She Shined so Bright

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Interview Time

The day has finally came, Han Beom was still deep asleep when a loud honk forced him to jump from the bed to the floor butt first. Giggles and groans were heard in the room, Han raised his head and glared at Aera who was holding his stomach from laughter, ”keep laughing hyung, one day Ill be the one laughing! ”

”Ill be waiting for that day~ ” he teased rolling his eyes at the idea of that happening since Han is a lazy boy whos sleeping for too long, ”by they way, are you always lazy like this? ”

Han Beom blinked few times before understanding what Aera meant, ”oh… No, Im only like this when Im here ” he mumbled while standing from his place putting the sheets back to place. Aera hummed in understanding he then moved to the other side of the bed to help Han, ”today is the day ” he started, he rose his eyes and looked at Hans reaction before he turned it back to the sheets.

”Yea… Today is interview day… ” Aera frowned at his blunt reaction and was about to scold him but Han passed him in steps and jumped to the bathroom then to the closet to change his clothes after that he rushed to the kitchen to eat his breakfast ”how are you able to do all that in five minutes?? ” Aera exclaimed.

”Im speed~ ” he winked before he stood on his feet to the front door, he halted his steps for a second, contemplating whether to do whats in his mind or not, he turned to look at Aera who had his head tilting as a sign for an explanation, but Han Beom decided to not do it this time, maybe next time.

He walked down the street toward the train station, when he entered it he leaned his head on the window watching the sceneries outside with his thoughts coming back and forth confusing him more and more.

Since Aera is gay and hes straight, wouldn it be bad for Aera because in case he became gay Aera will blame himself, have regrets and maybe distance himself? But they promised to brothers so things shouldn be awkward between them, right?

Hans thoughts kept strangling him, he didn even notice he had reached his school and even standing in front of his class rooms door. When he entered the class, it went into a deadly silence, Han was surprised but he managed to keep a stoic expression, he walked slowly to his seat and once he settled there he had finally realized how many eyes staring at him.

At first, he was a little afraid but he remembered the things Aera reminded him of this morning,

”Rule one, always keep a stoic expression no matter what happens, those people don deserve to see any of your other expression because theyll only use them for their own benefits later. ”

”Rule two, don give a damn about their stares or mumbles, those things are meant to scare you and other times they might break you down but the other party doesn mean it ” Aera shrugged, ”anyway, even if they noticed you had noticed, then show them that you don give a ** about that! ”

Hans eye twitched after hearing the first two rules. Them aside, something else had bothered him ”we need to do something about your insults habit ”

”We need to do something about this pure and innocent side of yours ” Aera shot back, Han couldn fight back back then because he really had a point, and thats why hes doing as the rules say.

The teacher entered and started the class, everything was normal in his first classes until break time came, thats when the challenge will really start, three rules were left and he needs to do according to them wisely.

His stomach grumbled and warned him to expose him if he doesn fill it. He picked out the bento Aera had prepared for him, a smile creeped into his glowing face. A group of girls caught that scene and squeaked from excitement, if Han Beom is the who they think then this might be the best chance for them to do their magic and matchmake the God like boy with the little angel.

For those girls, Han Beom is very handsome but the things ruining that part of him are his too much long bangs, his body state and the aura surrounding him. The good news, today he seemed different and it was a good change because he started to look more like their imagination, the bad one? Some girls are already smitten over him.

The news reached Ho Seoks ears and he planned to go and find him but to his bad luck, Han Beom was surrounded by girls who seem to enjoy talking even though the main dish is ignoring them. That was the third rule Aer had given him,

”Rule three, since what happened is still fresh in everyones mind the best thing to do is to look high above those below. Don get it wrong, just ignore them no matter what they tell you even if its something that would get you mad ”

Its kind of hard to stick to this rule because the girls are so annoying right now and here comes the trick of the fourth rule,

”If they didn stop bickering you, then take your leave! And this is your fourth rule~ Become a ghost between ghosts. To put it clearer, be where theres no one. Like this you can clear your mind before facing the other coming waves of annoying people! ”

He sighed after washing his face, he peeked at his reflection. Slowly he pulled his hair back like Aera did once and stared intensely at his face, he indeed is handsome, thanks to the stuff Aera used his face is glowing and even smooth like a babys. No wonder some girls were looking at him hat way.

The sound of the bathrooms door opening and closing echoed in the place, the only thing can be heard is the water drop from Hans face. They stood there in silence not saying a word nor moving a feet, the atmosphere was suffocating and he didn want to stay here any longer.

He let go of the sink and straightened his back before he turned to walk away, Ho Seok called him but Han decided to ignore him according to rule five,

”Rule five is important! It would be a miracle if you made it and left the place they
e in unscathed. Ahem… Back to the topic in hand, in case the bullies come to you, act naturally and carefree. Thatll make them boil, though thats why theyll hit you but… Heh. If they hold you back, just give them a quick look with a stoic face and leave. ”

This rule was supposed to make things a bit better on Hans side but it was bad, not only for him though, Ho Seok who had never seen Han Beom like that was taken a back. His face turned red but he was still mad, he clenched his fist, Han caught it and his gritted teeth but he waited a bit more to go with rule six.

”You! ” Yelled Ho Seok pulling Han by his arm and hitting his back on the wall. Han groaned from pain but he didn give up, he watched as Ho Seok raised his fist but before it launched Han did as rule six said,

”No matter how scary a dog is, it will always be nothing against a beast ” Aera grinned, ”rule six, give the dog what it fears the most~ ” his grin turned to a scary smug, ”even if the enemy in front of you is a beast, show it whats more scary than them! Thats a nature by us humans, most times we fear those who are stronger than us but when we get hurt we try to fight back the beast, even if that mean getting injured or lose our life ”

Han decided what he wanted to say and slapped it into Ho Seoks face ”Aera! Remember what he told you ” he started grinning, ”I know hyung very well, when he decides to do something no one can stop him ” he finished his eyes not leaving Ho Seoks. A sudden rush of heat reached his face turning it red, and wave of emotions crushed him, he quickly let go of Han and watched him walk away, he left afterward leaving behind his friends.

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