She Shined so Bright

CHAPTER TWO: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Companies come and go, businesses fail and succeed, there are no guarantees of what might happen every single day, and thats why there should be someone whos capable enough to handle everything and take full responsibility for any failure that might drop the company and cause it to go bankrupted.

It was never something easy to do. Some might end up fired and not accepted in other companies because of that teeny tiny mistake! They all want their businesses to stay safe after all.

But not for Han Beom. He knows how to deal with all troubles and knows how to save any project he takes- except for few-. But it was for his unique and strong personality that helped him retain his position as a manager.

He only needed few more small steps to find himself in the bosss chair. And lucky for him! -Or maybe thanks to his special relations he had with the uppers- He managed to get his dream seat in one of their branches in America. Since then, he has been in America and only goes back to Korea when hes needed or if he wants to visit his family.

People would assume Han Beom was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he was nothing but a ”normal ” kid living with his ”normal ” family in a ”normal ” house, and like any other student in the same conditions, he studied very hard to get high grades; to get to the best university and study what he wanted. Plus! Get the best job with the best salary; to support his parents.

His father, Kim Beom, was a builder. It was stressing and tiring job for him but he managed to get enough to feed his family and keep them between warm four walls. While his mother was all fine working in a clothes shop.

But as everyone know, the older you get, the weaker youd become, the easier youll hurt yourself, and that was Han Beoms father state, since he couldn handle the work as in old days, one day, while he was lifting some stone blocks he, by accident, fell and hurt his leg, that results him to stay in the hospital for few weeks before he became jobless, because of his injury.

He did want to find a new job though, but his family said no, so no is a no!

For Beoms mother, she was all fine until one day…




It was a day like any other day, until a woman, in a fancy short red dress and black locks wiggling whenever she moves swiftly as a model in catwalk, entered and started throwing the pieces she didn like on the floor.

Hans mother tried to pick up everything shed throw with no questioning.

She knew pretty well what that woman is capable of doing and she wasn willing to lose her job her family is now depending on, they mattered more to her, so she let it go.

But that woman hated how quiet Hans mother was, so she decided to make things worse for her.

She smiled wickedly and took a seat in front of a big mirror, behind the shoes roof. ”Excuse me~? ” She called. ”Can I have something similar to my shoes but in other colors? Oh instead, get me the best selling with pretty colors like pink or white~ ”

Her wicked smile didn leave her face while Hans mother brought the best they had and helped her wear them.

She was all fine, she closed her eyes and released a low shuddered sigh.

Everything was calm and quiet until water started pouring on her head, followed by a hit by it and insults for being disrespectful. All that was sugarcoated by a low manly voice calling her and asking respectfully with pity filling his eyes to leave… And to not come to work tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow…

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