So this is how it is?

Ch. 05 Arena battle?

I woke up very early in the morning, super excited about today. My sissa Baozhai was still sleeping and I didn want to wake her, so I left silently. The morning was bright, crisp and warm. The central hub of the village was bustling with energy. There was many stalls already selling their wares. From food to weapons and plants it seems like anything could be sold here. Smacking my forehead with the palm of my hand. ”Duh, I still have this metallic rock. I might as well see if I can sell it. I hope it really is aquanite. ” I whisper as I pull the metallic rock from my pocket.

”I can sell it looking like this, ” it looks like someone took a ball of play dough and squeeze it, ” I need to make it look more ore like. ” I walk away from the crowded area and find a quiet spot to manipulate this metal. It would be to weird if someone saw me using my strength to mold this metal. After a few minutes trying to get the shape right I was finally happy with its shape. ( ”There, now its time to sell this. ”) I think to myself as I look and try to find a black smith or jeweler. ( ”Is there a general store like in the game runedscaped I can sell this to. ”)

Standing outside a small store was a young lady that was trying hard to get people to look inside. She was telling people about all the things they could buy from there. Things from alchemy herbs, to cultivation techniques, martial art skills, artifacts and more.

( ”Well this place should do. ”) I think as I enter the store. The inside was empty, there was no customers. There were cultivation techniques and herbs and pills, but the only person sat behind a desk. Upon seeing my face ,their face light up with joy quickly followed by disappointment and disgust. ”I don have time to deal with beggars, you will find nothing free here. ” This old man said ,as he pointed to the door.

”Mister, I think there has been some misunderstanding. Though it is true I don have money to buy.. but I do have something rare to sell. ”

”Rare!? You!? ” he scoffed in disbelief.

Knowing that was going to be his reaction, I pull the metallic stone from my pocket and show it to him.

”This…Thi… cough ” He composed himself. ”I think that its a fake, if it was real, someone a weak as you wouldn be able to carry it. ”

”Oh, if thats true then here, see if its fake or not. ” I say as I hand him the softball sized metallic stone. As soon as he grasp the stone firmly in his hand, I let go and his bottom half quickly becomes his top.

”Oh my, are you okay? You got to be careful these floor boards seem loose. ” I tell him while trying to help him up.

”Yes, yes the floor boards ” he replys trying not to lose face. ”Let me test this stone. ” Im not sure what he was doing but it involved test tubes and a beaker. An hour had passed and his eyes flashed quickly with excitement. He composed himself one more time before turning to face me. ” This is in fact aquanite…..low quality but still, I can offer you 3 gold coins for it. ” I felt he was trying to low ball me but I didn care. I needed money because I had this feeling that I could bet on my self at the arena. If my feeling was right I would make more then these 3 gold coins by the end of the day. ”Deal! ” I tell him and he was shocked and confused but tried to hide it. Since he didn want to press the issue farther he handed me my coins and I turned to leave. ”Before I go, can you please tell me how to get to the arena? ” He looked like he wanted to say that gamble was bad choice for someone with no money but decided not to say it. He told me how to get there and then I left.

Moments later I was at the arena and looking for a place to sign up. I spot a burley looking man standing at end of a long line so I walk up and ask him. ” Is this the line to register to fight? ”

He laughs and said, ”Little one this is for grown ups that know how to fight. You would just be throwing your life away. ” Just then a guy standing next to him leans over and whispers in his ear….

”Oh so this is the trash thats dying. HA! it good you decided to end your life. Then your trash sister can start working as a prostitute. ” He boomed with laughter. I clench my fist and was about to speak when a man in Iron armor steps up to the gate from the inside and says, ”Next ” and waves his hand. The burley man steps forward.

Then the man in Iron armor says, ”Print your name and sign here. The fee is 1 copper. Step through the gate and head to the waiting room. ” Then he looks at the rest of us and says, ”Once all participants have signed the document and provided the entry free, you will enter here and go to the waiting room….Next ”

”Thats me. ” I say as I step forward.

”Print your name then sign here. ” The man in Iron armor says as he takes my gold coin and hands me back my change. He points in the direction I need to go but before I leave I ask, ” Am I able to place a bet on the matches. ” He wanted to tell me that betting was a waste of my money since I am going to die anyways but instead he just tells me to go inside and wait.

( ”Whoa! This place is awesome it looks just like a Roman Coliseum. ”) I think to myself but the excitement shown on my face. ”I can wait to kill that basturd for what he said about my sister. ”

I enter the waiting room and see that there are 29 other fighters here. Some wore full armor, while other wore robes with different colors and designs on them. ( ”Those must be disciples from different sects ”)

” Well if it isn the dying boy, so eager to die. Good soon Ill be in bed with your sister. ” that same burley man said. And once again I was f*cking interrupted.

”Everyone calm down the matches will start shortly. There are 30 participants so we will have you draw lots with numbers 1 to 15 on them. Once you all have you numbers we will call them one at a time and the 2 people with the same number will go and fight to the death. The prize for first place will be 20 gold, a cultivation technique and a pill to help you with your cultivation. If there are no questions we will begin. ” A lady in a red dress and red/blond hair announces to everyone.

”I have a question. ” I yell as I raise my hand.

She looks at me and I continue, ” Where can I place a bet? ”

”After everyone draws their numbers, there will be a small pause to take your bets then we will start fighting. ”

Everyone stood in line and waited for their turn to pick a number. When it was my turn I reached my hand inside the box and pull out number 8.

( ”My favorite number is 8. I love infinity. ”)

” Since everyone has a number we will start placing bets. ” the lady in red said. One after another they started to place their bets. Once it was my turn the lady ask ”How much and what number. ”

I reply ”2 gold coins on number 8 ”

The room fills with laughter, ”This kid thinks he is going to win his bet. ” ”He won make it past the first round. ”

”We will see who leaves here today. ” I yell as I wait for my turn to fight. ( ”I could kill everyone here in an instant,if I want too ”) The lady in red spoke up, ”Enough its time to start…. numbers 8, you are up first. Step through those doors. ” She points to both sides of the room. I was thrilled it was the burley man that was talking sh*t. He looked around to see who the other number 8 was. Not seeing who it was he walks through the door on the left and into the stage.

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