Ruin Lands

wrapped and Food

A moment after the chubby came out.

”Well what do we have here, how lucky you are, if not for my master. I would have taken another hit not on your face. But on your eggs…Hehe. That would be fun. ”

When Nait heard Rodericks words, his face turned pale and shivered, except for my little boy.

”Okay, Im going to go get someone to treat your wounds. So be obedient and stick to where you are. Oh you can actually move. It doesn matter. ”

When Roderick finished his words, he picked up the lamp. He looked around, to find the piece of cloth that prevented Nait from speaking. And he carried it with him towards Nait.

When he arrived at the Nait lying on the ground there were many spots of blood as well as vomit. Your disgust with relief. He covered his nose with his sleeve. Then he put the lamp close to Naits head.

Roderick took the piece of cloth and gathered it, to form its rope. He went to put it in his mouth.

Nait thought, his eyes glowing after Rodericks act, Wonderful chance Ill pay it back. You mother**er, I did what I did.

After Rodericks hand reached his face.

”Take that, you damned listener with torture. ” He said this and Nait pounced on Rodericks left hand, which was holding a piece of cloth. And he did the most powerful, bite he had ever done in his life with great malice.

Then the roles were reversed. He became a Roderick who was screaming in pain.

”Ugh…you insect…agg… what are you doing…. ughhh…leave my hand… ”

Roderick tried with all his might to remove his hand from Naits teeth. But as he tried, he saw that Naits teeth were digging deeper into his flesh as his blood appeared.

He left him in great pain, all he tried to keep him away. Without any hesitation, he turned his plan to violence.

Roderick raised his right hand in the air, pointing at Naits face. As it began to radiate a translucent red glow.

Roderick sent out his right fist with a pain in his face and hoped to shake off the wolfs teeth.

His fist slammed into Naits face towards Yusras eye. Nait made us loosen his jaw to end up letting go of Rodericks hand. And he received a new injury, which was represented by a violet bulge on his left eye. Ending him unconscious again.

Roderick grabbed his left hand that was dripping blood with his right hand. He looked at Nait, showing anger to him once again raising his leg in order to hit him.

But before he could send it to Nait he stopped and went thinking As my master said, I have to reduce the damage on him…chih.

The anger disappeared from his face. To go get the piece of cloth on the floor next to his face, Nait cautiously, afraid that the wolf will wake up.

After Roderick got her and made sure that Nait really passed out. This brat won get up early.. I think, so, he won need anything to shut his mouth. He took the piece of cloth and rolled it over his left hand, which was still bleeding.

After you finished holding the lamp.

”Now I also need treatment…Attt.. ” He said these words as he went to the door of the dark room, opened it, and came out of it and closed it.


After 3 hours.

The darkroom door opened again. To enter it two people in the average age.

One of them was brown-haired with a cloth shirt, and on his chest there was a light chest armor. As well as the shoulder protector in one only. He wore leather pants with a sword at the waist. It was Roderick.

But another additional thing was the presence of a white bandage wrapped on his left hand.

As for the one who was next to him, he was carrying a box in his hand. He has silky gray hair, which ends with shades of black at the edges of his hair. That man was only wearing a look in one eye.

That person wore a white silk shirt. And gray pant. Above them is a long dark gray coat.

”Go ahead, Mr. Gareth, ” said Roderick.

”Okay, but what a dark place, ” Gareth replied as he looked around. ”Its the basement after all. ”

”Its a perfect place to hide the things you don want your customers to see in your store. ” Roderick spoke while carrying a lamp with him. ”Wait, Mister Gareth, Ill light the candles. ”

Then he went to the different sides of the darkened room and then lit the candles in the walls of the room with a candle lamp, and then the room became lit.

When he finished speaking, he went to various sides of the dark room. To light the candles in the walls of the room using a candle lamp, the room becomes lit finally.

”thats better. ” Gareth commented on Rodericks work.

After lighting up the room, Gareth could see with his gray eyes. Nait lying on the floor.

Roderick went to Nait after seeing Gareth looking at him and said, ”Mr. Gareth, this is the person I asked you to treat. ”

”Okay, ” Gareth then approached Nait, put the box down, and bowed.

Gareth remarked, ”Its good that his injury is not so severe as to threaten his life. Otherwise, I wouldn be able to treat him. ”

Gareth then looked at Roderick standing next to him and asked, ”Was it you who caused these injuries? ”

Roderick remained silent at Gareths question.

