Shackles of your passion

The Irony (They call me worthless)

She opened her almond brown eyes with a little hint of pink in them. Her eyes were puffy it seemed like she didn sleep well and when she got time to sleep, she has spent a quality time in crying by letting her sorrows out.

Her step mother shouted from downstairs as she groaned in frustration and spoke, ”Ahhh not early in the morning Mrs Shah. I already have a bad day to deal with. ”

Being an Asian is an Irony in itself, neither one is independent nor one is allowed to be dependent. It gets even worse when a person is a girl and least favoured in her surroundings.

The beauty and brain that can be a blessing for anyone can be a curse for such girl. This is the irony of Pakistanis. The drawback of being a Pakistani. Unfortunately each and every problem was the problem of Ravens life.

Just like her name her life was dark. A stepmother, a stepsister, a mannerless stepbrother and the worst father what else could she imagine to have a horrible home.

Things were not just messed up till home. She thought maybe life would be like a movie when she goes to school but it was even more horrible incase of friends. Afterall it was Lahore where people have masks behind masks. What could she expect from such people ? The irony was she could have fitted in very easily only if she dropped her values the last thing given by her mother to her before she died.

She bared it all and lived with her dramatic fantasies until highschool in the hope that she might get atleast once a true friend. At last, she could get one but this was the turning point of her life when she reallized the taste of betrayel for the first time. She felt used, humiliated and embara

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