Sisters Forever

episode 5: at the cafeteria

Inside, there is a hallway that runs through the schools ground floor.

A bustle of young teens hanging on to one another, saying hellos, bantering, and opening locker doors all cluster the hallway.

The school is open now for the Fall Semester, and everyone is high up their horses.

All over the place, one teen is with another, or a group of teens with others, and there is much noise in the schools hallway.

Tammylyn and Anna are at the locker corner, chatting and making faces when Zachess walks up to them, shes not looking so happy.

”Whats the matter, Your Highness, ” Tammy asks.

”Yea, why did you walk in with so much ugliness, ” Anna says teasingly at Zachess.

”I want to see you! ” Zachess retorts to Anna and pulls her roughly by the arm to a corner.

”Wha…what…is the matter, ” Anna says as she is hurled to the corner.

Zachess flings her around rudely and looks right into her eyes.

”You better warn your sister, the next time she disrespects me like she just did, I will make life very miserable for her here in Lancelot High, ” Zachess barks at Anna, looking straight at her.

Anna appears wearing a scared countenance because she doesn know why Zachess is upset just right now.

”What…what…whats that, ” Anna stammers.

Zachess lets her go, and walks down the hallway, brushing her way across crowds of teens and students.

Tammy watches as Zachess breaks away from a scared Anna.

”What was that for, ” Tammy says to Anna.

Anna says no word, she adjusts her hair and walks the hallway.

Tammy shrugs and follows Anna.

Mr. Greenbeans enters the hallway from the outside and rings his bell once again, the bell sounds like a crack of thunder in the hallway.

”To your classrooms now everyone, to your classrooms, ” he says.

The teens sluggishly move around to their classrooms, and shortly the hallway becomes empty of anyone apart from a few geeks still walking around.

Tammy and Anna are in the same class, Grade 11 B, and their class is made up of about twenty students.

”Now settle down everyone, and welcome back to a new school semester, we need to cover much before the Fall semester ends, ” a teacher in the classroom says, his name is Mr. Tom.

Mr. Tom is the class teacher of Grade 11B.

The teens in the classroom pay Mr. Tom no mind.

They still banter in corners of the class, talking and making acquaintances.

”Silence, ” Mr. Tom yawps at the top of his voice.

The classroom goes super quiet.

The teens quickly settle themselves to their desks.

Tammy and Anna sit side by side, they look at each other and make ongue out remarks at one another.

In a moment, the classroom is settled and quiet.

”Right, ” Mr. Tom says. ”Now, where did we stop in our history book? ”

”The American Revolution sir, ” a teen speaks from behind.

”Ah yes, please open your history books to page four hundred and nineteen, ” Mr. Tom says.

In the other Grade 11 class, Grade 11 A, the teens are more well-behaved.

Zachess, Bea, and Cody the new teen in Lancelot High are in the same Grade 11 A.

The classroom is much more settled than the other class.

Class Grade 11 A is made up of teens that are much brighter than the lot in Grade 11 B.

Grade 11 A is mostly made up of geeks, and nerds.

”Hello class, we are back again this fall semester, ” Miss Molly says.

Miss Molly is Grade 11 A class teacher, she is a young and bright lady.

Teacher Molly has this teen look, she looks sweet sixteen, but shes about thirty years of age.

”So how did the holidays go huh? ” she asks the class.

The class keeps mute, the teens wear this dissatisfied look.

”Now who can tell me where we stopped last semester guys, ” she says yet again.

”The American Revolution maam, ” says a girl named Ruby.

Ruby is an Asian-American girl who happens to be Beas best friend.

”Oh yes, thats correct, ” Miss Molly says, ”Lets open our books to pages four hundred and nineteen. ”

There is a bit of shuffle and scuffle around the classroom as the teens open up their desks and bring out their history books to open to the said page.

Bea is sitting in the middle of the classroom, her eyes on her book on the desk

Cody is sitting right in front of Bea, Ruby sits to her left, and another girl called Chen sits to her right.

Chen is a girl in the TPLG girl crew, shes one of Zachess girls.

”Hey, ” Bea whispers to Cody sitting in front of her. ”Hey, Cody, do you have the book? ”

Cody hears Bea and turns.

”No, I don , ” he whispers back.

”Hey! Young man, the new boy, please stand up, ” Miss Molly says to Cody as she sees him turn around to Bea.

Cody looks around and sees he is the one being referred to.

”Are you talking to…me…maam? ” he says.

”Yes dear, please stand, ” Miss Molly reaffirms.

Cody stands to his feet, and the whole class looks at him.

”Whats your name, can you tell us your name please, ” Miss Molly says.

”My name is Cody, and Im new, ” Cody says.

”Yes we can see that you are new, and handsome too, ” Molly says with a smile, the class goes into a frenzy of a mild giggle.

”So Cody, can you read the page four hundred and nineteen for the class to hear, ” Molly says.

”Right maam, ” Cody replies, and he begins to read…

After a long length of a boring school day, school is out by 3 pm.

All the teens troop out of their classrooms.

Zachess storms out of her class, and she walks up to the doorway of class and she waits by the door.

Out then comes Chen first from the classroom, she sees Zachess standing by the door and she walks up to her.

”Where is Sally? Zachess asks Chen.

”Shes coming out, ” Chen says.

Soon the teens crowd out of the classroom, then walks out Sally, a dark-skinned Afro-American girl, she is one of the TPLG girls.

”I see you, Sally, ” Zachess greets Sally in their secret slang of greeting: I see You.

”I see you too akky, hows your holidays? ” Sally says.

”I was in Brussels for the break, ” Zachess replies to Sally.

”Oh thats great, ” she says. ”So whats up? ”

”Lets wait for Anna and Tammy, ” Zachess says. ”I want us to have a meet. ”

The three girls walk along the hallway.

The teens in the school walk all about the hallway, teens of different races and colors.

Then walks Anna and Tammy from behind the rest of the girls.

Tammy tickles Sally from behind and she startles, the girls laugh at her startle.

Just then Bea passes by the hallway and Zachess looks at her with a stern look.

Bea pays her no mind and walks by the hallway, Zachess still holds her look on Bea as she walks away.

Bea takes a glance behind and sees Zachess still looking at her with a mean look, but she pays her no mind.

”Come on girls, lets get to the cafeteria, I have a thing or two to discuss, ” Zachess says and she walks briskly down the other direction of the hallway, Sally, Chen, Anna, and Tammy trail behind.

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