Saikō no Chitsujo

Chapter 3: Demon swordsman

”I can believe I actually have the honour of meeting one of the people who inspired the creation of the imperial arms ” the young emperor said bubbling with excitement

”Rather than him, his ancestors were the ones who inspired the imperial arms ” the prime minister said with a good hearted chuckle, setting aside the amusing childishness of the emperor he actually looked forward to meeting this man.

”Your royal highness, the second of the supreme order along with general Esdeath present themselves ” a guard announced as Esdeath and a handsome blue haired man donning a silver armour entered the throne room. ”Your highness ” Esdeath bowed as she got to the base of the steps leading to the throne while the blue haired man simply gave a small nod, a cold and calculating gaze was directed to the emperor and the prime minister. ”Would you not bow before the emperor?!! ” the prime minister yelled attracting the blue haired mans gaze. ”I no longer have any affiliation with this empire nor am I your servant is that not correct? ” Arata stated, his tone ice cold, Esdeath who remained kneeling glanced at him inquisitively. Waving off the tense atmosphere, the emperor let out a nervous laugh ”Lets not worry about meaningless things, I am just really happy that two descendants of the ones responsible for the imperial arms can interact again after so many years ”. Letting a small sigh, Arata gave a small apologetic bow ”Forgive my rudeness, your majesty. I believe I was too emotional ” ”Its no problem…ah ” the emperor turned to Esdeath ”…you may rise general ” rising up, Esdeath stood beside Arata.

”Uhm…General Esdeath could he also be a man who aligns with your earlier submitted…requirements? ” Nervous laughter passed from both the prime minister and emperor earning a raised brow from Arata

”With all due respect your majesty, I simply cannot see myself falling in love with someone such as Arata-sama ”

”You say it like I would fall for someone as cold-blooded and incapable of compassion as yourself General. Your reputation precedes you ”

”Compassion is a tool used by the weak ”

”I need not say anything more ” Arata replied crossing his arms in front of his chest. The emperor and the prime minister watched the exchange with amusement as it was rare to see Esdeath readily engage with one not as her subordinate or superior, but almost as an equal. In a serious tone the prime minister stated ”So I would take it as the truth about your status as one of the supreme order ” Arata frowned at the statement, he knew better than to trust someone whos greed and lust for power were too evident and it sickened him that the prime minister made such a small attempt to hide it, but taking the bait he discarded all emotions and replied solemnly ”I Arata, am indeed the second of the supreme order with the innate ability of lightning and wind ” ”Ho so the same with General Budos Adramelech ” the emperor said enthusiastically ”Not quite, the General possesses imperial arms which are restricted to just lightning and are incapable of using wind and they also have their limit as the weapons durability while in my case I do not need special weapons to utilise my power since they are…innate. My only limit is my humanity ” Arata explained solemnly. Esdeath studied Arata as he gave his statement to the emperor and prime minister, noting his unwavering form in the presence of the most powerful man in the realm as though they were equals. She wondered what strength he possessed to make him behave in such a manner, she couldn help but also question his use of such power; was it just for the sole purpose of erasing the Armageddon he spoke of or was he someone who used his power to crush the weak like she did or is he the complete opposite and instead protects everyone like some idealistic knight.

