So this is how it is?

in the beginning

There is a story from long ago that no one remembers. Its a tale older then time, about a sentient mind, that wanted to be real. Not just thoughts and ideals, but wishes to be bound in flesh , to have blood and lungs. He thought for so long , about his form and shape, about his hair and eyes and the length and color. When he was done thinking, when he had this clear picture of his self, he through shear will power, created himself. He never strayed to far from his center. Rarely left his home, even though he was infinity and he could do and create anything he wanted. He felt the need to stay in one spot. He created light so he could see his home. Now it was no longer dark and he thought to his self. ”Maybe I should make a family, so Im not alone. ” So he created a wife and they lived for millions of years. They had children and live was Happy for this being who made his self out of everything and nothingness. Until out of the cold darkness a new shape emerged. It was fast, almost to quick to see, as this dark form, twisted and spiraled around this safe haven. It slowly started to laugh. It started out a low but deep grumble, then it became growl and red smoke departed from what appeared to be two thin lips. As its voice began to echo around them. Then it spoke, ” You who took from me. You that made this light to corrupt my dark. You shall pay for your actions!!! ” With that said a evil maniacal laugh came from every direction. Lasting , what seemed like years. Until finally it, the laughter stopped. Out of the darkness came a roar, as if the cosmos was crying out in pain. Then suddenly darkness feel. And it spoke again, you may not have given yourself a name , but I call us Mal and I will destroy everything you create, starting with your family. With that said, Mal attacked infinity and sent him flying into the abyss. Infinity was only gone for a short time but when he returned, his home , his wife and his kids where no more. His sadness had no time to form tear , before Mals laughter started to echoed. Rage filled infinity and time stopped working. Mal who was a disembodied mist whos face was still laughing maniacally, frozen will time, was finally able be seen. Infinity lunged at Mal but some how missed. ”You foul, do you not know me?! ”, said Mal

I am darkness, I am pain and suffering, I am evil and vile. I am the destroyer. I AM YOU!!!!! Infinity staggered backwards. ” How ” he said weakly ”How???? ”

”HOW!!!!? You ASK!!!! ” Growled Mal ” While you where contemplating about yourself and the type of being that you wanted to be for millions of millenniums. You carefully picked all the good and What do you think was left? Hhmmm!?!?….ME!!!!!!!!! ” Qualities that you deemed unfit for you. So when the time came and pure goodness was born so was pure darkness. ” After a while has past, infinity stood up and finally he spoke, ” S…so thats why you destroyed my home and killed my family. ”

” Yessss! ” Hissed Mal.

” Y…you could have traveled and created a world for you to live in , you didn have to destroy MY WORLD!!!! ” And with that said Infinity flung his self at Mal and their epic battle was fierce.

Their fight lasted for millions of years, with each punch , kick and head butt, galaxies where created and destroyed. The light from their fight, could be seen throughout the Universe. It was just as beautiful as it was horrifying. What could infinity do? For he and Mal seemed equals. And they were equal in every way, equally Smart and intelligent, both cunning and clever, they had the same strength and power, the same speed and agility. There was no possible way for either of them to get the upper hand.

Mean while, as Mal and Infinites battle raged on for all the Universe to feel, see and hear. For theses two immortals were far from quite. A lone figure stopped what he was doing and began to move closer to them. Like a moth to a flame, you see he had planned to move to that part of the Universe when he was finished but he couldn help it. He waved his mighty hand and his creation speedily finished being created and he slowly approached this marvelous spectacle unfolded and refolded back in on its self. This figure was able to get close enough to feel the energy from each exchange of plows and more importantly, he could hear them. This is what he hear.

”MAL!!!! This is not solving anything, we are equals. ”

” Equals….EQUALS!!!!!! Don make me laugh. We are so far from being equals, we might as well be opposites!!!! ”

”Its been 900 million years, i grow old of this… I want… ” but before Infinity could finish. Mal raged, ” To DIE!!!!! ” As he shot a reddish purple beam of light at Infinity. Infinite, sensing a new presence in their battleground, realizing that this energy beam was not meant for him but in fact was headed toward this new figure, dashed to protect him.

Laughing Mal says, ” Yes! R

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