He\'s Handsome Like Hell

Nickis hazel-colored eyes seemed to be squinting, looking at the man in front of her with a sharp gaze.

”I said stop trying to control me! ” said Nicki while pointing her index finger in front of the mans face.

A pair of blue eyes belonging to the man named Dick seemed to roll down, looking at Nickis fingertips which were right in front of the bridge of his nose.

”You… ” Nicki mumbled. She again dragged her body and got off the bar stool. Nicki stepped further until the distance from Dick was very close.

The corner of Dicks lips twitched and then frowned. Dick lifted his chin and looked at Nicki defiantly.

”Look . . . whos looking intimidating right now, ” muttered Dick.

”You! ” snapped Nicki. ”You
e the one who keeps trying to control me and doesn stop intimidating me. Now shut the ** up and let me drink! ” said Nicki. Her face looked very annoyed, making Dick Flynn grin again.

”Oh my… ” Dick muttered, shaking his head. There is no other choice. It seems that Dicks suggestion was not accepted by Nicki so Dick chose to remain silent and turned his body, facing forward.

Nickis cheeks turned bright red. She growled and rubbed her face roughly as if trying to get rid of the heat on her cheeks.

Nicki growled again. Her breath was rough. When her eyes fell on the shot glass in front of her, Nicki snorted again and grabbed the bottle. Without hesitation, Nicki downed the whiskey straight from the bottle.

”Ahhh…. ” Nicki sighed. Suddenly Nicki laughed. She turned her face to the side, looking at the blue-eyed man beside her.

”I forgot that you
e a man, ” Nicki said. She smirked, making Dick frown.

”All men are the same. You guys are always being a **ing control freak. Don do this and don do that. Argh… bullshit! You
e a piece of shit! ” said Nicki. Once again she downed the whiskey in her hand.

Nicki drank the whiskey so fast that the bottle was almost empty. Dick who saw it then rolled his eyes.

”Hey! ” Dick immediately took the bottle from Nickis hand and handed it to the bartender.

Nicky growled. She rubbed her face again violently then suddenly Nicki burst into tears. Dick who heard Nickis cry then glared and was shocked. Reflexively, Dick turned his face to the side.

”What the… ” Dick muttered. He looked at the bartender, but the bartender didn seem to want to interfere. He chose to leave the two of them.

Dick snorted and growled. ”Damn it! ” cursed Dick. Somehow Dick got nervous. His hands were shaking as he tried to touch the base of Nickis shoulder.

”Huuuaaaa…. ”

Dick gasped and squinted in surprise when he heard Nickis cry. She lifted her chin and opened her mouth until the sound of the crying grew louder. Dick became even more panicked.

”He—hey… ca—calm down, okay …, ” muttered Dick.

Instead of calming down, Nickis cries broke even more. She turned her head to the side and said in a high-pitched voice, ”Am I wrong?! All men will leave their girlfriend who has been with them for a long time just because of wealth. Worse yet, they married old women. What kind of **ery is that, huh?! ”

Dick frowned. ”What are you talking about? ” muttered Dick. He really didn understand what was going on in front of him.

Instead of answering, Nicki even made her cry louder. It made Dick glare at her.

”He-hey! ”

Reflexively, Dick got up from his seat. His hands moved on their own to grab Nickis shoulders and without any thoughts, Dick immediately grabbed Nickis neck and hugged her. Nicki doesn seem to mind either. She gave no resistance.

Nicki was still sobbing, making Dick chuckle in annoyance. Dick looked around him. Several people were looking at him and they must have thought that it was Dick who made Nicki cry.

”Crap! ” hissed Dick. He looked down and said, ”Can you please shut up? ”

Nicki shook her head. ”That bastard married an old widow. Can you imagine that? ” said Nicki.

Slowly, Dick pushed the base of Nickis shoulder away from his embrace and made Nicki look up. Tears were running down her beautiful face and for some reason Dick also bothered to wipe the tears from Nickis cheeks.

Dick seemed unable to bear to see Nicki cry like this. ”Are you talking about your boyfriend? I mean, your ex? ” asked Dick. Holding Nickis hand, Dick slowly landed his butt onto the bar stool.

Dick swallowed. He suddenly became curious about what had happened to the pajama-clad woman in front of him.

Oh my God, shes so beautiful and this pretty face shouldn have tears, thought Dick.

”Well, I don mind hearing your story. Maybe you need to share you
e crush with someone. Look, if you need someone to hear your problem, I am here! ” said Dick. He turned so gently, that it touched Nicki. But Nickis mind was so messed up that she kept crying.

”Hey …. ” Dick moved his hands again, holding Nickis face and wiping the tears from Nickis face.

”Try to be calm. You can control your emotions, okay? ” muttered Dick.

At first, Nicki scowled. However, regarding her being unable to think normally anymore, Nicki chose to cry.

