at they would be a good way to get started on regaining his stats.

The book also recommended to get there early so you get a larger choice of quest, Nico didn know anything about the guild so he took the recommendation to heart.

Walking through the streets of the city, which he learned was called Ontadon, he still couldn help but become enchanted at his surroundings, even though he had seen it before it was still just as beautiful.

While looking around the city and enjoying the sights Nicos eyes wandered to a sign that said ”Mannys Weapon Shop ”. This reminded him that he still only had a cheap shortsword which he had gotten from the poor bandit he robbed.

And while he was good at fighting with a shortsword, the weapon he was most proficient with was the spear. He found the spear to be the best weapon in almost any situation, it had range, could slash well, could pierce well and was overall the most versatile weapon. The Obelisk was an unpredictable place so versatility was key whether it came to skills or weaponry.

Deciding that he would use the rest of his money to buy a spear, Nico entered ”Mannys Weapon Shop ”.

When he entered, Nico was met with the smell of fresh metal. To most, this smell would probably be too strong, but Nico strangely enjoyed it. While he was relishing in the metal smell, he heard a deep rough voice come from the opposite side of the shop.

”Is there something I can help you with, boy? ”

Turning to look at the owner of the voice, Nico saw an old man. But, he wasn just an old man, this old man was wearing a white tank top which exposed his massive arms. Overall, he gave off the vibe of a body builder from Nicos old world, but it didn match well with his old man face.

Shaking away his thoughts, Nico responded to the man.

”Yeah, Im actually looking for a spear, got any? ” Nico didn feel like speaking with a polite tone but he also didn speak in a rude tone.

”Sure do! Let me go grab them real quick. ” Saying this, the man, who Nico assumed was Manny, turned and went into the portion of the shop behind him.

Not long after he disappeared into the back, Manny returned with four spears in his hands.

”These are the only four I have, but I can guarantee the quality! HAHAHA! ” The old man laughed as he spoke.

Seeing his mannerism, Nico couldn help but overlap Granny Gertrude and Manny. They were both prideful of their work, but while Gertrude was prideful of her cooking, Manny was prideful of his crafting. And looking at his work, Nico could tell why, they were all beautiful.

Nico decided to try something. This world had the system that was in {Trials of the Obelisk} and in the game you could see the stats of weapons. So, he hovered his hand over one of the spears and spoke in his mind.


”… ”

”… ”

After waiting for a second, Manny spoke out loud.

”You have to say status out loud if you want to look at someone elses property. ” He said, guessing what Nico was waiting to happen.

Then with a slightly embarrassed face Nico spoke aloud.

”Status ”

[Blacksmiths polearm

Rank: Uncommon

Attack: 500

Durability: 250]

Thank god, it worked Nico was embarrassed previously so he was glad it happened this time.

Seeing the stats of the spear, Nico compared it with his shortsword.


This time since the shortsword was recognized as his property it showed up without having to say it aloud.

[Junky Shortsword

Rank: Handmade


Durability: 5]

Seeing its stats, he unintentionally spoke aloud.

”Well… Thank goodness I decided to get a new weapon. ”

Nico had almost gone to fight monsters with a weapon that would break before even reaching its target.

”Would you like to trade that sword in? It doesn look like much but it might save you some mon…. ”*Shatter* ”… ”

As Manny was trying to be generous and give the boy a way to lower the price, Nico swung his shortsword down onto the counter, causing his weapon to shatter.

”Pfft…HAHAHA! ”

Manny attempted to hold back his laugh before he couldn do it any longer and let out a loud laugh.

”I don think I could have gotten much for it… ” Nico said.

”Haha…Yeah, I don think so either. ” Manny said bluntly.

After that little comedic spout, Nico proceeded to check the status on the other 3 spears before rounding back around to the first one he checked.

”Ill take the {Blacksmiths polearm} ”

”Alrighty…Thatll be 2 silver, actually make that 1 silver. Stress has been gettin to me lately so I needed a good laugh, consider this a thank you. ” Manny spoke, genuinely.

Not giving Manny a chance to take back his words, Nico pulled out 1 silver coin and handed it to him.

”Thank you, have a nice day, sir. ”

”You too, boy ”

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