Shackles of your passion

Rain loves me part 2 (I feel someone protects me)

Sitting in the dark waiting area of railway station, she waited for her train. Money was the only thing that was never her problem yet she hated to spend it without any solid reason. She loved to explore nature it calmed her nerves.

She felt a little shiver down her spine as if someone was staring her. She looked around her shabby surroundings but suddenly the strong wind made a shelf fall on the ground and an owl was stuck under it. She screamed and instantly marched towards it. Her tiny hands removed that heavy shelf as she took the white big owl in her hands and sat on her near bench.

Her big brown eyes sparkled with care and pain for that owl as she examined his body keeping it in her lap. Her plumpy lips formed a pout when she saw his left wing a little twisted. She cooed sweetly into his ear, ”Dont worry little owl. I will heal your wing. Is it paining a lot ? ”

She opened her bag and took out the toothpicks aligning them with the frame of its wing. She took out her red silk handkerchief and tied it around his wing. She was sweetly humming a tune and spoke, ”Are you alone and sad too like me ? ” The owl stared at her with his big eyes in response. Raven sighed and spoke, ”If you want I can take care of you, but promise me you will not leave me. You will be by my side. ”

The owl bit her finger that was caressing its face and suddenly it flew away. Raven sadly chuckled and spoke, ”What can I even expect from a bird ? ” It was past the time of midnight, her mobile showed no traces of messages or calls as she scoffed at herself and said to herself, ”The cellphone that worth nearly a lac rupees is of no use because nobody bothers to contact me. ” She sighed and started to listen the music. The only thing that kept her distracted.

Meanwhile it was dead serious environment in the black big hall 7 old diviners sat on there thrones and there he stood bowing his head down, one of the diviners spoke, ”If by this blue moon you dont complete your duty. You better know it that you will not be able to survive. ” The second diviner spoke, ”We know its hard for you but the races will not calm down if they do not see the next heir in his might. ” The third diviner spoke, ”The past was tragic indeed but if you resist your end will be tragic. ” The fourth diviner spoke, ”You must do what is needed to be done. ”

Suddenly he heard the sound of rain as his attention diverted towards somewhere, he abruptly spoke, ”Respected Diviners, allow me to leave. She is afraid of thunders. ” The sixth diviner laughed and spoke, ”Secretly protecting her is no fun King Abel. Why do not you show her yourself ? ” Abel looked at the diviner with his emotionless grey eyes and spoke, ”I don dare to face her. ” as he left from there the first diviner spoke again, ”He doesn dare to face her but craves for her like crazy. ” The diviners nodded and sighed altogether, as they saw the future where she has the attention of three royals of different races and many have eyes on her to kill her. She belongs to one but he will resist her and the other two will fight for her. The lady diviner among them spoke, ”whose up for the bet ? ” fourth diviner spoke, ”I bet King Abel will lose. ” Fifth spoke, ”I bet she will cause the war. ” The first spoke, ”No she is too much sensible then before. I bet this time longings, cravings, agonies everything will end. ” All of them sighed simultaneously. as the future depends upon her choices she will make.

It started to rain the empty railway station looked even more scary as the train arrived and her heartbeat raced even more. She slowly entered the train but was scared to see bunch of scary men inside it. The vibes were not comfortable to her. Her steps froze in dilemma that whether she should miss the last train to Taxila or step forward into the boogie, where she can expect any horrible thing happening to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sweet warm voice, ”Lets move my lady ! we have a long way ahead. ” She was still looking at his black dark orbs when he pulled her with him in the train and sat beside her. Before she could speak, she saw those men moving away as he kept a silver gun beside him. He was pretending normal and warning those big guys at the same time. She found him amazing, ”Thank you so much.. ” His black gaze shifted towards her and she smiled at him. Heaven knows that smile made his heart stop. How enchanting it was ! Somehow he managed to speak normally, ”Oh mention not after all we are destined. ” He again paused and spoke observing her confused expressions, ”I meant we are both students. Medical students. ” Raven gasped and spoke, ”How do you know ? ” He came deadly closer to her and whispered, ”Its magic ” getting a chocolate from behind her ears he gave it to her and chuckled saying, ”The journey here will be calm for you because I am by your side. ”

The thunderstorm made her flinch and she trembled her eyes getting wide, her lips quivering. To him she looked like a masterpiece of art as he wanted to engulf her in his arms, but he had his boundaries.

However to divert her he said cheekily, ”Do you believe in magic ? ” Raven with her shaky voice spoke, ”Its not reality ” He frowned and said, ”Well this is insult. ”

He saw how tired and exhausted she looked, so he muttered something and she felt her eyes heavy and unknowingly she slept. Before he could touch her a strong cold hand stopped his move and harshly pulled him up.

He smiled, his black eyes and his grey eyes spatting fire at each other.

The things were quite heated up yet the silence was deadly…

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