So this is how it is?

Ch.04 The battle arena.

I was walking down a dirt pathway, looking at the woods around me. The plant life was different then back home on earth, even some of these trees and vegetation had a metallic shine to them.

( ”This place is very lovely. ”) I think to myself. I could almost see the stream through the woods when I here a panicked voice yell, ” Big brother Tianlong! Save me!!!!! ”

”That voice sounds like my sissas voice. ” I say as I start to run.

”Oh, so you have a brother. hehe great I can wait to kill him if front of you. ” The sinister boss says with a twisted smile. Then he continued to say , ” First Ill break his arms and legs. Then Ill have Brandon hold your brothers head and make him watch as we have are way with you. Then will kill him and you. ” Still clenching her arm in his hand , he began to drag her farther down stream.

”Whos doing what to who now. ” I said as I approach the man that is currently dragging my sister.

”So this is the big brother. Brandon! Kain! break his arms and legs. ” He says as he points to his thugs then back at me.

”Who has that ability. Them? ” I retort with a chuckle. which rubbed Kain and Brandon the wrong why.

”You dare to… ” but before they finish I interrupt with, ” You dare to hurt my sissa, threat to have your way with her a kill her and you have the nerve to say you dare to me. ” Then I step forward crossing the bridge with a single step. Shocked that I was inches away for them , they studder and stumble backwards. Then they quickly recover and start to talk but I had already punch their stomach and they where sent flying backwards. After a few minutes they land in a pound on the other side of town. ”So weak. ” I said while dusting of my hands. Then I turn my gaze on this pile of s*** who has is filthy fingers on my sister.

” Big brother ” she crys, here face stained with tears.

”Shut your trap you sl*t. ” This non human thug boss say before looking at me, ”Stay back or Ill kill her. ”

I pause my movements and he continues to talk as a creepy grin appears on his face. ” Now, Ill take her with me do not follow and Ill release her when I reach safety. ”

Obviously he was lying, he was going to r*pe and kill her if I let him go. Hell if I let him live he will probably come back with stronger people.

”You are my sissa and I love you. ” I tell her as I disappear from her and his sight.

”Big brother? ” she says in a confused and a startled voice.

”Where….Where did he go. Hehe.. Looks like your brother doesn care abo… ” He started but before he finished, I punched the back of his head and it exploded into a red mist.

”Who says I don care about the only family I have. ” I say as his body falls to the ground with a thud. I turn to look at my sissa, tears on her cheeks, setting in the dirt. ”It will be ok sissa as long as I am capable no one will hurt you or force you to do anything. ” I say as I puff out my chest and slap it. Then I bent down to help my sister up, I give her a hug and help her home.


”Mmm mmm, this fish is soooo yummy sissa. You truly are an amazing cook. ”

”This is nothing, just want until we can afford seasoning. ” She said with a beautiful smile.

She covers her mouth with her hand and lets out a long yawn… ”Sissa if you are tired, you can go rest and Ill clean. ” She nods her head, stands, stretches then heads to her room.

”So thats her room.. then that room must be mine. ” I whisper as I clean up the kitchen. Then I head back out the front door and back to the body of that dead man. I wasn thinking at the time and I should have checked his body for valuables. Sissa and me are poor after all and he seemed well off. His clothes looked nicer then mine too so he might have some coins or what ever they use for money here.

”Damn it sucks not knowing anything, All i am good for now is fighting. ” After I turn the corner and head towards the stream, I notice that the body is gone.

” Ok, ok, calm down. Its not like he turned into a zombie. I blow his head off after all. ” I looked around for a while but I didn see anything out of the ordinary so I went back home. As I walk to my room, I reach for the rope handle and take a deep breath. Then I open the door and step inside. ( ”This is my new room. Well its bigger then the room I use to live in when I was 14. ” ) I think to myself while I look around to see what info I can find about the previous owner that used to inhabit this body. I was hoping to find a journal, something that tells me what my sisters name is. More importantly something that would tell me who I was. ( ”Not knowing ones self and ones past, was the same to me as not existing. ”)

I see a desk with some papers on it. Excitement feels my eyes as I walk closer and set down on the makeshift chair that was there. The papers on the desk seem to be just drawings of stick figures.

”Looks like this guy wanted to be an inventor…. Sorry but I have no plans to make any of the technology that was back on earth. ” I said in a hushed tone. ”This world is better off without guns and smart phones. All that did was make humans stupider anyways. ”

Searching through the drawers on the desk, I finally find what I was looking for, I think. leaning back in the chair, I slowly read this bodys journal. Tianlong was indeed my new name and it turns out he was weak and dying. He was desperately trying to make money so his sister could live a better life…It turns out that because of his poor health and his sisters poor cultivation aptitude. That their parents abandoned them, and lifted them for dead deep in the woods. ( ”Too cruel, if I find those worthless parents, Ill crush them. ”) The journal told me, that we survived because someone was passing by and found us by chances. They was nice enough to bring us to this village and the villagers were kind enough to take us in.. They even helped us build this house. ( ”That was super nice of them ”) I think as I wipe a tear from my eye but all that was a few years ago. Then to my surprise I find the one piece of information I really wanted. In this journal that Tianlong wrote he states that his sister Baozhai was eyeing a precious hair pin made out of a pretty aqua blue metal called aquanite. It shined a pale aqua blue color and was one of the most strongest metals on the planet. So strong in fact, that it would take 4 supreme level blacksmiths working with 4 supreme level jewelers, 5 days none stop to make that very same hair pin. ( ” So my sister name is Baozhai. Finally a name to go with her face. Too bad this hasn trigger any of this bodys former memories. ”) I kept reading and found out that instead of taking the Assessment Program, I could just go to the arena and fight for money. The original Tianlong was very weak and would surely die if he fought. It was a fight to the death after all and though he was sick and dying he was just too weak. ( ”Its not like I am a blood thirsty monster or anything. I am not sure if I should try and join a sect and find a master to help teach me or just rely on my own strengths and just dominate the battle field. ”) ”whelp, the Assessment Program is in another day. I should get some sleep first and go look at the arena in the morning.

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