So this is how it is?

Ch. 3 Tianlong.... so thats my name now.

The house this tiny girl lead me to was made of wood, Mudd and dried grass. Its roof was shingles made from mud and clay. It was a one story, with enough room for two people. There was a nice little kitchen, with its view of the stream above the wood stove. We both had are own rooms and a shared area. This was my new life, in a new world and this was my new home. I would be living here alone with this stranger. Though I was not a stranger to her, to her I was her older brother. She was counting on me to keep her safe and to support her. How could I tell her that I don know who she is, it would break her heart. At the same time how could I pretend to be her brother. I know nothing about who he was , how he acted and what he liked to do. More importantly I know nothing of this world, Seeing how the people in this village dressed on the walk here. I feel like Im in ancient China. ”Great.. ”, I thought, ”Before I died I was just a stupid American, knowing nothing of China except for what I saw from movies, animes and webnovels. Lucky I was very strong or else I wouldn know how to survive here. ”

After lighting a fire to chase away the shadows, my new sissa started to clean and prepare the fish. ( ”I wonder if shell that nickname. I always wanted a sister and I always wanted to call her sissa. ”) I think to myself.

Meanwhile….. ”Big brother has been acting very weird lately. He normally helps me cook, but know… ” She says to herself. ”…he is just staring at the wall like an idiot. ” Worry filled her eyes as she thought of this but soon it was replaced with wonderment. She remembered how her brothers wounds healed so fast. How he was stronger and fast then he was earlier that day. It was almost as if he was someone else that only resembled her brother. A stranger in her brothers skin. That thought made a chill run down her spine. ( ”Whether or not he really is my brother only time will tell. ”) She thought. Suddenly she said, ” Big Brother? Do you still want to participate in the assessment program? ” She ask this knowing that her big brother told her two days ago, that he wasn capable enough to participate in the assessment program. The assignment program was a test the allowed the participants to gauge their strength, speed, stamina, endurance , flexibility and critical thinking. The better the score the better sect you could enter.

After pondering for a moment I tell her, ” At first I was not sure but now that I am much stronger, we need money to live on and I want to get ev we n stronger so I can find our par….. ” I trail off deliberately pretending I know about mom and dad. Though it still hurt my heart to lie to her, I thought it was for the better.

She pauses briefly before replying with, ” The Assessment Program is in 2 days, so make sure to train proper and rest well. ”

” I shall take your words to heart and go out to train. ” I say as I walk out the door and run to the stream. I wasn use to having a sister or any siblings. I had some bad things happen to me early in my last life that left me tromitzed. So even though I was lucky enough to get married and have kids, I was never good at communicating with people. It was still early in the day and I wanted to go the woods to test out my new bodys abilities. Since I was extremely fast it didn take long to find a nice area deep in the woods.

The area was 100 miles deep in side the woods, it was a clearing that had these giant boulders. These boulders look like they weighted any where from 200 to 4000 pounds. Some where small about 5 feet in diameter, others where 9 feet in diameter.

” I wonder how deep in the ground these boulders go? ” I say out loud as I grab the littlest one and pull it like I was trying to unearth carrots. ” Wow, this boulder is so deep. Its got to be 6 foot down…. ” Suddenly it dawn on me , ”Holy sh*t did I just pick this boulder up?! ”

I threw the boulder straight up will all my might, amd watched it as It soared up wards. ” It looks like a tiny pebble. ” The boulder came down with a whistling sounds. Before it was 20 feet off the ground I leap in to the sky. Twisting my body to the left, and kick out with my hip. My foot connects and the boulder instantly turns to dust.

”AWESOME! Just like I always dreamed of. ” As I land I look at the biggest boulder. ” I can wait to put my fist to you. ”

The boulder in question was a perfect rectangle. Its surface was smooth with an aqua blue metallic luster. It was very beautiful and one of my favorite colors. I step closer to this rectangular shaped boulder and put my hand on the corner edge then squeeze with all my might. Both excitement and confusion filled my face.

” I thought it was stone, but instead of breaking off and crumbling, it makes a distressed metal sound and snaps off. So…. its metal? ” I put this metal in my pocket and look at this rectangle shaped boulder it was 12 foot high, the width was also 12 foot but its length was 24 foot. I decided to punch it with full force.

There was a thunderous sound, followed by the creaking and tearing of metal. When the dust settle and the smoke cleared. ”WHAT!!!!! Did I just put a 24 deep hole in this!….. I have no idea what type of metal this is but I think Im done here. I should wash off and head home ” sign , ” I need to learn how to me social. ”


” Dinner is done, I hope big brother gets home soon. ” said a kind voice as she walks to the door and looks out down the dirt path. ” He said he was going to train. Maybe I should go look for him. he did look very confused when he fell from that tree. ” She said to herself as she went out the door and down the path toward the woods.

The sun was starting to set and the world gets 20 times more deadlier at night. So she wanted to hurry and find her brother before someone or something hurt him. Her brother was always weak and skinny and she had combat experience.

”Well, well, well, look what we have here. ” a sinister man said to his lackeys as he steps out from the alley.

”Shes very pretty isn she. hehe ” said a second.

”Indeed she is. ” said a third ”what should we do with her boss? ” the third ask with a crooked grin.

The first man replys, ” The same as always, Ill go first, and when Im done you can play with her.

Upon hereing this the little girl turns to run. It was her combat experience that told her these men were very dangerous. If it was just the one she would have easily defeated him. Since it was the 3 of them, she had to run to save her purity.

”Boss she is trying to run. ” Thug 2 said as he pointed in her direction

” Idiots! ” He exclaimed, ”After her!!!!! ”

Thug 1 and Thug 2 focused their qi into their legs and whoosh…. the gro$und cracked and they where off. It didn take them long before they caught up to her. Thug 2 went to grab her twin tails but before he could she jumped and spun her body to the right and kicked with her left hip. Her leg shot out at thug 2s neck but he grabbed her foot with his chin. She was surprised , but quickly regained her composer and kick his chest with her other leg.

Boooom, Thug 1 blocked her kick with his palm.

”Hehehe youll have to do better then that. ” Thug 1 said with a snicker as she was propelled backwards 7 feet. She turned as she landed and was running away toward the woods hoping to lose them in the deep vegetation. Suddenly she felt a dull pain strike her back and she tumbled forwards and started to roll. Thug 1 had picked up a rock and threw it at her while she was running it hit her back and she tumbled and rolled to a stop.

”I don care if she gets paralyzed, just don hurt that pretty face. ” Their boss said as he walked over and grabbed her arm tightly.

”Big brother Tianlong! Save me!!!!! ” she screamed

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