Saikō no Chitsujo

Chapter 4: Part II

”Too slow. ” A shirtless Hijiri yelled as he struck Tatsumis side knocking him down.

”Your swing was too wide and slow. ” Hijiri stretched his arms, ”Is the full plate really necessary, Aniki? ” Tatsumi asked as he panted, tiredly standing.

”You do know that Incursio is full plate as well? And the faster you can move with this armor, the more stamina you will build up which together with Incursios enhancement will help you generally. ” Hijiri stated noting Tatsumis baffled look.

”What? ”

”That is the most refined manner I have ever heard you speak in before, its weird. ” Tatsumi said tilting his head a bit to the left.

”Is that so, ya brat? ” Hijiri cracked his knuckles with a forced smile.

Tatsumi took up a stance, – everywhere hurts, the practice sword feels so hard to hold, but if I hold back, Aniki won make it easy for me, especially after saying that. How dare he say Im too weak, that at this stage Ill just end up burdening everyone then dying off because I couldn be protected or that theyll get killed trying to protect me, just like Bulat Aniki. I know that damn it! But hes trying to rile me up like before. -He took a deep breath and focused on Hijiri, dashing forward with his sword by his side.

Hijiri sighed exhausted, ”Didn I tell you? If your enemy is stronger and faster than you, never charge directly at them. ” Sidestepping at the last moment much to Hijiris surprise, Tatsumi circled him swiftly and moved in from his left.

”Impressive but… ” a loud crack echoed through the training grounds as Hijiri vertically chopped the left shoulder area of Tatsumis armor with the side of his right palm. Collapsing, Tatsumi groaned and coughed loudly clutching the crushed part of the armor. ”Relax, youll just feel better if you throw some spit on it. ”

”I want the refined aniki back. ” Tatsumi muttered turning over to face Hijiri.

Clenching his jaw in annoyance, Hijiri lifted Tatsumi and ruffled his hair, ”You still on about that, ya brat ”.

”Hey!! Its time for a meeting you two. ” Leone yelled, waving with a smirk.

”I wonder just how long ago the boss asked you to call us in. ” Tatsumi said with a deadpan, taking off his battered armor.

”What can I say? I like the view. ” Leone glanced at Hijiris sweaty shirtless form with a smirk. Hijiri chuckled and winked, ”You could join me at the bath later. ” Tatsumi stuttered turning from Leone to Hijiri, ”Whats taking you so long?! ” Lubbock hollered urging the three off the training grounds.

”So, to get this straight you
e suggesting what exactly? ” Lubbock asked his palms pressed together. Hijiri pinched the bridge of his nose, ”You should really pay attention, noodle brain. I gave a solution to the empires strongholds obstructing the resistance armys advancement. ”

”Yes, and that is? ” Lubbock asked crossing his arms, ”A small unit from Night raid will take out these strongholds here, – he gestured at points on the map spread out on the table before them, -and have the resistance move forward. ”

Najenda placed her mechanical hand on her chin, ”But wouldn it be difficult for a small unit to take out an entire stronghold? Also, if our enemies catch on to our pattern, they could plan an ambush on us. ” she relayed.

”I already thought about all that and heres some ideas; First, well sabotage then attack, humans are usually at their weakest in situations they can control and second well take the three of them within a span of at least five days to prevent information from spreading. Plus, the team will have me as their heavy hitter, what more could this mission need? ” Hijiri ended spreading his arms wide.

After some time, Najenda spoke up, ”Very well, Ill entrust two people to you. ”

”Got it. ” Turning to the rest of the group, Najenda stated, ”Lubbock, Akame, Ill have you too join Hijiri for this mission. ” Akame nodded in agreement but an annoyed Lubbock murmured, showing opposition to the assignment.

”Wouldn Tatsumi or even Leone be better at a head on battle than me? ” Lubbock asked, his valid point causing Najendas new train of thoughts.

”While thats a surprisingly smart assessment, a team focused on mainly heavy hitters will only get us so far. Thats why a team with a heavy hitter, a versatile stealth type, and you; a trap master, will help us adapt to any situation. ” Hijiri explained earning a surprised reaction from the rest of the group.

”You actually thought this far ahead. ” a baffled Najenda commented.

”Ugh, I can even argue anymore. ” Lubbock commented irritated, noting Hijiris taunting smile.

”So, its settled then. ” Najenda stated glancing at Lubbock.