”First, untie him, and wake him up too. ” He continued talking after not taking him to any answer with the expectation of the answer in his mind.

When Roderick heard Gareths order, his expression changed to a bit worried and said, ”Mr. Gareth, I doubt it would be bad to untie him and wake him up. ”

”Hmm…why? ” Gareth question.

”Because he might resist. And he might get into a lot of trouble. ” Roderick replied to it.

”Anyway, if you don do what I told you to do. Just come cure him, and Ill go, ” Gareth got up, holding his box, wanting to go.

”Sigh, well I will do as you say. ” He then went to get a bucket of water by the door of the room without any objection.

Use that bucket to awaken an unconscious Nait.

Nait woke up with astonishment on his face from being sprayed with cold water. He looked around to find himself in a lit room with two people in front of him. One of them he knew was a Roderick who bit him. The other one he didn know was Gareth.

When he saw them, they were far from him. So that he can reach them without making a refund. An expression of arrogance appeared on his face, Hehe…. like this or not.

”Hows your hand, moron…hehe. I see youve bandaged it. Thanks for the lighting. ”

”You brat, I know where you are, or you will see another hell. ” Roderick appeared angry after hearing Naits words, remembering what has happened before.

Gareth who stood as the spectator finally understood where Rodericks injury came from.

”Im Gareth, a doctor. I came here to treat you. ” Gareth said, ”Listen, we
e going to untie you. In order to treat the injury to your hands and feet. So I ask you to be a little tactful, and let me heal you in peace. ”

There were traces of blood on his hands and feet because of Naits desire to defend them from hitting a cock.

Nait looked into Gareths honest eyes and started thinking This doctor seems kind of reliable. Do I have to trust him? On not doing something foreign to my body On his last thought he said ”How can I trust you. ”

Gareth smiled, ”Its simple, look, we have a rooster, at my signal, who can hold you in place without you doing anything. I also woke you up, who doesn take advantage of the chance that you are unconscious. ”

When Nait heard Gareths reply, he saw it made sense. ”OK. ”

”Good Roderick, go untie. ” Looking at Nait, Gareth said, ”It was a good thought, after all, youll never be able to resist Roderick. Because he has the ability . Although I don know how you did it in his hand. I say this in order to avoid further injuries. Don do anything crazy. ”

When Gareth finished speaking, Roderick went after his order. To end up untied Nait.

Nait experienced a great feeling after untied his chains and moving his hands and feet. But he did not try to do anything dangerous. As Gareth said.

to sit on the chair. And Gareth does what he came for.

Gareth opened the box. To show it several glass bottles. And metal tools for medicine.

When Nait looked at a box and its contents, he thought, What? I thought he would use something as wondrous as healing my wounds in a jiffy with healing magic. To be as it is on earth is disappointing.

Gareth took out a flask, and a piece of white wool held by a clamp. Then pour the content in the flask onto the piece of wool.

”This is a disinfectant for wounds since I can disinfect it with my ability. ” Gareth said.

After his speech, he took a piece of wool and began to sterilize all the places where Nait was wounded.

Nait usually suffered from pain. And the repetition of the word ”Attt… ” every time the piece of wool touched her wounds.

When Gareth has finished sterilizing all of Naits injuries. Lay down a piece of wool. He opened his palm towards the room shed.

”Now I will show you my ability {bandage}. ”

After he said his last word, the palm of his right hand began to glow a bright green. To suddenly appear out of nowhere on his palm a wrapped bandage tape.

Wow. Now I know Im in another world after seeing this. A bandage appeared on his hand after he said, ”bandage ” only without the trouble of being applied. Just in moments when Nait saw this, a look of astonishment appeared on his face.

When Gareth saw the astonishment on Naits face, he smiled and began to explain, ”I have an ability called . I can create any kind of bandage I want in an instant. Its only ability is to heal wounds faster than usual. But if its a condition like a serious illness or An internal injury will not be useful, so he relied on medical tools to take care of the injuries. ”

When hearing Nait, Greath explained. Understand that Gareths ability is very useful in the case of battles where there are many casualties or in the case of light injury such as a wolf scratch…etc. ”Thanks for the clarification. ” A slight smile appeared on Naits face.

”Okay, ” said Gareth, as he opened the bandage, ”its time for your wrap. ”

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