”He-hey…. ” Dick cupped Nickis face with one hand. ”Ssshhh… ” Dick muttered. His efforts succeeded in making Nicki hold back her tears. ”Don cry anymore and lets just tell me everything, ” said Dick Flynn.

”He-he … he-he …. ” Nicki wept more and more sobbing. Her heart twitched with pain as she recalled what she had just experienced.

”Huuuaaa…. ” Nicki cries louder

”Crap! ” cursed Dick. Okay, he angers right now. Dick turns his body and looks at the bartender.

”Hey! ” shouted Dick. The bartender who saw it immediately turned around and approached them.

”Yes, sir! ”

”Bring this woman a drink. Damn it! She can make my ears will fall off soon! ” said Dick.

”All right, sir! ” The bartender moved quickly, grabbing something in the back.

Again Dick snorted and looked back at Nicki. ”For Gods sake, shut up! ” Dick grumbled then snorted in annoyance.

Nicki shook her head. She really couldn control her emotions. Nicki turned around. She reached for the rectangular purse she had left on the table. Nicki still has a little bit of consciousness to do all that. She took out a cell phone from his wallet.

”Look at this! ” said Nicki, showing Dick her cell phone. ”I took it from that mother**ers account. Can you imagine how much I value myself? How was I defeated by a wrinkled old woman like this? Huh?! ” asked Nicki. Her nose was rising and falling. Her chest was heaving and her shoulders shaking. Nickis lips pursed like she wanted to cry.

”How come … that some bitch like this beat me, ha! ” shouted Nicki. Once again Dick Flynn glared at him in surprise.

Dick was silent for a few seconds then suddenly smirked.

”I love seeing that brave, beautiful girl like you, ” Dick muttered, but Nicki didn seem to hear him. Nickis heart was so hurt that she only focused on the photo on her cell phone.

”And you know what the funny? ” asked Nicki. She look at Dicki once again and said, ”that mother**er told me that he only married this old woman so the company wouldn go bankrupt. Doesn he a piece of shit?! ” Nicki screamed and growled again.

Nicki turned around and her hand swung, slapping the table hard. ”Argh! ” Nicky growled. She rubbed her face again roughly. Nickis breath was getting rougher and heavier. Nicki shook her head.

”You despicable man. Bastard. Idiot. It sucks! ”

”And also a jerk! ”

Nicki frowned then rolled her eyes at the man who had just cursed at his ex-girlfriend.

”Yeah, Im right aren I? ” And now so confidently justifies his cursing. ”He is **! ”

However, for some reason Dicks words just now made Nickis heart amused.

”Yes, you
e right. Hes an asshole! ” Nicki mumbled.

”Then you don deserve to cry for a bastard like him. ”

”My friend said so too, ” said Nicki. She didn cry anymore.

”Your friend is right. A girl like you will get a million men who are better than him. ”

”You think I am? ” Nicki asked and the man beside her nodded his head.

”You be able! ”

”I know, ” said Nicki.

”Then stop crying, ” said Dick.

”But, what should I do? ” asked Nicki.

Nick rolled her eyes up and let out a long sigh. The minty breath hit the side of Nickis face and made her pay full attention to the handsome face beside her.

”Over there! ” Dick moved his head back, pointing at the crowd of people prancing around with pleasure.

”Dance floor? ” asked Nicki.

Dick nodded his head. ”Definitely! ” answered Dick. Then the man stood up. His hand reached toward Nicki, causing Nicki to look down and frown.

”Stand up! ” Dick said again and made Nicki look up. ”I guarantee that your heartache will go away if you go there. ” The blue-eyed man closed his words with a charming smile.

Seeing the smile on Dicks face made Nicki bewitch and once again forget the reason why she had to cry. Subconsciously, Nicki began to move her hand up to Dicks palm. Seeing the calm look on Nickis face made Dick brave. He immediately pulled Nickis body from the seat.

”Awh! ” Nicki gasped when the man pulled Nickis body and made Nickis chest jerk against Dicks chest. ”what the hell are you doing! ”

When she looked up, Nicki felt helpless by the pair of blue eyes. Nicki suddenly felt hot and didn know what was going on inside her right now. Nicki was silent again, not knowing what to say.

”Remember this carefully, you little miss sunshine! Once you walk there, I swear that mother**ers face will soon be erased from your memory. Remember that! ” said Dick.

For some reason Dicks words made Nickis heart flutter in panic. Nicki didn even know why she had to nod her head and agree with the words of the unknown man in front of her.

”Get ready yourself, honey. Youll have a long night with me, ” said Dick. Nicki was silent with wide eyes in shock.

Honey? thought Nicki. Oh my God, why did those words feel weird when they came out of Dicks lips? Oh my gosh! Nicki is drunk.

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