Sisters Forever

episode 8: the first date with cody

Bea walks to the Yellow Bug parked at the extreme of the parking lot.

The car is almost parked in the bulrushes by the end of the parking lot.

The spot is meant for medical ambulances and other emergency vehicles for their easy access but Zachess parks in this spot when there are no vehicles there.

Bea walks up to the drivers car window and she knocks on the glass, the car windows and windshields are tinted black that no one can see through to the inside from the outside, but you can see the outside from the inside.

The glass comes down an inch or two, and cigarette smoke oozes out of the car like a chimney.

”Come through to the other side, ” Zachess says to Bea from inside the smoke-filled car.

Bea walks round to the passengers side and as she approaches, the door opens.

Bea gets into the car.

Inside Zachess car is made up of cozy and comfortable interiors.

The car is air-conditioned, and playing softly in the car stereo is the Michael Jackson pop song, The Girl is Mine.

”Please can we be fast because I don like smoke that much, ” Bea says, and she coughs.

Zachess pays her no mind, shes looking at her iPod.

”Hello, ” Bea says yet again.

Zachess keeps her iPod on the compartment within the car dashboard, and she looks at Bea.

”You are here to apologize, but I ain hearing nothing, ” Zachess says, she extinguishes her cigarette in the car ashtray by the dashboard and closes the ashtray compartment.

Zachess opens her window about a quarter to let out the smoke from the car.

She quickly closes the window.

”So, can I hear your apologies now, ” Zachess says to Bea.

Zachess is wearing a tank top, like a spaghetti hand vest, and a bum-short, and her feet are bare, but her shoes are in the car.

”Come on speak up, ” Zachess says to Bea, but Bea is sitting quietly clutching her school bag on her thighs.

”Okay, umm, I am sorry for pushing you yesterday on the stairs, you made me do it, but Im sorry yea, ” Bea says.

Zachess wears a smirk, and she leans close to Bea.

”So how do you want to make it good, huh, or do you think you will make it good by mare words…words…words, ” Zachess says, looking rather sly at Bea.

”Make it good, what do you mean, make it good, ” Bea says, her voice depicting a sense of uneasiness.

Zachess pushes a button on the car steering wheel, and suddenly the doorlock locks simultaneously.

”What are you doing, ” Bea asks as the doors lock.

”Nothing, I just want to see if you
e aight, ” Zachess says. ”Just relax okay. ”

Bea sits still.

Zachess slowly takes Beas school bag from her and tosses it to the back seats.

”You know, I wanted your sister Anna to bring you into our crew TPLG, but she said you
e a stiff, I said okay, okay by me, you can be a stiff, Chen one of us was stiff when we brought her in, but now shes one of the most respected girls in Lancelotville High, ” Zachess says, she stretches forth her hands and touches Beas breasts mildly.

Bea feels a tingling as Zachess hands caress her round breasts.

She has never felt like this before, it felt funny, but its sure a funky feeling.

The feeling was strange, no one has caressed her breasts before, not in this manner, or any manner.

Zachess senses that she enjoys the touch, then she squeezes a bit more.

Bea goes into a frenzy, she feels different, her body cringes as Zachess hands press on her now firm breasts.

Bea couldn move, she couldn speak for a moment.

Zachess brings her face closer and kisses her neck, she slips her hands under Beas -blouse and touches Beas breasts from under her shirt, Bea is not wearing any bras, so her breasts are full and firm in Zachess touch.

Bea makes a sound that she has never made before, a moan.

Zachess kisses Bea a bit more, her hands clasping and squeezing on her breasts, Bea tries to stop Zachess but the feeling is overwhelming.

Zachess brings her mouth close to Beas to kiss her, then the school Bell is heard from afar, and this rings Bea out of her state of oblivious sexual sensation.

”What are you doing, ” Bea finally finds her voice and speaks in a low tone.

”Relax Baby, let me show you what it means to be a girl, ” Zachess says to Bea, she forcefully now squeezes her breast, because Bea pushes to remove her hands from under her shirt but she holds on tightly.

Bea begins to struggle with Zachess, and she screams.

”Let me go, ” she yells.

Zachess lets go.

”Let me out, ” Bea says.

Zachess immediately leans away from Bea and presses a knob by the car door and the doors unlock.

Bea takes her bag from the back seat.

”Please don talk to me again so that I don do something that you wouldn like, ” Bea retorts.

Zachess relaxes behind the car steering wheel, she wipes her lips.

Bea hurriedly opens the door and leaves the car, she closes the car door with a bang and walks back to the school.

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