Saikō no Chitsujo

Chapter 2.1.2

”I didn think that the Yeagers would arrive in the capital so soon, especially with the commotion in the outskirts of the empire ” Mine said as Night raid approached their hideout.

”But at least we defeated them ” Tatsumi turned to Susanoo who had Leone slung on his shoulder ”Do you really think Leone nee-chan will be ok? ”

Najenda patted his shoulder before lighting a cigarette ”Its just as she said, all Lubbock needs to do is to reattach her arm and her enhanced healing will fix the rest ”

”Speak of the devil ” Mine mentioned as a heavy breathing Lubbock approached the group ”Chelsea isn with you? ” Tatsumi asked concerned, Lubbock studied the group for a moment before catching his breath ”She went after the two Yeagers to finish them off ”

”You let her go after Kurome alone?!! ” Akame mentioned worriedly.

”Don worry Akame, Chelsea is skilled in her forte, shell return. But well still send you and Tatsumi to back her up ” Najenda said reaching for the door when Susanoo immediately held her back while Akame took a battle stance ”Theres someone inside ” Susanoo mentioned quietly ”I didn notice before but Susanoos right ” Akame said unsheathing her blade as the others fell into battle stances.

”Oi, you coming inside or what?! ” a masculine voice called out from inside the hideout. Startled the night raid members distanced themselves from the door, with a signal from Najenda, Lubbock drew his hands back, his threads pulling the door off its hinges, Tatsumi and Akame dashing in afterwards. Getting to the living room, they met a silver haired man with a slim muscular build who wore a sleeveless black hoodie and black jeans with his right arm covered entirely in bandages while his left arm was covered from below the elbow to his knuckles. A large crimson and black claymore rested on the side of the chair on which he sat, a brow raised. ”O….k, shouldve expected that reaction, but trust me Im no enemy and Im seriously in no state to fight so lets talk a little, kay? ” the silver haired man said tilting his head to the side with a smile. Najenda walked in, sudden realization freezing her in place.

”What are you doing here? ” Najenda asked, an emotionless tone present.

”Well that hurt Najenda, no welcome back or its nice to see you
e alive and well ” the man chuckled rising from the seat and walking forward

”If you take another step Ill cut you down ” Lubbock threatened as he adjusted his threads to surround the silver haired man.

”Threads huh? an imperial arms user right. I wonder how strong they are? ”

”Wanna find out? ” Lubbock muttered his hands streched out and crossed in front of him.

”Yeah gladly ”. With blinding speed he swung his bandaged right arm at a thread having it cleanly cut off.

”W-wha? ”

”What the hell are you doing?!! ” Najenda asked confused and slightly concerned. ”Indestructible huh? I see ” he muttered turning to Najenda. ”Don worry itll be back soo…see ” he stated raising a fully regenerated arm which revealed an ash black hand with small reddish cracks while the one that had fallen off had turned to ashes.

”Im actually here to help you guys out and have you to help me in…..oh ” his expression changing to a somber one ”and one of you should probably go check out the nearest town, it has to do with a redhead I believe is one of yours. ”

”Chelsea ?!! What of her?!! Tatsumi asked infuriated and concerned

”You should go see for yourself. ” he replied somberly turning away from him

”Just who are you? ” Akame asked tightening her grip on her blade.

”Commander Hijiri of the empire. ” Najenda replied staring intently at him, a collective gasp seemed like a signal for the Night raid to resume their battle stances.

”I thought he died in battle and he was disabled in his right hand or so? ” Tatsumi asked. Waving his right hand at them Hijiri replied. ”As you can see I am not dead…or disabled. I see I was basically used as the hero to fool the masses. ”

”That was the plan. ” Najenda stated.

”Well its a long story so you- he pointed at Tatsumi- Incursio wielder rush into the next town and check the market square, hurry! ”

”Just do it Tatsumi ” Najenda ordered.

”Alright boss ” Tatsumi replied dashing out of the hideout, turning to Hijiri, Najenda asked. ”Care to explain what the hell you
e doing here? ”

”Straight to the point huh Najenda? ” he chuckled ”Its simple Im not the man everyone thought I was. My people trusted the empire and sent me to represent them but I chose to keep some of my abilities -he gestured at his right arm- a secret because I never truly trusted those bastards. After my supposed death I found out that my people were killed off because they were raitors…yeah thats the excuse they used ” ”Your people? ” Najenda muttered in curiosity ”Yeah my entire village, don know if you heard about a massacre in the south? ” surprise reflected off the members of Night raid.

”You mean those where your people? ” Lubbock asked ”Yep all of them killed off because they were demons as they called us? ”

”So is this some kind of revenge quest? ” Najenda asked.

”Nope Im just here to ally myself with you ” Hijiri replied scanning the group.

”And you expect us to believe that you
e not an enemy? ” Lubbock questioned.

”Well yeah thats why I told you all that and let you surround me ”

”Night raid stand down ” Najenda said, her clenched mechanical fist raised, reluctantly they lowered their weapons and eased their postures. With a sigh of relief, Hijiri dropped back to the chair and began to wrap his exposed hand with some bandages. Drawing a chair to sit in front of him, Najenda asked ”What happened to your hand? ”

”Oh is the cold hearted Najenda actually concerned about me? ” Hijiri teased ”Its actually a demon arm ” he replied nonchalantly gaining another surprised reaction from the group ”Are you screwing with us? ” Lubbock asked irritated ”Chill noodle boy ” muffled laughter caused Lubbock to freeze, his face scrunching up in annoyance ”No..noo…noodle boy?! ”

”Well thats what your strings remind me of…noodles and well I have no idea who you are ” Hijiri replied fastening the end of the bandage firmly as he clenched his covered fist ”The names Lubbock ya weirdo ”

”Hmm noodle boy sounds way better and as for my arm I was being serious, I am part demon ” Hijiri stated clasping his bandaged hands together ”Hes saying a truth of the sorts, he is actually a part danger beast and strangely he hasn given off any air of hostility since we met him ”. ”So about our comrade that you said you spotted whats the issue? Is she in need of rescue? ” Najenda asked hoping that her optimistic thoughts would be approved, ”Well about that… ” Hijiri was cut off as Tatsumi stormed in eyes reddened and his cheek stained with tears.

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