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| Genesis |

| Volume 1 |

Ch. 6 Gift


Lucifer sighs ”Im an Archangel ” he grabs my fathers throat ”you know I can die right ? ” He throws my father aside

After few seconds the dream moves on

This time they seemed to be in a forest of some sort

”Why doesn he wake up? ” my father cries holding some mortal man about 18 years of age ”whyd you kill my friend? ” he cries

”buahaha it was you who finally did it my son ” Lucifer puts a hand on his shoulder

”Its your fault !! You made me do it !! ” my father shouts

”No, my child ” Lucifer hisses

”N-no, he was my best friend ” father cries ”I-Ignia please wake up ” he says


I watch as the three of them slowly fade away and we were back in a dark room only we were in a house this time

But my father was now grown he was at least 5,500 years old

He was standing beside a bed where a happy couple slept soundly

”Why must I kill them? ” My father asks with a steady voice as he put his blade to the womans temple

”Because they deserve to die ” Lucifer whispers ”because you are death ” he says

My father sighs before he forced his blade right through her head

”Hehe* good now the children ” Lucifer giggles after my father dealt with the husband

My father turns around walking right through me as if I wasn here

I watch as he makes his way to the other rooms and all I could hear were the beds shuffling as my father dug his blade right through his victims

I turn back to find Lucifer right in my face

”Hmm… ” he sniffs my neck

I took a step back noticing I could finally move but once I looked up…

”Stop it, don kill him! ” I hear my mothers voice only she was about 2,500 years old at this time

She was just a bit older than Asura the first time I saw her

”Oh how far youve fallen, brother ” the man who Im assuming is my uncle Aether coughs

”hehe* shut up ” my father says and I watch as he rips his brothers heart right out of his chest

My mother rushes over to father as he kicked Aether aside

”Idiot, idiot, idiot, ” my mother punches and kicks at my fathers leg as he consumed their brothers heart

”Y-you killed them all ” she cries ”all my friends ” she sobs ”m-my family ” she punches and kicks him

”Whyd you do it big brother ?!! ” she asks before my father slaps her across the face sending her into Aethers dead corpse

”hmm* ” he thinks ”Ahh god, I don know ” he thinks ”I was bored I guess ” he sighs

”But God am I tired ” father yawns

”A-Aether p-please wake up ” my mother begs as father knelt down right behind her

”I guess you should do for now ” he says in disappointment before I watch him rip her clothes off

”S-stop, what are you doing b-brother?! ” she cries as he stands her up

”Stop it b-big brother ” she begs before he shoved himself inside her

”There you go hehe ” I hear my mother giggle as she sets a plate on the table where my dad was sharpening his knives

she was about 4,500 years old now which was 9 years old according to the Divine Calendar (DC) and my father looked 8,500 (17 DC) the age a Titan stops aging

”S-so whatd you do today? ” mother asks

My father yawns ”nothing really ” he thinks ”just went hunting for a bit ” he says calmly

”H-hunting for what? ” Mother asks

He smiles

”Oh ” she backs up

”So, why haven you left yet, kid? ” father asks ”you know Aether should have reincarnated by now ” he says

”Y-yes, Im aware b-but whos going to cook for you when I leave, big brother? ” she raises a finger ”I can just let you starve to death ” she says

”Plus, Aether is a meanie ” she says under her breath

”Why would you care of my well being? ” he asks stuffing his face with the turkey mom cooked for him

”Well ” she blushes ”I uhh ” she plays with her hair

”I took everything from you ” he says ”and honestly ” he stops ”Id do it again if I could ”

”Mgh* well ” she looks down ”you weren raised by father, but no matter how much I want to hate you I can ” she says ”we were taught not to hate ” she adds

”And also ” she says as the door swings open ”now we have this little one ”

”Hey momma ” a child around 2500 years of age says

Im assuming its Chaos my older brother who passed on long ago

He was the spitting image of father

”Chaos? ” He asks ”you decided to stay cause I put Chaos inside you ? ” He asks doubtfully

”W-well you are his father, ” she says ”of course only you can give him such a name ” she puffs her cheeks

”Hmm* ” he thinks ”tell me, do you hate me cause I put this… thing inside you? ” He asks poking Chaoss forehead

