smartass? A good companion? A mobster? Of course, you can call me any of those. Ive been a member of a big criminal family for a long time. Normally I would never tell anyone about my life, but I can trust you, right?

Don ask me about my ancestry. Yakuza, Russian mafia, Sicilian, Mexican cartel… race doesn matter as much as it used to. Some traditions still remain. We have a chief we call Don, our captains are called caporegimes, and the men and women made are called soldiers. Hell, we even have the Five Families in New Daria, as well as New York, right?

No, they are not The Five Families. Its just a coincidence that five different organizations run the city like they do in the Big Apple. It was like this before I was born. I came from…

Our house was huge. It had a large swimming pool, a garage full of exotic cars, and a large iron gate to keep out unwanted people. We had some maids, gardeners and even a nanny. It wasn the childhood youd expect considering what I would become. Oh, I know all the cliched reasons why a rich kid might start a life of crime: boredom, rebelliousness, excitement… take your pick.

(Citizen Reputation +20)

My parents were normal people. They weren saints, but they certainly had no connection to organized crime or anything like that. They tried to raise me to be a little moral and well-adjusted…

My family was well known in our neighborhood. No, not my crime family. I mean my parents and myself. It was they who gave me the name… Leandro Paulino Silveira

I remember the first time I got involved in a crime. I was eight years old. Some friends and I were at a local convenience store. It was a stupid kid thing. Even my best friend was there…

Taylor was a skinny, excitable little girl with messy black hair.

”Just take it, ” our small group leader said with a sneer, forcing the candy bar into my hands.

She was always doing shit like that. At that age, Alexis was bigger, stronger, and meaner than Taylor or me. For a bunch of kids, most of the time that was enough to make us follow her. She was tall, slender and had long blonde hair. She looked like the poster child for the perfect American girl.

Taylor had already tucked a barbell into his own pocket. Although she tried to look nonchalant, I could see that she was scared and nervous.

Thats right, my life of crime started with a cheap chocolate bar. I don even remember what kind it was. The three of us tried to quickly leave the store, but Mr. Dwyer blocked the door from opening with a thick, hairy arm. I think the old man knew what we were doing from the beginning.

(Streetwise +10 and Alexis Relationship +5)

”Do you think you can steal from me? ” he spat. ”You stay here, Ill call the police! ”

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