Sisters Forever

episode 7: inside the yellow bug

The next day Bea and Anna get into the school bus as they usually do.

Bea sits where she sat yesterday with Cody, but Cody is not yet on the bus.

Tammylyn is sitting in the back seat as she usually does.

Tammy is wearing a body-tight green gown that stretches to the knees, shes wearing colorful sneakers, and her hair still is in two puff ties.

Anna goes to sit with Tammy but they
e not excited as yesterday.

”Have you told her, ” Tammy says to Anna.

”No I haven , ” Anna replies.

”Why, ” Tammy says.

”Im scared she will go tell mum, so I didn bother saying anything to her since last night, ” Anna says.

”Can I go tell her, ” Tammy suggests.

”Okay thats okay, ” Anna says.

Tammy gets up and walks through the aisle, she staggers as she walks because of the moving bus.

”Please remain seated, ” the school bus driver says as he glances at the rearview mirror and sees Tammy walking the aisle.

Tammy gets to where Bea is sitting, and she sits with a bump beside Bea.

Bea startles as she sees Tammy by her side.

”Hi Tammy, ” Bea says, she stares at Tammy nonchalantly and gazes out the window.

”Hi Bea, you look cute today, ” Tammy says.

”Thanks, ” Bea replies, she does the same thing she had done, she looks a bit at Tammy, and she continues her gaze out the window.

Bea is wearing a white -shirt on blue jeans pants.

Shes wearing her black boots that go up to her knees, her hair is combed out free.

”I want to tell you something important, ” Tammy says to Bea.

Bea turns and looks sternly at Tammy.

”And what could that be, ” Bea says, wearing a stern countenance.

Tammy winces, and then she smirks.

Her smirk elaborates on her pink lipstick.

The Pink Lips Girls mostly wear different shades of pink lipstick at all times.

”Zachess would want to see you this morning in her car before school resumes, ” Tammy says.

”Wait, wait, wait, I didn get you quite right, ” Bea says, chuckling as she speaks. ”Zachess wants to see me this morning in her car? ”

”Yes, ” Tammylyn says, she is now wearing a frown.

”Tell her Im not coming, ” Bea retorts, and looks briskly out the window.

”Your sister would want you to see her, ” Tammy says pressingly.

Bea looks to the back seat where Anna is sitting, their eyes meet and Anna nods in affirmation.

”Your sister could be in danger if you don go see her in her car you got me, and tell her that you
e sorry about your rudeness yesterday on the school stairs, ” Tammy says.

”Oh so thats what this is about, ” Bea says.

”Yes, it is, ” Tammy reaffirms. ”You know where she parks her car right, the yellow bug, you can miss it, theres only one yellow bug in Lancelot High, when we get to school, you go see her. ”

Tammy quickly stands and walks back to the back row seats.

Shes holding the seats as she passes, because of the thumps and bumps of the bus ride.

Bea keeps mute, she looks slowly out of the window.

Just then the bus stops, the door opens, and in walks Cody, hes carrying his school bag as he enters the bus.

Beas heart must have skipped a beat when she saw Cody enter the bus.

Cody is wearing a black -shirt, brown pants, and white Nike sneakers.

”Hi, ” Cody says, beaming a smile.

Bea for a few seconds can assimilate nor speak, she just looks at Cody blandly.

”Is this seat taken, ” Cody says, and he points down to the empty seat beside Bea.

Bea is still dumbfounded, she is looking blandly at Cody.

”Hello, ” Cody says again, he waves his hand across Beas face to awaken her from her trance.

”Oh yeah, hi, ” Bea finally finds her voice and speaks.

”Is this seat taken? ” Cody says again, as the bus moves he almost gets knocked over by the bus aisle.

”Oh sorry Cody, ” Bea says, she reaches to catch Cody, but he falls into the seat beside her.

Cody looks at Bea, she appears very beautiful this morning.

”Umm..hi, ” Cody says.

He extends his hand to Bea for a handshake.

Bea reaches for Codys hand, but slowly.

”Hi, ” Bea says.

”I didn get to see you after class yesterday, you left in a hurry, ” he says.

”Yes, I was tired, ” she says.

”So where do you live, ” Cody asks.

”I live at Bromsburry drive, ” Bea says.

”Oh wow, thats the next street to mine, ” Cody replies.

”What street is that…I mean, your street, ” Bea says.

”Tinsel Street, ” he says.

”Oh wow, thats a street behind mine, I can get to your street right from my back kitchen door, ” she says.

”Okay, that means we are neighbors haha, ” he says and chuckles.

”Yes, you can say that, ” she replies.

The two hold a look at each other for a moment.

Their eyes are locked on for a moment.

Cody smiles at Bea, she smiles back shyly and takes her glance back out of the window.

”Did you tell her, ” Anna sitting in the back seat, asks Tammy.

”Yea I did, ” she says.

”And what did she say, ” Anna says.

”She didn say anything, but I think she understands, ” Tammy says.

”Hmm…make sure she goes see her okay, ” Anna says.

”Right, ” Tammy replies.

The bus runs for a moment and pulls up to Lancelotville High school.

The bus is parked by the parking lot and the teens and students come down from the bus.

Bea comes down from the bus followed by Cody.

”Can we see and talk after school today, maybe during lunchtime, ” Cody asks.

Anna looks to her side where Cody walks by her.

”Okay Cody, that would be great, ” she says.

They walk towards the school, about to climb the stairs perron.

Just before they mount the first step of the stairs perron, Bea hears her name called out from behind.

”Bea! ”

Its Tammy.

”Bea, Bea, ” she calls out.

Bea stops by the steps, she turns, and so does Cody.

Tammy from where she stands by the bus, points to the left, to the parking lot, to remind Bea of the direction she ought to be heading.

Bea shrugs in fatigue.

”Whats that, ” Cody asks her.

”Go on Cody, I will meet you in class, ” Bea says to him.

”Are you sure, why are you feeling down and out, ” Cody says noticing Beas countenance.

”I will be fine, ” she says. ”Just go, I will see you later okay? ”

”Okay, ” Cody says, he walks up the stairs perron, Bea walks towards the parking lot.

A yellow Volkswagen Bug parked at the rear end of the car park rows.

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