Sisters Forever

episode 6: the next day

Zachess walks briskly across the hallway.

She walks on a catwalk, her bum, not so enormous, but very clearly visible from her micro-mini skirt, bounces from side to side as she trots.

Her crew follows behind.

They walk into the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is busy with teens trying to grab their lunch.

The cafeteria is bustling with the teens of the school, some in cues waiting to be served, while others are sitting around the tables all over the cafeteria halls.

The teens sit together in the cafeteria with their friends or crew.

The teens don sit anyhow on the tables.

A teen could get a good smacking if the teen doesn know where to sit and goes and sits at the wrong table.

The sitting position in the cafeteria is a serious issue, its a big deal for the teens.

There are tables for those that don belong to any gang, clique, or crew.

Those tables are called ”stiffs ”.

Its like a Wolfpack, you don just come and join the tables, they could throw your meal to the floor, and push that ignorant teen to the grounds if he doesn know where and how to sit.

Now Zachess storms into the cafeteria and the girls around the cafeteria shove around in fear because of her presence.

The girls in Lancelot High are scared of Zachess.

They are so scared that when she steps in, her presence sends a chill.

Zachess walks over to their reserved TPLG table.

No one dares sit at the TPLG table when they are not there.

When the TPLG are not in the cafeteria, their table will remain empty of any ”sitters ” till the end of lunchtime.

Zachess goes and sits down at the table.

The rest of her crew walks in and sits in various corners of the table.

Next to the TPLG table is another table for a boys crew.

Its the table of a boy crew in the school called The Billionaire Boys Club, or BBC for short.

The Billionaire Boys Club is a crew of the richest boys in Lancelot High.

The Alpha of the Billionaire Boys Club is Tommy, a rich arrogant, brash, 18-year-old.

Tommy has a crew of about five other rich boys, and they sit close to the TPLG during lunchtime.

Tommy likes Zachess a bunch.

Hes always teasing her because he knows Zachess is gay.

Zachess doesn like Tommy very much.

Tommy and all his dads money don impress Zachess because hes not her type.

Tommy is sitting with his crew at the table when Zachess walks in with the girls.

”Hey, beautiful, ” Tommy calls out to Zachess.

Zachess looks at him, she scoffs and pays him no mind.

The rest of the TPLG crew across at the BBCs and scoff at them.

The girls don like the BBC crew, they see them as brash and arrogant.

”I want us to talk about something important, ” Zachess says to her girls.

The girls lean forward to hear what Zachess has to say.

”It is getting crazier by the day that people don respect us anymore, ” Zachess begins to say. ”These stupid girls seem to forget who the TPLG are. ”

Anna shrugs because she knows this has to do with Bea her sister.

”That little brat sister of yours, ” Zachess says pointing at Anna. ”She almost murdered me today! ”

The rest of the girls make surprise faces and look at Anna.

”Im sorry about that Za… ” Anna tries to say but Zachess cuts her off.

”Keep your sorries, what if she pushed me down the stairs and I died, ” Zachess yells and most of the cafeteria turns to their table.

Anna keeps mute.

”Now, this is what I want, ” Zachess says to Anna. ”I want Bea to come to my house and apologize. ”

”What, ” Anna says. ”she will not want to do that! ”

”Then you make her do it! ” Zachess retorts at Anna who is now looking perplexed. ”I want to see her by the weekend at my house to say shes sorry if she doesn do that… ”

Zachess pauses, looking rather angry, she looks around the cafeteria blandly.

Theres silence for a moment on the TPLG table.

”Okay, okay, but what about if she meets you in your car to say shes sorry tomorrow please, Bea won come to your house, you rather kill her to do that, ” Anna says.

Zachess looks at Anna scornfully and looks away.

”Whats the matter, ” Sally asks.

Everyone keeps mute.

Suddenly Tommy stands from their table and walks up to the TPLG table.

He sits beside Zachess.

”Hello beautiful, how you doing, ” he says to Zachess.

”Im not in the mood now Tommy, ” Zachess says to Tommy.

”Okay, why don I put you in the right mood by inviting you all to the biggest party of the year, ” Tommy says excitedly, and he brings out cards, invitation cards to a party, and drops a handful on the table.

The girls look at the cards as he drops them on the table, about ten of them.

”You girls take this and come to my house this weekend, my parents will be in Oslo for a trip, and we will have a party after party, huh, hows that sound, ” Tommy says, looking around the girls, he is wearing an elated smile.

Zachess throws a flimsy glance at the cards Tommy has dropped on the table.

”Okay Tommy, we will come, ” Zachess says.

”Right, ” he says.

”So umm, can I… ” he tries to say again but he is interrupted by Zachess.

”Please leave us now Tommy, we are in an important meeting, ” She retorts, cutting Tommy off his words.

”Aight, Aight, Aight, I will leave now but hope to see you all there and more, bring more girls, the more the merrier, thats why I gave you ten cards, ” Tommy says yet excitedly.

”Okay Tommy, thanks, ” Zachess says, she takes the cards and puts them in a pocket in her skirt.

Tommy leaves the table and goes back to his table.

”Sally, you and Chen go get our lunch, ” Zachess tells Sally and Chen.

Sally and Chen stand and walk towards the food counter to pick up lunch, they don stand behind the cue, they go straight to the counter, walking past about thirty teens on the food cue.

The girls on the cue don say a word, they are afraid of Sally and Chen because they know that they are members of TPLG.

Sally and Chen get to the food counter and begin to make their orders.

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