Shackles of your passion

The Bane Princess (tragedy can make you poisonous)

They both stared at each other as if they have a battle to fight against each other.

He jerked away Abels cold hand and magically a blanket came in his hand which he used to cover Raven delicately, he smiled at her sleeping figure.

Abel spat annoyingly, ”She sent you to kill her. What are you trying to do now ? ” He smiled and spoke, ”Its you who deserves pain, not her and I am going to make sure no one hurts her. ”

Abel chuckled and spoke, ”A sneaky wizard who has no ethics, want to protect a human ? ” The smile that never left his lips was suppressed as his eyes turned dark and he replied, ”She saved me. I have tasted her blood and now I am bound to her by an unspoken promise. The promise to be by her side. ” Abel was burning in rage when he punched him hard and screamed at him his eyes were turning golden, ”Do not associate yourself with her. Its unbearable. ” He chuckled and replied back, ”She is too pure for our world. Lets make a deal to keep her safe till its new blue moon. ” Abel started to think when he pushed him away and spoke, ”Think wise King Abel, she was not suppose to open that book but she did. You are the professor in academy while I am her fellow and maybe I will be her trusted friend too. ” Abel made his mind to take help from this warlock, when he remembered the werewolf prince. He chuckled and spoke, ”She sent him to kill her but her vulnerable state made his wolf obsessed with her. ” Abel spoke, ”Then she sent you and somehow Raven changed your mind too ? ”

He chuckled and said, ”We ain in a relation to help each other but lets do it the fair way, protecting her and winning her heart without the tricks. ”

Abel smirked and said, ”I like the challenge but everyone knows who she belongs to. You still dare ? ”

He looked at her sleeping figure and spoke, ”Its us who will mend our twisted clans. For the sake of her, lets fight together. ”

Soon they were interrupted by another warm honey voice as it uttered, ”Count me in. Playing fair is something an Alpha does. I am going to compete too. ”

The three royals looked at each other and sighed forming a bond of fair game, each one of them with a secret intention.

The king thought, this is the best way to keep her safe from the army of evil witch. The wizard thought, this is the only way to keep his promise and win her.

The alpha thought, its the only way to make her fall for him.

It was morning the rain didn stopped as she woke up, she shivered due to coldness and looked out of the window. She always wondered why rain felt so different to her as if its saying something, as if its whispering her an apology and whenever a wave of cold air rushes to her she feels as if someone is watching her and making sure she is alright.

She has been feeling this since she was 16 but she always shrugged it but now the feeling is stronger then ever.

She was in her own world when he interrupted her and spoke from behind, ”My lady woke up ? ” His smile made her heart melt and she chuckled inaudibly muttering, ”Can you stop calling me My Lady ? ”Handing her a hot cup of coffee he spoke, ”What were you so lost in ? ” She sighed and spoke, ”Its just the rain. It feels like it loves me. I feel protected. ” He gulped and spoke to divert her, ”So what is your name ? ” She chuckled when she realized they don even know each other and spoke, ”I am Raven Shah,19 years old medical student. ” He faked an expression of amusement and spoke with a gasp, ”The eldest daughter of Shah corporations ” Raven frowned when he chuckled and said, ”Don get me wrong I am Zephyr Zaidi 20 years old medical student. I know you because I saw you in one of our parents buisness gatherings. ” He smiled at her bringing his hand out from his brown coat, he gave her a golden flower and spoke, ”Friends ? I will be by your side like I was last night. ” Something in her pushed her to trust him and she returned him a beautiful smile and spoke, ”Friends, but can I really trust you then ? ” He chuckled and spoke, ”Lets just suppose if I break your trust, the one who makes you feel protected can appear and teach me a lesson. ”

Raven chuckled at his childish behavior and spoke, ”The imaginary protector that never even appeared in front of me ? ” Zephyr looked deep in her eyes and spoke, ”I may sound creepy but beware of your imaginations. You never know what destiny has ahead. ”

Raven grinned and spoke, ”Fine Zaidi ! I will risk it. we can be friends. ”

Meanwhile, She threw a table on the screen making a shriek sound breaking all the glasses of her penthouse. Her people were scared of her as she growled, ”My two puppets are gone, that filthy human must not survive before blue moon. I want her flesh at any cost. ” Her soldiers bowed in front of her in fear waiting for her next command.

Suddenly she started to laugh like a crazy old hag and spoke, ”When can I use you, little bane princess ? ” She ordered to get her out of the dark chamber and smirked like an evil thinking, how many ways she can use to torture the King and end him miserably.

They stepped out on the platform of Taxila railway station. Zephyr held her bag along with his and smiled at her saying, ”Shall we move my lady ? ” Unknowingly she blushed and this made Zephyr smirk because he knew someone has eyes on them, while someones anger had no boundary as he muttered, ”Look at how she blushed ! Its me in her heart and dreams and destiny and yet she is blushing because of other man. ”

Someone scoffed and spoke behind him, ”You wanted to stay away from her because you still regret the past, but now a 500 year old vampire king is sulking over her blushing because of another man. ”

Abel glared at him and spoke, ”Many will hinder, many will envy, many will play filthy but at the end destiny will do what it has written 500 years ago. This time history will repeat but with different ending. ”

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