zed her hand and asked her a question, the girl perked up and opened her mouth apologetically.
And then… She flapped her mouth a few times and shook her head, face blue.
No matter how many times she tried, all I could hear was the exhaling sound.
I stopped her from overreacting as she became increasingly impatient and made her a pot of tea.

“… The doctor will be here this afternoon, so let’s discuss it then.”


Perhaps, ‘Yes’, was her response.
She took a sip of tea with a small, trembling hand, and tears spilled from her eyes as she stared into the cup… I didn’t know that soundless crying could be so heartbreaking.
All I could do was lend a shoulder and pat her shaking back.

In the afternoon, I pulled Daniel into the living room when he arrived and told him about what happened in the morning.
He began to talk to me, showing me the book he had brought with him with a difficult look on his face, but with an air of conviction.

“’Spirit Orisons’ often lose something.
It seems like many people lose their memories, but in her case it was the ‘voice’, I’m sure.
According to this book, she should be able to read and write, so I don’t think she’ll have any problem communicating.”

The book was about the “Orisons” of the past.
He had borrowed it especially from the library in the capital.
He brought it to me and told that I could give it to her to read when she was settled.

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‘Understood’, I thought, but I still pity her.
My heart still hurt when I thought of that child who couldn’t even cry out loud.
With a heavy heart, I led Daniel upstairs to the bedroom and was in for a surprise.

The girl and Buddy were surrounded by fairy eggs that glow a pale gold… No better proof for a Spirit Orison.

It took my breath away as I saw it for the first time in my life, but somehow my heart was filled with loneliness.

The Orison was a precious being from another world, called here by a spirit, whether or not that person intended to, a person who deserved to be protected and respected.
This girl could go to the royal palace or anywhere else she wanted.
I was sure she would leave me behind.

Only three days.

Even though I couldn’t even talk to her, I enjoyed taking care of her as if I had a daughter.
I tried to be strong, but I knew I was still lonely.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t put into words what her original name was.
We learned a little bit about her through written communication, but the only thing we could not read was her name, not me, not Daniel, and not Mark.
This was another thing that I hadn’t read in any of the previous books about the Orisons.

When I was troubled, she wanted me to give her a name.
I thought about it for a moment, and then my eyes fell on the pearl flickering on the girl’s ear.
Miraculously, it was the only one that came here from the other side safely without a scratch.
I heard that it was a memento of her mother.
She must have been protecting it.
I put my wish in the name that it would continue to be so in the future.
“Margaret” was the name.

Margaret was a bright girl.
Her body was still not healed, and she got tired easily, so we talked to her little by little.
She was a little distraught at first, but by the time she had finished reading the book borrowed from Daniel, she looked much more refreshed.

As soon as she could get out of bed, she wanted to help around the house.
For the first time in my life, I regretted my life without magic tools.
It took a lot of time and effort to cook and clean every single thing in this house.

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I felt awkward thinking about burdening a sick young girl, but Daniel recommended I let her do some simple things for rehabilitation.
Margaret was happy and learned them all quickly and painlessly.

Clothing… Yes, clothing, too.
She happily wore the so-called “old-fashioned dresses” of my youth.
I thought she would change her mind when she saw how the young girls in the village dressed, but she said she liked it better.
I could tell that she meant it, which made me love her more and more, and made me feel sad when thinking of our upcoming separation.

So, when she asked me to keep her here, I thought it was a dream that my desire showed me.
If she wanted to, she could be accepted anywhere with excellent treatment, but she wanted this place that was outdated, inconvenient, and eccentric.

I couldn’t believe it.

“Margaret sincerely wants to be with you.
You know that, don’t you, Addy?”

“That’s because she’s still young, and she’ll be happier if she goes to the capital than staying here with me…”

“I don’t like the idea of you calling yourself something you’re not.
That would be rude to that girl… Addy.
To me, you two look like an actual mother and daughter.
It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month.
I’m sure Margaret fell into your backyard just to see you.”


“Don’t worry.
That child is happy here.”

I wonder if it was okay.
Wouldn’t that be like destroying the future of a young, pretty girl? My old friend gave me a gentle push when I was lost.

I watched him leave, leaving the Orison’s reporting procedures to me, and I entered the house….
I walked into my house where my daughter was waiting for me, happily standing in the kitchen.

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