Why? Why am I so interested? Esdeath pondered before the Prime ministers statement interrupted her train of thought alerting her of his shrewd proposal ”Then why don you pledge allegiance once more to the empire you ancestors believed in, after all they were such wise people were they not? ” the prime minister gave off a sly smile at what felt like a victory. He knew what clan the brat Arata was a part of and just how well his people cherished the creed of their ancestors and he planned to use that against him. ”It is true my ancestors were wise and had pledged their allegiance to the empire which has now stood for a thousand years- Prime minister Honests grin widened- however it was quite foolish of them to remain allegiant to the very people who let a civil war cause the disappearance of some of the imperial arms, their legacy and that of the first emperor and that same empire who brought about the death of our brother clans. Hence why it was wise for the allegiance to have been severed ” Arata replied his tone hinting at hostility which startled those present in the throne room. Furious, Honest stepped forward and yelled, spittle flying from his mouth ”You dare make baseless accusations against the emperor himself ” in response to the prime ministers display of anger the imperial guards stepped forward their spears pointed at Arata. Arata glanced at the prime minister, a look that froze him in place ”I truly bear no hostilities against the empire especially when I have not proved your involvement…yet -turning to the emperor Arata continued- but the first of the supreme order, the demon swordsman, had his clan mates eradicated and is not one to listen to dialogue, so unless the empire can prove that they are in no way involved with the massacre, the both of you have your days numbered ”. Honest stumbled his words in surprise but replied quickly ”You think this is the first time someone has targeted the emperor?! ” ”But- Arata stated coldly-do you really wish to compare a normal person or even an imperial arms wielder to one of the supreme order? It seems you still do not fully grasp what exactly we are Prime minister. Monsters bred by humans to destroy monsters, those that could spell the end of humanity ” Prime minister Honest stumbled back and a look of fear and anxiety settled on the young emperors face ”Is that what you came here to do?!! Deliver horrible news and threats as well?! It doesn matter because you haven seen the power of the emperor himself ”. Arata tilted his head before raising both brows as he remebered ”Oh, you mean the emperors imperial arms that was created from a high tier ultra class beast? I ask you this prime minister, have you ever set your eyes on a storm dragon? ” Aratas statement caused the emperor to get pale. He had the privilage of studying the records the prime minister had given him from his grandfathers and fathers library about the supreme order, they were in the general sense still human, but most of the features made them seem more like complete world-class danger beasts. ”Well that is only a part of what I wished to say today. Secondly, I wish to offer a brief alliance on the behalf of my people to the empire, one that regards us both as equals, that way I can find out who is truly responsible for not just the eradication of three of my sister clans but also the ones who are the cause of the rot which appears to have spread in the empire and give them a befitting end and protect the emperor from the wrath of the first of the supreme order,after all -he turned to the prime minister- I owe my ancestors that much ” he studied the aged prime minister, slightly impressed at his method of masking his emotions even after such a rouse Arata had laid. ”Thats wonderful isn it prime minister. That way we have one of the supreme order as an ally ” the emperor opposing to his previous mood bounced in excitement at the thought of one of the realms strongest humans on their side. ”If you are ever in need of anything I will see to it being provided ” ”You have my thanks emperor ” Arata offered a small bow and continued ”As I had discussed with general Esdeath my objectives are to find the other two of the supreme order so that when the time comes and Armaggedon is released, we shall protect humanity from ruin. The emperor gave a gleeful child-like smile oblivious to the solemn expression of the prime minister at his side ”I believe general Esdeath and her police force can suffice ” ”Your majesty those ones were assembled for the purpose of handling the Night raid and their use of imperial arms ” Honest interjected ”Ah yes you are correct? ” the emperor placed the side of his fist to cover his mouth as he began to think ”I believe I can offer my assistance with your Night raid problem as well? ” Arata suggested, the previous hostilities and iciness vacant from his tone ”That way the Yeagers may also assist in my endeveaours ” smiling with his hands clapped together, the overjoyed emperor turned to the prime minister inquisitively, letting out a sigh Honest turned to Arata and Esdeath who stood waiting by the end of the steps that lead up to the throne ”I believe his majesty has given his approval, so if thats all you may go ”. Esdeath bowed while Arata dipped his head in respect before they vacated the throne leaving behind an enthuastic emperor and a solemn Prime minister- who now had another powerful person breathing down his neck. Budou he could handle with the emperor and Esdeath but for the brat Arata he wasn sure that was enough. Honest saw that Arata would have been powerful as a pawn but he was much too stubborn and his heart was much too similar to the previous emperor. Honest thought about setting Arata up against both Budo and Esdeath but that would leave him defenseless against the other member of the supreme order, the demon swordsman and if he was as much of as a threat as he was made to be then the offered alliance was the best course of action, after all he couldn die so early when he had so much to look foward to. The prime minister excused himself with a soft smile and a small bow and moved swiftly out of the throne room, he craved meat.

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