So this is how it is?

Ch. 07 My pervious life.

Kain points his crooked finger at me as he shows his yellow teeth through a sinister smile. ”Thats him Boss, hes the one that killed Brandon and the Young Master. ”

”Contestant 8 and Contestant 13, come to the arena, your bout is about to begin! ” The referee says as he slowly leaves the stage. Contestant 13 was in the spectators seats watching from the crowd. Kain was next to him pointing at me and whispering into Contestant 13s ear.

( ”Great, I was wondering when someone would come for revenge. ”) Contestant 13 jumps from the spectators seats and lands at the far corner of the stage. The referee has left and a barrier has formed around the ring. ( ”He must have some pull to set this all up just for some revenge. ”)

”I am called Byung-ho Gok, and Im here to avenge my sons death. ”, he says in a Stern yet monotone voice.

”Listen, Im going to be honest, I don even know who your son is. Was he one of the Contestant here today? ” I replied.

Anger filled Byung-hos face and with rage in his voice he says, ” You dare kill my son without knowing who he is! Today will be the day you take your last breath. ”

( ”I should have known this would happen, its a classic staple in cultivation stories. Someone is killed, someone comes for revenge. It normally ends when the main killer is dead or the whole family that seeks revenge is dead. ”), I think to myself. ”Oh, that I dare thing must run in the family. I do remember your son, though I do not need to know his name. I just have one question. If I kill you here today, while more eople try to seek revenge or will this end with you? ” I ask.

The crowd in the stands lets out a load audible gasp. Kain stands and yells, ”The arrogance and disrespect this sickly child has to the city lord. ”

”Oh, so your the city lord, know wonder this place is so poor, look at you with your fancy clothes and weapons. Spared no expense on you and yours but leave the rest here poor and lowly. ”

Byung-ho hides his anger and with a smirk he says, ” The Goks are a proud family, so to answer your question, yes definitely we will make your life no matter how short, that much shorter. ” Then he draws his sword, ” As a proud family, I will fight you fairly. ”

He then pulls a sword out of thin air and tosses it at me. ” I wish your son was this fair, when he sicked his 2 lackeys to pin me down and force me to watch as he tried to r*pe my sister. ” At this point you can see shock and disbelief flash across Byung-hos eyes. The sword was almost to me, so I reached out to grab it, when I fumble and it falls to the ground and shatters.

”This is your idea of fair, a feeble sword that breaks at the slightest touch. Trying to kill me quickly I see. ”

Thinking to myself, ( ”I wonder if I can do what one of my favorite anime character can do. ”) So borrowing an abilitie from total metallic alchemist , I place my left hand on the ground and start to transmute me a weapon. Suddenly a circle of light appears around my left hand, as I raise my hand and a form starts to appear. Its only 3 inches in circumference, but its length started to grow. The higher I lift my hand the longer my weapon grows, until finally I have a bo staff that is 6foot in length and 3 inches in circumference. With my feet shoulder length apart, and my legs straight, I place the bo staff on the back of my neck, and wrap both arms around it resting my wrist on the edges. While everyone was stunned, and still holding the bo staff behind my neck like I was being crucified. I bring my right hand down and touch my left toes. Returning back to my first position, I bring my left hand down to touch my right toes, then straighten back up. I repeated that a few times, then I place the bo staff behind my back and roll it up and down my spin to massage my back and stretch. Afterwards I place it back into my first position, like I was being crucified and stand. My feet are shoulder width apart and my knees are slightly bent. I start to twist my torso left and right, all the while waiting for him to begin his attack.

Byung-ho snaps out of his stupor and says, ”I don know how you did that but no matter, for you will die here today. ” Then with great force he speeds toward me and tries to strike at my throat with his sword.

As I twist to the right , I grab the end of the bow staff with my right hand. On the return twist I step forwards with my right foot and swing my bo staff.

With a >TTIIINGGG< my bo staff hits his sword and he backs away. His sword still vibrating and making an audible noise.

”Shit! This brat is stronger then he looks, I thought he would be weaker since he is dying. ” Byung-ho says as he throws his sword in the air to divert my attention.

