Ruin Lands

The Dark Room

After entering the carriage in which Nait was in the town. Advance towards the town center.

After a while of moving I entered the center which was bustling with activity. Where there are many stores. And people who put their goods on the road, on a table or on the floor. There are also those who put it on the cart in which they transport the goods.

The carriage that Nait was in continued to advance. In front of the crowd of people that walk inside the market.

After a while the carriage reached a luxury store, and stopped in front of it.

The two people who were at the front of the carriage started to speak. ”Listen, you
e sitting here guarding the cart and Ill go to the customer to agree with him. If anything happens, put priority on the merchandise no matter what. ”

The other nodded in approval of his companion. After all, it was he who acted as the chariot keeper.

The one who represented the cart driver and the seller stood and went towards the door of the luxury store that was in front of him.

When he entered, he could see the reception desk in front of him. And so is the receptionist behind him.

The receptionist was very old, with gray hair and a small beard on his chin that resembled an arrowhead. He was wearing a black suit.

The moment the receptionist noticed someone who had now entered through the door. He bowed slightly, and waited for the strangers arrival.

When he arrived the receptionist said, ”What does sir want to buy from this store. We have a lot of interesting things. If you are looking for something and he is not here we will try our best to provide it for you. ”

”Okay, ” said the stranger, ”I want to meet the shopkeeper. ”

The employees expression changed after what he said, ”Sir, the shopkeeper is too busy so maybe he can meet you. ”

”I don care if hes busy or I don want to see him now. ” said the strange man.

Some panic appeared on the receptionists face thinking that he might have messed with a big figure without knowing.

He said ”But… ”

Before he could finish, the stranger said, ”You don want to show me the shopkeeper. Well, don blame yourself for what happens to you next. ” Turn around and start rolling back.

The receptionist panicked and walked out of the front desk behind the stranger and said, ”Sorry, sir, Im going to go tell the shopkeeper you
e coming. ”

”Good, ” the stranger nodded.

”Wait, Ill be back in a little while, ” said the employee, and then went away in a hurry. towards a staircase.

After a while in on one of the private floors in the store. inside a room. There was a fat figure sitting at her desk.

On a desk there were many gold coins scattered beside them were coins arranged in the form of a circular column.

That fat person was carrying the gold coins and arranging them into columns of coins.

”Caution… with caution. ” He said, trying to put a gold coin on one of the pillars.

At that moment, he heard a knock on the door. Causing an imbalance in its concentration, causing the column of gold coins to fall. Who was trying to put another coin in it. Because of that, the columns around them fell. To end with him to go all his effort. To create his masterpiece.

Anger appeared on his face and saliva flew from his mouth, ”Who the hell, come in!. ”

Then the receptionist entered, ”Sorry for the inconvenience, sir. But someone is looking for you. ”

”Hmm… who is this?. ” The store owner said.

The receptionist replied, ”Sir, I don know him. He has never been here before. ”

Hearing the receptionists answer, anger appeared on the store owners face. And he said, with saliva flying farther than before from his mouth, ”What?! What?! What?! Didn I tell you that no one looking for me is allowed to receive him. Didn I tell you to tell them Im busy!. It seems that you are old and do not hear the words well, is it wrong for me to hire you. ”

When he heard his masters words, panic appeared on the receptionists face with some drops of sweat on his face and said, ”Sir, he said he wanted you in a very important matter and insisted on seeing you.I was afraid that he is a big personality. and if you reject him what will happen?. ”

When he heard an employee lowered some anger and said, ”So then, if he was really someone of stature, that would be a big problem. ”

His anger vanished, and he said, ”If its an important persons right, I won fire you. But if….not, youll see some hell. ” He said his last words as he put his hands on his chin.

The receptionist swallowed his saliva and walked out of the room to bring the guest.


After a while the stranger was holding his hands. He is one of the two who have brought Nait to this ctiy, waiting for the receptionist.

At that moment someone came down the stairs from which the receptionist had gone up. He was the receptionist with a frown and thinking what he had done in his life to end up like this.

”The shopkeeper is waiting for you upstairs, ” said the receptionist. ”Come with me, please. ”

”Okay. ” The stranger said

After a while, they reached the door of the shop owners office. The receptionist knocked and his hand was sweating.

After hearing a voice say ”Enter. ”

Then a stranger entered and so did the receptionist.

They could see a fat person with brown clothes befitting medieval merchants. Not like David, who was dressed in medieval merchant clothes but more luxurious than that of this chubby.

They could see a fat person with brown clothes befitting medieval merchants. Not like David, who was dressed in medieval merchant clothes but more luxurious than that of this chubby. He was standing, rubbing his hands with us.

Immediately a stranger and the receptionist enter the room. His facial expression changed to surprise. When he looked at a stranger. Then he looked at the receptionist thinking how he would deal with this employee.

He expected that the one he was looking for would be in luxurious clothes with many accessories in it. But he was disappointed after looking at the stranger dressed in the clothes of an ordinary merchant. Which led to him thinking about if the receptionist was blind.

After that he went and sat on a chair again. With his hand on his cheek he said ”Please sit down. ”

The stranger then sat in one of the guest chairs at the desk. He looked at the fat man and said, ”I came for a private business. ” He pulled out a piece of paper and put it on the desk. ”But first you have to read this. ”

”Hmm….well. ” He took the paper and began to read.

First, when he started reading it, his expression changed to that of my grandfather, and then terror appeared on his face, and he said, as his saliva began to fly, ”Ehhhh…?! What?! ”

Because of his words, saliva flew down the strangers face. When he noticed this, the fat man quickly took out a handkerchief and began wiping the strangers face.

Then, looking at the receptionist who was still in the room, he said, ”You can get out of here. ”

When he heard the receptionist got out.

The fat man put the paper down, And fear on his face, He said, ”Sorry about what happened. I didn expect you to be sent by the Commander of the Carlos Knights of the Field family.

No, but the Commander of the other familys knights. I am sorry for the mistake. What did you say? You have a private business that was not mentioned in the paper. What do you want from me? ”

”Good. ” said the stranger, ”I want the sack of wheat in the cart parked on your storefront to escape from this kingdom. ”

”Okay, I understand, but a bag of wheat? What do you mean?! ” asked the chubby.

The stranger replied, ”Someone got into a bag of wheat. He was recommended. He has to live a miserable life…thats what I know. ”

After he finished speaking, he pulled out three bags of money. ”Take this to ensure that he arrived safely outside the kingdom. ”

Chubby was overjoyed after seeing this much money, ”Don be afraid, Ill take him out of this kingdom no matter what. ”

”Good. ” The stranger said as he got up from the chair, ”Our lives depend on you. ”

Then the stranger went to the cart and took out the bag of wheat in which Nait was, and brought it into the store.

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