Scaling The Realms

The \"Dreamy Sheep\"

As you should. ”

They then separated with Nico heading up to his room and Gertrude going into the kitchen.

Reaching his room, Nico unlocked it and entered. A bed had never looked so pleasing to Nico, but he knew he had dinner waiting on him so he resisted the temptation and headed back down stairs.

Arriving back on the first floor Nico found an open table and took a seat. He was actually extremely excited for dinner. Gertrude said that she made Bulldeer for dinner, which he had never even heard of but it sounded delicious!

Soon after Nico had taken his seat, Gertrude exited the kitchen with a plate full of food.

Sitting down the food, she explained what it was.

”The main dish is, as I already told ya, Bulldeer. We were fortunate enough to find one of the suckers and it makes for some good cookin. ”

”As the sides we have green beans and a packed baked potato. ”

She finished speaking and looked at Nico as if trying to tell him to try it. Which he was happy to do because just looking at the food made him salivate.

Not wanting to wait another second, he picked up the utensils that Gertrude had brought out with the food, and dug into the Bulldeer he was curious about.

The second the Bulldeer hit his tongue, Nicos body had a foodgasm(food orgasm). The meat was so succulent, it felt like biting into a meat sponge. Not only that but the flavor tasted almost nothing like he expected. Nico expected the Bulldeer to taste like beef and deer meat combined, but instead it tasted like…

”Heaven… ” Muttered Nico.

That was the only word that he could use to describe this divine meat.

Seeing Nicos reaction, Gertrude burst out laughing.

”Hahaha, this is why Bulldeer is so expensive, its meat is so different from anything else! Of course, you have to have a good cook for it not to be wasted, though! ” She finished her sentence with the same smug smile she had on earlier.


The rest of the meal was things he recognized, but nonetheless it was still delicious. Nico even thought that her skills far surpassed even professional chefs from his original world.

Finishing up his delicious meal and telling Gertrude that he was thankful for the meal, Nico headed back to his room.

Entering his room, he dove straight into bed. He had never felt the desire for a calm bed before now. This room gave him the perfect spot to calm himself down, rest, and plan for the future.

Taking a second to bask in the warmth and comfort of the bed, he sat up and began thinking about his future move.

I need knowledge about this world. Im not too worried about {skills} at the moment because I can just rely on my fighting skills to get me pretty far. But knowledge is something that I have none of at the moment, the question is…how to get that knowledge?

hmmm…Oh! Surely, this city has a library or something in it right? *Yawn* Ill ask Gertrude about the library thing tomorrow, Im too tired right now.

With that final thought, Nico took off his clothes and fell into a deep yet gentle sleep.


The next morning Nico woke up and went down to the first floor to ask Gertrude about a library.

”Umm… Yes, there is one, Ive never been to it before but it should be…. ” She then proceeded to give Nico instructions to it, supposedly it was on the other side of the city then the inn, which was quite a ways away. But, given the walk yesterday, this one would be childs play.

Following her instructions, Nico quickly arrived at the Library and was ”greeted ” by two guards.

”5 Copper for entrance. ” Said the guard on the left.

Really… Aren libraries supposed to be free? thought Nico.

Even though he thought this, he didn feel like starting a commotion so he just handed over 5 Copper and proceeded inside.

The inside of the library was quite large, it had two floors and many different sections on each of them. The first thing Nico wanted to find out was general knowledge about the world. So he asked the librarian sitting at the counter.

Nico didn know how to word his question to make himself not look weird, so he just went for it.

”Hello, miss, do you know where I could find some books about general knowledge? ” He said, with a friendly smile.

Hearing his question, her face turned in confusion but didn question it.

”Its on the second floor, in section 15 ”

Going up to the second floor and finding section 15, Nico picked out a few books that he thought might be helpful and began reading.

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