”Trying to make me take my eyes off you, haha that won work. It doesn matter make your hand signals. ” I say with a smirk, my bo staff resting back behind my neck.

”Cocky bastard, you dare mock me, for your arrogance you will surely die. ” He replies as he finishes his hand gestures and quickly catches his sword in his opposite hand. With his hurt hand, he runs 2 fingers from the guard to the tip of the blade. Byung-hos sword starts to glow and lightning starts to crackle around the blade.

”So beautiful ”, I say out loud to myself, ”To bad it won be enough. ”

”Tiny frog stuck at the bottom of a deep well, I will show you how high the sky is. ” Byung-hos yells as he charges up his lighting sword and it glows brighter and crackles louder.

I on the other hand, still in my first position, I bring my left hand down touching my right foot, completely ignoring Byung-ho. Seeing this he gets flustered and he rushed forward. Suddenly he was a few feet away, I, still bent over, grab my bo staff with my right hand and tighten my grip. As my left arm rises back up, I bring my right hand down swinging my bo staff. It connects with his lighting sword, he smiles but then that smile fades and pain fills his face.

” What you think Im stupid to touch your lighting sword with my metal bo staff. Im not trying to get shocked. ” I laugh as I bring my bo staff down to my left side, I hold it like a sheathed sword. Byung-hos right hand now crushed by my bo staff as he makes a series of quick jumps backwards. He was trying to create distance so he could regain his composer and buy him some time to think of a way to counter my defense.

”I never seen anyone use a bo staff as a sword before. ” Byung-ho mumbles to his self.

Now before I died and was reincarnated to this world, I was a teenager back on earth. I love the kung-fu turtles and I practice with a bo staff aka a broomstick handle. I was a fat kid and there was no karate classes available. If there was my family was to poor and couldn afford it. Over the years of self practicing I found out the I could use the bowstaff as a sword and as nunchucks. It was a fun and boring time. I learned some cool techniques but never got to try them out. Now was my chance but I feel like this next attack would be his last.

With the bo staff still on my left hip, I step forward and in a blink of an eye, I appear 2 feet in front of Byung-ho. I then swing my bo staff like a sword diagonally from bottom left to top right. Byung-ho trying to block but his right hand was badly broken, and he was hold his sword in his hurt left hand. Though it still had some effect of the lightning, it was extremely weakened. I was holding the bo staff with both hands when I brought it diagonally across his side. His arm makes a snaping sound and his body was thrown across the stage. As his body slams into the protective barrier with a load booom, more sounds of bones breaking could be heard. Blood sticks to the barrier has Byung-hos dead body falls to the ground.

( ”Damn, guess Ill have to wait to a little long before I can put to use my bo staff skills and hone them. ”) I think to myself. The crowd and the referee still in disbelief as to what they had witnessed.

”I know you all are in shock, but Im getting hungry and I want to go home to my sister. I am very sick after all and I need to rest. So can I claim by prizes now. ” I say calmly.

The referee announces me as the winner and takes me inside to see the lady in the red dress. ”My name is Miss Adachi, but you can call me Chiyo. ” The lady in the red dress said to me with a slight bow of respect.

”Hello my name is Co… I mean Tianlong ” I say while cursing at myself for using my old name. ( ”I am no longer a 90 year old man anymore ”) i think to myself as I bow back to her.

With a little confusion in her eyes she smiles and says, ”Since you are the winner here is your prize money with you bet you will receive 60 gold coins. 20 for winning and 40 from your bet. The odds were 20 to one against you. This is a silver cultivation technique and the corresponding pill to go with it. ” Chiyo says as she hand them to me.

Excitement fills my eyes as I put the coins away and take the cultivation technique and pill. ”I can wait to give these to my sister. ” I say out loud as I continue to stare at them.

”You mean you are not going to use this on yourself, but would rather give them to your sister Baozhia. ” Chiyo says in surprise. You really are a good brother Chiyo looks at me with a smile. ”Now go back to your sister before the city guards show up to arrest you. ”

Now Im confused but then I remembered I just killed the city lord so I thank Chiyo once more and quickly dissappear to out the door and down the street.

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