Understanding immediately, expressions of grief and anger reflected off the groups actions while Hijiri sighed in exasperation ”Looks like my jobs obvious now ” Hijiri stated leaning forward his hands still clasped together ”And that is? ” Mine asked wiping her tear filled eyes ”When you
e carrying out your assassinations you obviously need someone watching your back and theres also the empires soldier you killed, you have the empire up your asses now ” Hijiri explained tiredly.

”And what exactly is in it for you? ” Najenda leaned forward her crossed fingers holding up her face. Hijiri sat back, his gaze sweeping across the Night raid members, he lifted three of his fingers ”Three things; Help me find them so I can take out the bastards who killed my people, Find the other two in the order and survive whatevers coming for us and who knows maybe steal a heart or two while I handle my objectives ” smirking he seemed to enjoy the slight confusion he felt from the assassins. Yelling Tatsumi pointed at him ”Why didn you save Chelsea if you saw what happened?!! ”

”Correction brat, I observed your fight then left ahead of you to get to your hideout an informant helped find. As for that Chelsea friend of yours, it was the same informant who let me know about that ” Hijiri replied with slight annoyance present in his tone.

Sighing, Najenda sat back ”I have so many questions ”

”Shoot ” Hijiri gestured to her with his right hand

”Well..How exactly did you survive that danger beast attack all those years ago? ” Najenda asked, sincere confusion present on her face

”Fun fact, there was no danger beast attack that was all me. That was around the time I heard about my people being killed off, so I was a target as well. I got a little bit angry, so there you have it ” Hijiri explained

”You got a little bit angry and massacred an entire battalion?! ” Akame asked surprised

”When the ones who killed off your loved ones present themselves to you, you obviously give them what they deserve ” Hijiri explained with a bright grin. Hes dangerous those words echoed through the minds of the Night raid members. ”So you took them out on your own? ” Susanoo asked ”Yeah, they really should have placed stronger soldiers with imperial arms to do the job, maybe then they would have left a scratch ” Hijiri beat his chest smugly

”So you
e a part demon? ” Mine asked

”Did I stutter ? ” Hijiri asked straight faced causing Mine to look away flustered and annoyed

”I am a human fused with a world-class danger beast from birth ” he replied nonchalantly

”World class?! ” Lubbock asked confused

”Yep demons aren your usual danger beast. Weakest ones probably an ultra class level, like that summon you guys fought ”

”You saw the fight?! ” ”Yes I did say that before didn I? I had to know how strong my teammates are ”

Najenda took a deep breath rubbing at her forehead ”So you
e basically part imperial arms? ” Hijiri chuckled ”We
e referred to as the Supreme order ” Akames brows furrowed ”Ive heard some things about them ” ”The infomation about them under lock and key in the empire ” Najenda said. ”Yeah we were supposed to be the empires allies but they screwed up ”

”And the blades an imperial arm? ” Najenda asked earning a chuckle from Hijiri ”If we called it that it would be a superior one. The imperial arms were actually inspired by this blade…and well three others. ” ”So you
e basically saying the blade was there before even the emperors imperial arms? ” Najenda asked ”Yes ” Hijiri replied with a small smirk, surprise reflected off the Night raid as they heard his reply.

”Ok I believe thats enough for today. You ”- Najenda turned to Hijiri as she rose from her chair – ”will have to prove your loyalty before we entrust missions to you ”.

”I just told you what a few people in the realm know ” Hijiri said with a chuckle

”Oh well. Its a start ” saying this he rose and walked to the door blade in hand ”Oh and on my way here I killed a boar, its in the kitchen all roasted. You
e welcome ” giving a lazy salute with a smirk he walked out of the building. ”Well hes quite interesting ” Leone said with a small smirk.

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