She Shined so Bright

CHAPTER FIVE: Still a Stranger

Warm sun, Birds chirps, and foods smell. The same thing every morning, but now theres something different!

The morning routine, the flavor for each dish, and the clothes for school. The same as always, but now theres something different!

The classes, the break time, and the students. The same as always, but now theres something different!

The roads, the shops, and the parks. All the same, but now theres something different!

”Aera hyung!!! ” Han Beom waved from the parks entrance. He ran toward Aera, who acted fast and held him before he hurt himself.

In chibi sizes, Han held him tightly before he let go, ”what did you do today? Come and tell daddy~ ” he winked at the young boy, who giggled and punched him in return.

”Come and let me tell you everything~ ” he beamed. He held Aeras hand and let him guide him to a place where they can sit and chat. Good enough, he took him to a cat café, weird choice but still a good one since both of them seemed exhausted, after another long day.

”Your parents don ask you where you were for the rest of the day? ” He asked while patting a white cat in a hand and drinking a dark coffee with the other. Han Beom picked his coffee boba but before he took a sip he mumbled, ”if I don smell of alcohol or nicotine, then its all fine ”

Aera raised a fine eyebrow, ”you sure thats enough? This blind trust is kinda worrying ” Han bit the inside of his cheek, his mind suddenly flew somewhere else, Aera who have been meeting Han Beom for a week now, got used to this side of him, so he let the poor boy do what he wants. Until he returns from his world, hell stick with those cats and think of a way to tell Han Beom what he wants to tell him.

Half an hour later, sound of something breaking followed by waves of apology suddenly attacked the place. Who was there from the beginning, and kept peeking at the two, would know what happened. For those who didn know, lets go back few seconds before the incident.

After Han Beom returned from his thoughts, he kept going with his chat with Aera. The second he took his eyes away from him, he found something liquid dripping from Aeras head down to his clothes and to the floor too. Han jumped from his seat and tried to help Aera dry himself a bit, while the waitress kept apologizing while drying his hair.

Aera smacked her hand away and softly pushed Hans, slowly he stood from his seat ”lets leave, my clothes are already wet and I can tell they
e exposing whats under ”, it wasn a lie, he was wearing white t-shirt with nothing under and leather black trouser, plus they already attracted enough attention, and with his current state those who weren attentive are now focusing on him.

Han caught the trembling in his voice so he did not say a word but lending him his jacket, compared to him, Aera was a little smaller and thinner than him so his jacket managed to hide his upper part well. After Aera paid for their drinks, they walked down the road to the main street. He called for a taxi and Han followed along. After they reached the wanted street, Han left before him so he can help him.

Aera stared at Han who walked beside him. No one, literally NO ONE was able to tell if hes uncomfortable except for the twins and now Han Beom is in the count. Part of his habit is to keep his stoic expression in good and bad times too, thats why its hard to tell if theres something wrong with him, but here is Han who he only knew for a week, managed to know theres a lot going on.

Once they reached Aeras house, Han was left at the front door with his mouth reaching the ground from shock. He felt Aera was something, but he didn expect him to be THAT much to could own a whole floor for himself.

”Are you gonna stay standing there? Come in and take a seat. Ill go take a bath ” Han entered and found the living room in front of him with a wall sized window sharing the view of the skyscrapers and far mountains, ”before I forget, you
e free to go to any room you want. Please make yourself comfortable, the house is yours~ ” Aera ended and disappeared inside.

After Han Beom heard the sound of the door shut closed followed by a tick did he finally relax on the biggest sofa in the room. He released a long sigh, and after he hid his eyes with his arm, he started thinking once again.

After a week from meeting Aera he had noticed many things, not much of them are good but they were worth learning to know how to deal with him.

Aera is someone who closed and caged down his heart and feelings not allowing them to interact with the world, only his mind works.

His motto seems to be, no emotions, only rationality.

At first, and for anyone, itd be annoying because talking to people like this is the worst, they wouldn understand how they feel, and won even give good replies. Always cold and stoic…

But the fact is, those are the people who know the most about feelings and emotions than others do. They went through a lot to end up as they are now.

But this rule isn for all! After all, humans are different and incomplete, so it shouldn be surprising to know a horrible thing or two about the person in front of you. But for Aera, it seems theres more than a thing or two, and thats what worries Han Beom right now.

”What did you go through to end up like this? ” he mumbled

”Who? ” A voice from back asked scaring the life out of Han Beom. He jumped from his place and stared at the half naked Aera with water drops falling to the carpet, ”no one? ” Aera wasn convinced by his ”question ” reply but he didn have the energy to interrogate him ”whatever, wanna eat something? Im hungry and I didn get the chance to buy my favorite cake from their café ”

”Sure, Im ok with anything~ But please let me help! ”

”Sure~ Sure~ Do what you want~ ”

Few minutes later after a war of what to cook, they ended up heating up two cups of ramen and eating them while watching a drama none of them was interested in. They were just in their own zones wondering when is the right time to say whats in their minds.

”Hey Hansel? ”

”Yes? ”

”There is something I wanna talk about with you ”

”Same here hyung ”

”… ”

”… ”

The only sound could be heard was the TVs. The two sitting in the room kept staring at the screen while eating, waiting for one of the two to finish first, will it be the cups of ramen or the drama?

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