Sisters Forever

episode 2: the bus ride

It is the first day of school after the Summer.

Anna, and her younger sister Bea, are still fast asleep, snoozing their way through the early breezy Monday morning.

Mrs. Pudgetter, their mum, is heard downstairs, shes battling with the kitchen utensils.

She had been up quite early because the smell of frying bacon is perceived coming from the kitchen.

Now, Anna is the senior one, and Bea the younger.

This can be seen from their sleeping positions on their double bunk bed.

Anna sleeps up on the wooden double bunk bed, while Bea sleeps down on the bed by the window.

Some summer nights, thats on hot summer nights when the weather will be hot, Anna would bully Bea off her bed and sleep below by the cooler window side.

The window side below the bunk bed is Beas sleeping spot.

On very cold nights, when the window side would be very cold, Bea still sleeps by the cold window, she doesn go up the bed to fight Anna for her warm space.

But despite their differences they are still sisters!

They had their bad sides and they had their good days.

They had their pillow fights, and their Pancake nights.

Pancake nights were nights when they will sneak in pancakes to share in after-night meals in bed, telling stories and all.

They sure did sister stuff together as good sisters do, but they aren born by the same parents.

They aren even of the same race!

Anna is an offspring of a mixed Caribbean Black dad, and a White mum.

She could pass for an Afro-Black, though her chocolate skin, afro wavy curly hair, and cute smile, present her as a rare breed of Afro-hybrids.

Anna is a fruit from Mr. Pudgetters first marriage.

Mr. Pudgetter, her dad, is also a Black Caribbean man from Barbados.

His ex-wife, formally Mrs. Candice Pudgetter, Annas biological mum, is Caucasian, shes Canadian.

Bea her step-sister, is half-White.

Mrs. Pudgetter Beas mum, formerly Mrs. Roseworth, is from Milwaukee U.S.A.

Her ex-husband, Beas biological dad, Mr. Roseworth was Jamaican-British, but he died a few years ago in a car crash in Kingston Jamaica.

But now these two sisters are still sleeping on their beds, on this first Monday morning after summer!

”Anna, Anna, ” Mrs. Pudgetter calls out. ”Wake your sister up and go get ready for school! ”

She is heard calling Anna from down the stairs.

Bea is the first to wake.

She turns drowsily to the other side of her bed and slowly, yet still full of sleep, she raises her night eye band, a sleep mask.

Bea gets off her bedsheets.

Shes wearing a white tank top and black panties.

Her nipples stick out of her tank top like pointed pencils.

Bea just turned 18.

Anna is three months older than she is.

Bea walks over to the bathroom, pulls down her panties, and sits on the toilet.

The sound of Beas wee in the toilet wakes Anna up.

Anna sits up on her bed, her sleep mask still on her eyes.

She takes off the sleep mask and climbs down the bed, shes wearing a nightgown.

Anna enters the toilet, and Bea is still on the toilet seat.

”Good morning, ” Bea mutters to Anna.

”Good morning B, ” Anna says.

Anna goes over to the sink and pulls out her toothbrush, she puts some toothpaste on it and begins to brush her teeth.

Bea slips off her panties while she still sits on the toilet seat, she throws her panties into a laundry basket nearby, she pulls her tank top off and throws it into the basket.

She stands and flushes the toilet.

Shes naked now, she climbs into the shower, her back to Anna brushing her teeth at the sink.

The shower begins to run.

Bea showers under the spraying droplets of water, she takes a soap from a soap holder and washes her face in the running water.

Anna spanks her bum as she bathes.

”Your bum is getting bigger now, ” she says with a mouth full of toothpaste.

”Stop that, ” Bea says as she continues her bathing.

”I can see Jerry has been doing some good, good push-ups, huh, ” Anna teases and laughs, she gaggles and spits into the sink.

She opens the faucet, and water runs into the sink washing her spit away.

Anna quickly removes her nightgown and throws it carelessly away.

She climbs into the shower with Bea.

”What now, ” Bea says to Anna. ”Can you wait till I finished? ”

”Shut up, You see we
e running late, ” Anna says, she takes the soap from Bea and begins to wash her hair, and as she raises her hands, her breasts dangle like some large jelly beans.

Anna washes her hair, with the soap.

”Give me that soap back, ” Bea says.

Anna pays Bea no mind, she bathes in the shower.

Bea pushes Anna aside and bathes in the shower.

The two girls play under the shower.

They tickle their naked bodies and squeal at each others tickles.

”Anna, Bea, ” Mrs. Pudgetter yells out once again. ”What are you both doing up there? You better be down here, before your school bus comes around! ”

”Mum is calling, ” Bea says, and she stops her play.

She quickly washes her body under the shower.

”Naah, Mum should let us be, ” Anna says.

She tickles Bea again, and she pinches her nipples very gently.

”Your breasts, are they getting bigger every day, ” Anna asks sarcastically, she smirks, and gazes at Beas chest.

”Stop, ” Bea yells, she frowns at Anna.

”Alright, alright, ” Anna says, and she washes her body under the shower.

Bea quickly races out of the bathroom, she takes a towel from the rail, and dries her body, she shivers in the morning cold, and she quickly makes it into the room.

She gets to her dressing mirror, sits, and begins to apply various kinds of oils and perfumes to herself.

Anna walks into the room naked.

”Give me the towel, ” she says to Bea.

Bea removes the towel from her chest and throws it at Anna.

Anna catches the towel and begins to wipe her body, she places her right leg on the bed and wipes her leg.

Theres silence for a moment, then Anna speaks:

”Whats all that you did back there, I was just playing with you, ” she says to Bea.

Bea is drying her hair with a dryer, and she looks back at Anna in the mirror

”Anna, Ive said to you many times that I don like that, ” she says.

”You don like what, ” Anna says.

”Touching my…. ” Bea says and pauses. ”Please lets get ready for school! ”

Anna looks at Bea with a smirk on her face.

”You keep saying that, but I just play like that sometimes, ” Anna says.

”Yes I know, ” Bea says.

”What if it was Jerry touching you huh, ” Anna says, and she chuckles.

”Come on Anna! Ive told you I don have anything to do with Jerry, hes not my type, ” Bea says.

”Naah, stop lying, ” Anna says and she lets out a laugh again. ”Isn he handsome enough? ”

”If he is, why don you go for him, ” Bea retorts.

”Hmm….hes sure not my kind, ” Anna says.

”I sure can see that, ” Bea retorts with some sarcasm in her voice.

Theres silence for a moment, the girls move from point to point in the room, wearing clothes, and picking up things for school.

Soon they were ready for school.

Anna is wearing blue jeans on a black tube to cover her chest area, shes wearing a red jacket with a hood to cover the tube top, on her feet shes wearing a black wedge.

Her hair is a wavy afro-pop curls.

Bea is wearing a gown that flows down to her knees.

Shes wearing black boots, and her hair is a long wave combed out free.

Both girls walk down the stairway that goes down to the kitchen.

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