique formation, the blond was stronger than the one who remained silent. I doubt if I got into a fight with him I would never be healthy, there would be so many broken bones because of him and it really hurts. But what if it is against him on the outside?.

He looked at the door as if he could see who was behind him and thought, This muscular man, is he going to beat that blond? But when the blond looked at that muscle, there was no expression on his face that he was afraid of him despite the release of his aura, and he remained with a serious face other than his owner who seemed to be sweating.

He sighed and continued thinking I guess he was relying on his ability. Unfortunately, I can see so that my ability allows me to see behind things. It just doesn really work in combat. Its crazy to get into a fight with that blond guy just because of my knife skill. Ahh… it doesn matter.

After he finished thinking, he looked at the sack of wheat that was lying on the ground with glowing eyes. And he thought, It seems that they are hiding a person in a bag of wheat. But who is he? When he looked at that persons face, he seemed to know him, but he couldn remember him. Because of that he didn care anymore and went to open the letter that the blond man had given him.

After he read it, his facial expression changed to show panic and a few drops of sweat on his forehead.

He put the letter on a desk and wiped his sweat with his hand thinking I survived, this time was very dangerous. Who would have expected them to be one of the soldiers of the First Knight Commander of the Field family. And this thing came from him. ”

The owner of the scar did not dare to suspect them of using the name of the Commander of the Knights of Carlos. So that no one has the courage to do it.

A man with the scar stood up to go to a certain place in the wooden walls of a building. to push it, and a hole is formed on the wall after pushing it. and entered it.

After a while he came back with two people behind him and said, ”Listen well, I don want to die and neither do you. So pay attention to this sample. I want you to deliver it to the place I told you about without any accidents. ”

When they heard his words, one of them began to swallow hard in his saliva and the other with some fear on his face. His reason is that he told them in some detail, before he brought them here.

Then the man with a scar on his eye said, ”Come on, take him out of here. ”

In response to the man with the scar, they picked up Nait from the place and took him through the hole in the wall to end up with them. On a cart with many sacks of wheat. And they put a Nait among them. And they rode in the carriage seat.

Thus, the cart began moving towards the entrance to the city of Midnight.

When they reached the entrance, the gatekeeper stopped them. Ask them to pay and check the goods.

So they paid the tax and let them go after checking that there was nothing strange in the cart, just sacks of wheat.

And so they got out of the city without any problems. To end up Nait who returned to the city. To get out of it again without knowing it. So he may never come back to it again.

After hours of running the horses and moving the cart. Finally another city appeared in their corner of view.

This city is known to border one of the neighboring kingdoms of this kingdom. The related trade between the two kingdoms is here.

So that the goods wagons enter between their borders. without significant requirements.

These two kingdoms were known for their calmness towards each other without mutual wars between them. They also knew the great contact between them. When it happened that there were many marriage contracts between them, it came to the point that the prince of this kingdom married their princess. And yet there are the sons of the prince and princess as rulers of this kingdom.

After a while, they reached the entrance to the city and its queue, waiting for their turn.

It was their turn, the guard came to them and asked them some questions after checking the special goods, as one of them opened to check the quality of the wheat grains, and he did not finish that, and seemed to open many of them. Fortunately for them, it did not reach the role of the wheat sack in which Nait was.

”Where did these goods come from? ” said the guard.

Someone replied, ”From this kingdom. ”

”So then, pay the tax in full. If these goods were from the neighboring kingdom, you would have received a 50 percent reduction in tax, ” replied the guard, after hearing what he was saying on the paper in his hand. When he finished speaking, he showed his hand and said, ”Come on, get the tax out and hurry in. I have a long line. ”

Then someone paid the tax and they got into town without incident.

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