Sisters Forever

episode 4: school begins for fallstairway perron

The students all get down from the bus, and they walk in through the school gates.

School is bustling with activities as the students are fresh from the Summer break.

Lancelotville High is a three-story building with ten massive columns upon its main entrance.

A large stairway perron graces the school building entrance, and lots of young people sit by the perron, chatting and bantering amongst themselves.

Some band groups playing fanfare are at a field by the compounds, and a group of cheerleaders cheered at the fanfare band.

Some African-American students stood by a corner of the school building.

Another group of Hispanics hang back at the perron saying hellos.

Hispanics, Asians, everyone had their click, or crew at Lancelot High.

In the human world, it is a crew thing.

You either have a crew, or you be a nobody.

Lancelotville High school is a government-run High school, and its head, is the school Director, Mr. Greenbeans.

That is his name.

And he rather sees anyone make fun of his name, though his name did sound funny.

Mr. Greenbeans appears by the entrance into the hallway of the school, he appears with a bell.

”Everyone to your classrooms, ” he yells.

Mr. Greenbeans rings the bell, and the sound resonates across the grounds.

The students sitting by the stairway perron briskly stand and begin to walk into the school.

A lot of students are trooping up the stairs perron at the moment.

”Move up, move up, move up, ” Mr. Greenbeans voice resonates across the stairway perron, and the students make haste into the school.

Anna and Tammylyn walk up the perron.

Bea is trailing behind slowly.

Anna and Tammy meet up with Zachess at the stairway perron.

Zachess is the Female Alpha of the TPLG group.

She comes to school in her car, a Volkswagen Bug.

Zachess is a beautiful Caucasian girl from Utah.

She dresses like a Tom boy most of the time, which means she likes wearing boys clothes, boys clothes like big hooded tops, baggy jeans, and Timberland boots.

But under that oversized attire she wears, lies a very beautiful and curvy body she has.

Zachess is very beautiful, though half of her body is covered in tattoos!

Everyone knows her, and that she enjoys having fun for pleasure with a girl!

She is a lesbian, and shes proud of it.

She usually intimidates other girls into having sexual fun with her.

Zachess meets up with Anna and Tammy by the school entrance stairs.

”How are you doing Zachess, ” they say.

”Im good, its been a long summer ladies, I just got back from Brussels, ” she says to Anna and Tammy.

”Oh, I thought you said I just got back from the brothels, ” Tammy teases, and they all laugh out loud and pace up the stairs.

Zachess waits, she sees Bea coming slowly up the stairs, and she looks at her.

Zachess had been having this lust crush on Bea, Annas step-sister.

But Bea is straight, she detests the idea of a girl touching a girl.

She can conceive of it.

Though Bea is still a virgin, she still feels no urge for pleasure from a woman.

But Zachess thinks differently.

She feels that anything she wants, she can get.

And she has this insatiable pleasure for girls that are virgins, not savvy, gullible, and inexperienced.

Zachess looks at Bea with lust in her eyes.

She wants to kiss those lips of Bea.

She imagines how her luscious and firm breasts will feel on her lips when she teases them.

Zachess is in lust with Bea.

But Bea is not her kind, shes straight.

”Hi, Sweetheart, why are you looking so gloomy this morning, ” Zachess says to Bea, as she ascends the stairway.

”Im good Zachess, just feeling woozy thats all, ” Bea says, she walks past Zachess, nonchalant about her presence.

”Come on, we are just fresh back from the holidays, so whats bumping your grind this freezy breezy morning? ” Zachess teases, following Bea behind.

Bea pays her no mind, she continues pacing up the stairs one step at a time.

Zachess quickly walks very fast to catch up with Bea.

”Stop Sweery, why do you always run away from me when I call, ” she says, pacing up the stairs.

”Zachess, weve been through this okay, you told me the last time you want me to be in your group like my sister, I will be protected and taken care of, and all that you said the last time, well, you know what, Im not interested, ” Bea retorts, walking away.

Zachess pursues from behind, she puts her arms around Beas shoulder as they walk up the stairs.

”See let me tell you, Bea, I am the Alpha of the meanest girl crew in this school, no crew can step up to me, I have whomsoever I want to have, any girl I want, ” Zachess says to Bea.

Zachess slips her hand down Beas shoulder to mildly touch Beas breast, as in a tickle.

Bea pushes Zachess away rudely that she almost falls off the stairs.

”Leave me alone I say! ” Bea says and runs through the school entrance door.

People around the stairs look in amazement at Zachess being pushed by Bea.

Zachess wears a smirk on her face, she walks up the stairway calmly like Beas push didn matter.

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