A deafening explosion rocked the town, the residents scurried out of their homes as a sea of magma flowed into their streets and consumed everything.


”Im…impossible…the volcano….its supposed to be dormant. ” A fear stricken man stuttered as a wave of lava rose – the heat it emitted burning up a group of fleeing people.


”Get off me, you bastard ” a man yelled as he kicked a crying boy before stumbling into a tree. A loud crack knocked a few of their feet as where the tree stood a charred stomp and corpse remained.


”Whats… Whats happening? ” a wounded boy stuttered as he crawled away from the ashen bones of his mother and sister along with the flowing lava. ”Is this the work of a god? ”

A bright blue streak shot across the sky, a resounding clash of blades its echo following, a large silver scythe cut through the air only to be obstructed by a black and crimson claymore. The stormy clouds parted revealing the two figures in a struggle; the swordsman- a silver haired man with a slim muscular build donning a black sleeveless leather armour, his left arm partly covered in bandages from the base of his wrist to a small distance from his elbow. His right arm had a crimson black appearance with claws instead of fingernails, small horn like projections and vein like cracks which gave off a fiery red glow, bandages coated in mud and dried blood sagged on the arm. His crimson irises reflected his rage, his handsome face was scrunched up clearly reflecting his emotions.

His opponent; a man of similar build with blue hair and blue eyes, donned a silver armour with a light blue mantle. His scythe crackled with electricity as he moved back and swung with an inhumane speed, dashing underneath its path the silver-haired swordsman used both of his arms to swing his blade towards his adversarys torso clearing the armour there. A kick channeling lightning to the swordsmans side knocked him down the mountain, he dashed forward following up with a swing that tore the swordsman across his chest.

” Enough screwing around !! ” the swordsman yelled, driving his blade into the ground, as a crimson aura began to envelope him changing both his aura and appearance, his visible wounds disappeared leaving scars behind. A crimson black armour had formed on him with streaks of red moving through several parts of it like flowing magma. Pitch black wings rose with curls of fiery red coming off them like smoke, the ground cracked and caved in giving way to bubbling lava.

”Trump card Akuma no supon (demons spawn). ” He shot off the ground, with the flat side of his blade he swatted the scythe user downwards where a pool of lava had sprouted out from the ground and dived towards him. Only a hairs length away the scythe user dashed forward and created three orbs which projected white bright arcs of lightning, firing them consecutively at the swordsman who struck it aside with his blade. Switching his blade to the left arm, the swordsman projected flames from his right which greatly imitated its inhuman form and swung narrowly missing the scythe user, grabbing the ground he swung forward knocking the wind out of his adversary with a knee to the gut.

”Thunder clap arrows ” the scythe user yelled before shooting up into the sky. Hundreds of lightning arrows lit up the night sky as the rained down on the swordsman, who lifted his right hand a tower of lava rising along with it solidifying partially in the air. A thunderous explosion echoed across the mountain as shards of rock rained down to expose a transformed scythe user; his light blue wings crackled with lightning as they spread out behind him, his body fully covered in a silver armour lined on the edges with a bright blue hue, his scythe hummed with energy as a blue aura surrounded it.

”So you finally used it huh? I thought youd finally lost it ya bastard ” the swordsman said with a wolfish smirk.

”And let you carry out your deranged form of justice on my clansmen? Never! Be crushed by the power of my trump card, HEAVENS FALL ” lightning struck across the darkened skies as the scythe user lifted up his weapon. ”Hell yeah lets make these sacrifices of ours worth it whaddya say?! ” the swordsman said with a fierce grin.

Lightning shot down from the clouds clashing with risen lava halfway, lunging backwards the swordsman flew up at outstanding speed swinging his massive blade at his adversarys head, swiftly dodging in his swing, he used the end of his scythe charged and knocked him to the ground. Flying immediately after him, he swung his scythe; leaving behind a trail of lightning which was parried by the swordsman who followed with a swift jab to his torso, his hand was smacked away and a powerful gust of air knocked him back a few feet. Clenching his jaw in frustration he slammed his left palm onto the ground creating a large network of fissures, a hissing sound

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