”Alright Akame-chan, Noodle brain lets be on our way. If we move fast enough we can get to the first stronghold by tomorrow. ” Hijiri clapped his hands together and turned away.

”Arata-sama? ” Kurome asked softly tapping his sleeping form, mumbling and blinking rapidly Arata rose his head from his crossed arms.

”Oh, you are awake now. That is good. ” Arata yawned, smiling.

”How are you feeling now? ” he asked, studying her slightly fatigued form.

”Much better now. Oh, and Arata-sama, how long have you been here? ” Arata sat back scratching the back of his head.

”Well, I believe I have been here since yester noon. ”

”Since noon yesterday?!! Im sorry to have been such a bother. ” Kurome sat up on her bed and bowed as low as she could.

Holding her upright, Arata dismissed her, ”It is not a problem. ” Rising from his seat, he moved to the door, ”I will ask for your food and medicine to be brought in. Oh, and also your teammates where quite worried about you, especially Wave. ” And with a small smile, he left the room.

”To think wed start our journey right away. ” Lubbock groaned as he moved aside another low-hanging branch.

” I told you, didn I? The earlier we start, the sooner we can kick those bastards asses. ” Hijiri commented, glancing back at Lubbock.

”There the vulgarities are. ” Akame stated, a comical deadpan present.

”He probably was pretending because of the Boss or Leone. ” Lubbock added shaking his head in disappointment.

”Oi you… ” Hijri stopped and held up his right arm, glancing around. ”You two go ahead for a sec, Ill be back soon. ” Hijiri said walking off the path.

”DEMON, YOU TOOK YOUR TIME IN RESPONDING. ” The storm dragon said, Arata stepping away from the tree he leaned on.


”Are you both done speaking? ” Hijri asked with a sigh. Raising a brow at them, Arata commented, ”Your speaking has become more refined. ”

”Huh? So what if it bloody has? ” Hijiri responded irritated earning a sigh of relief from Arata.

”There the vulgarities are. ”

”So what the hell do you want DRAGON?! ” Hijiri questioned, his tone hinting at annoyance.

”I need your help. ” Arata said solemnly.

With an irritated sigh, Hijiri turned away.

”And when did we get all buddy-buddy that youd ask me for help? ” he said, his annoyance still evident.

”I promised a certain associate of mine that I would save her and for that I require your assistance. ”

”You and your shitty promises don concern me, especially if that associate of yours is another dog of the empire. ” Hijiri strolled away from Arata.

”Please, I ask this of you not as a stranger but as a fellow tribesman. ” Arata said through clenched teeth as he bowed.


Hijiri stumbled in surprise, anger quickly replacing his bewilderment as he grit his teeth.

”OI!! ” Hijiri hollered as a fireball exploded an inch away from Aratas feet. ”The hell do you think you
e doing, bowing your head so easily like that?! Just tell me what you need and quit doing weird shit. ”

Arata looked up with a small smile, ”You have my thanks. ”

”So… ” Hijiri sighed, ”What do you need? ”

”A nest, I need to know where I can find a demon nest? ” Arata stood straight stating his request, Hijiri frowned and glanced around.

”So, who exactly are you trying to turn into a rip-off version of us? ” Aratas eyes widened in surprise.

”How? ”

”Probably cause Im not as stupid as you take me for. ” Hijiri sighed exasperated once again.

”Well I… ” Hijiri held up his right hand, ”Nope, you know what? Don tell me. I don want to get any more involved than I already am. ” continuing he said, ”Youll have to go towards the southern outskirts of the empire and search the forest along the foot of the mountain. The demons there are weaker but have a strong enough regenerative trait to save the Yeager girl…. was it Seryuu that was her name? ” Aratas eyes widened once more, ”How do you know so much? ” Hijiri lifted his right index finger counting, ”One, did you think that I wouldn know the nature of your lightning during the battle with the Yeager and my partner. I know you crashed in on the last minute and two, considering her state and the fact that you allied yourself with the empire means the girl would also be your concern, right? ” he dropped his hands to his side as he let out yet another sigh.

”I sincerely appreciate your help. ” Arata said formally as he turned away.

”Oi Arata. ”

”Yes? ”

”Why are you going so far for the brat? ”

YES, HUMAN I WISH TO KNOW AS WELL the Dragons consciousness in him stated.

Turning back to Hijiri with a smile, Arata replied, ”I have always been a man of my word have I not? ”

Making a deadpan expression, Hijiri turned away with a lazy wave.

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