”Mmph* ” Chaos frowns

”I-I did ” she says shamefully ”especially because I was so young ” she adds

”B-but I forgive you now ” she smiles ”because I love my little one ” she hugs Chaos

”Hehe* ” Chaos giggles

”So what if I just ” he slowly digs his knife through the table

”I… I don know ” she sighs ”but I do know I would have to forgive you eventually ” she says ”cause thats what we do, thats what we were taught ” she smiles

”Mgh* ” her answer catches my father off guard since he sensed nothing but truth behind my mothers voice

”Whatever ” he sighs before continuing with his lunch

With the way father is he probably wouldve killed Chaos that instant if she said the exact opposite

I look back up to a different scene my parents were looking down into a little cradle

”So what are you going to name him? ” Mother asks looking down at a the baby in the cradle

This time she was 14, the age a Titaness stops aging so her true age wasn very clear

”Hmm* ” father thinks, looking down at the baby ”You sure you want me to name him? ” He asks

Mother nods ”of course I do ” she hugs my father

”Ignia ” he smiles

I felt my heart drop

I watch as my dad took me into his arms and smiled down at me

”Aw hows the little baby ” he asks as the little baby me grabs onto his finger

”What a stupid name ” I watch Chaos walk in

”nghk* Look whos talking !! ” I shout at Chaos as if he could hear me

He had also stopped aging so I couldn tell how much time had passed since the last time

But it has to be millions of years since then to see dad change so drastically

”Like yours is any better ” father says defending my name

”Heh* Yeah ” I agree

Again, as if they could hear me

”Nghk* ” Chaos grits his teeth ”idiot, you named me too!! ” he growls

”Oh hush up you two ” my mom takes me from fathers arms

”Aw ” father frowns

”Lemme hold it ” Chaos says

”It? ” I ask

”Ch-chaos? ” I hear suddenly

I find father holding Chaos in his arms

”W-wake up, son ” he shakes his dead corpse

”Hes gone now, so y-you
e safe, p-papas here for you now ” he sets his lips on his forehead

”Wake up my child, p-please ” he tears up ”you have to ”

I didn know how much Chaos really meant to my father

”W-well be okay ” mom says trying to comfort him

Only this time they were back home

”No we won be, Isis ” he stands up

”We still have Ignia ” she backs up before he grabs her throat

”What about Chaos, huh? ” He asks as his eyes changed into his blood red sharingan

”Th-the pain will pass ” she chokes ”and well keep going, w-well keep l-living ”

”No it won , ” father raises her into the air ”Chaos won ever come back ” he chokes her tighter ”he isn like us, Isis ”

”P-please baby, you mustn h-hate ” she manages ”it feeds off h-hate and f-fear remember ? ” she chokes

I watch helplessly as after so long, his lust for blood finally came back to him

”Mmm* papa ” I hear the baby me whines at his feet

The sharingan in my fathers eyes slowly faded away as he looked down at the baby

He then notices he was still choking my mother and he lets go

”I-Im sorry, Isis ” to my surprise he apologizes as mom sat at the table

”I-its okay ” she manages as the baby walks over to them

”D-don forget what we live for ” she sits baby me on her lap

”I-I know ” I watch as a tear rolls down his face

And I couldn help but to shed some myself

”Why? ” I ask myself ”why did you go back to that? ” I ask

He turned into such a good man because of mother


”P-please don hate him, Ignia ” I hear my mothers voice

She was half naked beaten and bruised all over

”What do you mean, mom, look at you ” I watch as the 9 year old me stands in between my mother and father

”Oh shut up, stop being so weak! ” He growls at mom

”Shut up you pig, how dare you touch my mother! ” I watch as the young me charges at him

Dad leans forward meeting me face to face revealing that sharingan eye of his to my kid self locking me in some kind of genjutsu like I am right now

”I-Ignia ” my mother catches me before my head could hit the ground

Father chuckles

”Do you hate me now, Isis ? ” father asks

”N-no ” my mother says as her tears dribbled onto my face

”Tch* ” I remember this…

”You know the story beyond this point all too well, don you? ” I hear behind me

”D-dad? ” I look around to see if he was talking to me

When he suddenly sets a hand on my shoulder

”You know, believe it or not I put every last drop of my being into this just before I was consumed with hate ” he says

