Sisters Forever

episode 3: at the stairway perron

In the kitchen, the girls sit by the mini table.

”Good morning mum, ” the girls echo in unison.

Their mum, Mrs. Pudgetter ignores their greetings, she quickly dishes out pancakes on the two plates that are before the girls.

”I will soon have an alarm set to wake you girls up early in the mornings, ” Mrs. Pudgetter says.

She pours out some milk in cups and passes them in front of the girls.

”Soon you both will be adults, and be off to college, you need to grow up to be able to survive there, ” Mrs. Pudgetter says l, almost in a yell.

Anna and Bea pay her no mind, they nibble on the pancakes, sipping on some milk.

Mrs. Pudgetter walks around the kitchen picking up different things.

Just then the school bus honks outside.

”The school bus is here, ” Mrs. Pudgetter retorts. ”Quick, go catch the school bus! ”

”Alright mum, ” the girls say.

Anna stands and goes over to Mrs. Pudgetter, she hugs her and makes it to the door.

Bea gulps her cup of milk, and goes over to her mum, she kisses her and bids her goodbye.

The girls run off the kitchen.

”Your lunch will be in the freezer when you get back from school, ” Mrs. Pudgetter yells, as the girls run off to catch the bus.

Outside the bus honks a second and a third time, Anna and Bea appear from inside and run into the bus

Right on the bus, Anna and Bea are greeted by the eyes of different boys and girls.

They all attend Lancelot High, a Senior high school in the small town of Lancelotville.

Lancelotville is a small town in the outskirts and suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Anna goes over to the back of the bus to sit by Tammylyn, or ”Tammy ” for short.

Tammy is Annas friend.

She is wearing dungarees, and a small body -shirt, shes wearing black Chelsea ankle boots, and her hair is in two puff ties.

Anna and Tammy are part of a group of friends who take pleasure in finding satisfaction in girls.

They call themselves ”the pink lip girls ”, or TPLG for short.

The Pink Lips girls are made up of five lesbian girls, Zachess their Female Alpha, Anna their beta, then there is Sally, Chen, and Tammy.

Lancelot High is full of such girl crews.

The girl crews reign, if you
e not in a girl crew, you are like a rogue wolf, without a pack.

In the human world, crews, and gangs reign supreme.

You need to be part of one of such crews to live a cool life.

Bea is not a member of the pink lip girls.

Bea and Anna are not so socially connected in school.

Bea has her friends, they are no members of a crew, click, or group, just a few friends that love to read.

Beas friends are Ruby, and Dolly, they are ”bookworms ”.

But it isn the same with Anna.

Anna belongs to ”the pink lip girls ” and she is the beta of her group, and because of Annas influence in school, Bea got along with school without much pressure from the other girl crews.

This is because the other girls know who Anna, Beas sister is, and they know Anna is a beta of a ruthless girl crew – TPLG.

Only Tammy and Anna are members of TPLG on the bus today.

Tammy and Anna, smile at each other as they sit at the back of the bus.

Tammy kisses Anna passionately, and she passes her chewing gum into Annas mouth.

Both girls laugh hysterically as they sit and plant kisses on each others lips at the back of the bus.

Bea finds a space to sit by the window.

She pays Anna and Tammy no mind.

The bus rides a while.

Bea stares out the bus window, thinking about how she got here.

Bea was a student in the secondary school back in Kingston where her dad worked as a mining officer.

Anna has been a student of Lancelot High long before Bea joined.

The marriage of the Pudgetters is just about eight months old.

Mr. Pudgetter had been residing in Lancelotville, long before he met Beas mum.

After their wedding, they both moved into Lancelotville Milwaukee, because Mrs. Pudgetter happened to be from Milwaukee as well.

Then Bea joined Lancelot High a term before the Summer.

This is her second term in Lancelot High.

Back in Kingston, Beas mum used to drop her off at school because they didn have such school buses that were free in Kingston.

Bea was to go to the university before her dad died in a car crash.

Moving with her mum to her mums hometown Milwaukee has not been easy for Bea.

The school system of the U.S.A is completely different from that of Kingston Jamaica, and she had to step back to Senior high before she can get to college in the U.S.A.

Bea wants to be a nurse when she finishes college, and she hopes to move to…

”Hello, is anyone seated here? ”

Bea is interrupted in her thoughts.

She hears a voice speak to her, she looks up, and she sees a boy standing over her.

He is very tall, his arms are full of muscles, and his face is like it was carved by an Angel.

Who is he?

”Erm…yes…yes…you can sit, ” Bea finds her voice and speaks.

”Thank you, ” the boy says, and sits beside Bea.

The bus runs for a while, Bea is peeking by the bus window, and from the corner of her eyes, she peeks, so as not to let the boy know she is looking at him.

”My name is Cody, ” he says.

”Bea, ” Bea looks at him, and replies.

She looks away again out of the window.

”Pleasure meeting you Bea, Im new, today is my first day at Lancelot High, ” Cody says.

”Oh really, thats cool, good to have you in Lancelot High, ” Bea says.

”Thanks, ” Cody replies.

They stay silent for a moment.

And about then, the bus pulls up at the school gates.

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