”Y-your completely different from the father I knew ” I say

”Heh* yeah? ” He scratches his head ”I figured you might say that ” he giggles

I had never seen father this way he was so full of positive essence, it was so comforting it was putting me to sleep

”Well if you see me now that means I really did let you win ” he smiles

”Nghk* ” I grit my teeth ”No way, I beat you fair and square ” I growl

”Hehe* ” he giggles as he scratches his head

”You really did manage to surpass me ” he looks down at his palms ”Im glad you really were the last face I saw ” he smiles

”B-but why dad? ” I ask ”whyd you change? ”

He sighs ”my whole life as you saw Ive known nothing but pain, hate, fear.. death… ” he adds ”the bond between father and son is really incredible as you might know youll do anything for your child ” he says

”b-but when you lose that bond ” he clenches his fists ”I couldn forgive myself I began hating myself for not defeating him when I could ” he closes his eyes

”I could have dealt with him myself, he was strong, but even so, I was still out of his league ” he sighs ”I didn want to kill anymore, I-I just wanted to pay for all my sins, ” I watch as a tear rolls down his cheek ”and thats what got Chaos killed, he tried to protect me when I was down ”

”You weren the perfect father ” set a hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him ”but you made me as strong as I am ” I smile ”and Chaos became a great man thanks to you ”

”Chaos knew after he was done with you, he would have sought out mother and it wouldve ended the same way. If not worse ” I add

”So don take his death upon yourself it was bound to happen ” I say

”Th-thanks ” he sighs

I felt so weird being able to talk to him, it felt so natural like Ive known this side of him my entire life

I felt so.. happy

”Here now theres something I wanted to give to you, my child ” he sets a hand on my head

”Wh-what is it? ” I close my eyes

I could feel so much of his divine essence running through my veins from head to toe

”You know I loved you till the end right? ” He says

I open my eyes

I had never heard those words come from his mouth

”I don expect you to forgive me for anything ” he says ”but make sure you tell your siblings how much I love them as well ” he smiles widely ”tell them… ” the smile on his face disappears ”tell them I wish I couldve been a better father ” he sighs in disappointment

”Im sure deep down they all know you did, father ”

”Really? ” He asks ”what a relief then ” he smiles

”Now son, ” he continues ”take my eyes ” he says closing my eyes ”use them to defeat me as many times as you have to ” he says

”I-is that what you
e doing ? ” I ask

He nods ”itll grant you many abilities and will help you sense my essence much easier ” he says

I slowly open my eyes

I could see the exact flow of his essence coursing through his veins

It was odd because it was unheard of being able to sense much less see the exact flow of essence of a

immortal deity like mother and father

”I…I ” I take a moment to try and understand all this

”What is it? ” He asks

My eyes flutter before they go back to normal

”Listen kid, ” he sets his hand on his chest

”Yeah? ” I ask

”The next time you find me… ” he stops

”What is it, father? ” I ask

”You must consume my heart ” he finally says ”before it regenerates you have to make sure to seal it within you ”

”Nghk* ” I step back ”what do you mean? ” I ask

He sighs ”I noticed… well… more like I felt his soul trapped inside me till the very end ” he says

”Aethers? ” I ask

He nods

”I didn want to tell your mother, ” he says ”but after consuming his heart I learned he had been trapped inside me, that being said the moment I die is the moment hell be reincarnated someplace else ” he says

”So as long as Im alive youll be trapped inside me? Thats if I consume your heart ” I ask

”Im sorry, it is the only way ” he says

”Thanks dad, for everything ” I sigh ”trust me I will find a way to save you from that hateful path so youll once again join us ”

”I- ” now he was at a loss of words ”th-thank you, my son ” he finally says

”But I am afraid no matter what, I will pose a threat to you all ” he adds

”Father, there has to be a way to save you ” I say noticing the shake in my voice

”Yeah?… well if there is, Im sure you will find it ” he says

I watch as his body slowly began turning to ash

”You best believe I will ” I say

”Good bye for now, my child ” he smiles

”Till we meet again… ” I smile ”father ” I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I said my final farewell to the father I thought Id only meet in my wildest dreams

-to be continued-

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