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Ch.9 The Assessment Program

( ”Truth be told, I wasn even hungry. I was just feeling awkward with all those people staring at me. ”)I said to myself as I say out loud, ”I need to learn how to more social. ”

Its not like Im antisocial or anything, its just my previous life was very complicated. For starts I was born to single mother that would leave me alone crying in room for hours. As I grew old the time spent in a locked room grew longer. I don remember being a bad kid, I was the only kid I knew that wanted to read the entire complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. I know I was weird and still am, but as some point my mom just forgot about me. She forgot she locked me in a room without food and water for so long, that I almost died of dehydration and malnourishment. I had a fever of 114 and I was praying to any God, Demon, entity that could here me and Im sure my 7 year self sold his soul to break a brick wall to escape. My mom heard me kicking the brick wall and unlocked the door. I remember her saying that I was so quiet that she forgot I was in there, then she saw the hole in the wall. She was so mad she was about to smack me, but I fainted fever and woke up in the hospital. I spent a month there talking with children services they couldn find my mom anywhere, eventually she came back and got me. I didn want to go to an orphanage, I heard too many bad rumors and stories about orphanages and I was too scared to go. After that I spent years make friends with the wrong persons, never fiting in with the crowd. Ive had friends use me, steal from their families and blame me. They fronted drugs off drug dealers in my name, saying I would pay them when I got paid, even thought I knew nothing about. Its a fun time being 16 having a gun waved at you because they think you owe them money when you don . Got my first girlfriend just to have her cheat on me, tie me up and stab me. Met my dad for the first time just to have him tell me that if I ever come back hell kill me. Ive been shot at, used, manipulated, kidnapped and mentally and physically abused. All the while wishing I was stronger and rich, wanting super power and to be a hero. Now here I am, reincarnated as Tianlong, in this world of cultivators. Its like a dream come true and I don won to wake up, just to find Im that same 90 year old man.

I shiver as I push those old memories down and away.

”I am Tianlong now, Im no longer weak and old. I have a wonderful sister that cares about me and I want to protect her and those that I love. ” I tell myself as I walk towards our little mud hut. ”I hope she can use this cultivation technique and this pill. She will be so surprised to see these gold coins too. ” I whisper as something shiny catches my eye.

Off to my left there was a small stall that was selling jewelry. A small hair pin that looked like it was made from ivory, it almost looked like it had gold veins shimmering throughout it.

”This is truly very pretty. ” I thought I said to myself, but I must have said it out loud.

”Oh ho ho, so you have taking a liking to the White Jade hair pin. ” A young feminine voice speaks from behind a curtain.

Startled, I jump back a little. The young feminine voice lets out a soft giggle as they step from behind the curtain. ”Oh dear, I didn mean to startle you, My name is Mei Lee and Im the owner of establishment. I see you are eyeing this White Jade hair pin, it is indeed very beautiful. ” She says while pointing back at it.

Mei Lee is wearing a green dress with a golden dragon on it, her dark hair is shoulder length and her eyes are a beautiful blue/green. Her face is soft, smooth and round. She is petite with a round face and her shoulders and arms are covered, very modest but also very elegant.

”I agree, but its beauty fails in comparison to yours. ” I say to her as step back infront of the white jade hair pin. ”How much is it? ”

Her face blushes but she quickly composes her self and she replys with a smile while saying, ”Flattery won get you a discount. This hair pin is worth 2 gold coins. ” She then looks me up and down, taking notice of my ragged clothes and bare feet. ”Are you sure you can afford it. ” She ask in a gentle voice.

”I wasn trying to get a discount, much like you, I was just stating the obvious. When I look at you I have this urge to protect you and keep you safe. ” Quickly realizing what I just said , my face turns a bright pink as I reach into my coin pouch and pull out 2 gold coins and hand it to her.

”You flatter too much , what would your girlfriend say if she heard you. ” Mei Lee says.

”You misunderstand, I want to get my sister this hair pin. She has been trying really hard to get me treatment for my illness and I wanted to thank her with a gift. Do you by chance sell clothes too? As you can see Im in rags and so is my sister. ” I ask.

( ”He is so caring… but what illness? He looks very healthy. ”) ”Yes, follow me this way. ” she says as her slightly chubby figure disappears behind the curtain.

After picking out 2 outfits for my sister and one for me, I change in the back room after paying for them.

”ummm, you said you have an illness….. ” She starts to ask but I interrupt her. ”Im sorry , I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tianlong and Im the dying boy everyone in the village keeps talking about. ”

Her eyes widen in shock as she remembers that a few years ago. A mysterious cultivator bringing with her 2 kids, one unconscious, the other in tears.

” No need to feel sad. ” I say, ”I finally have the money for a cure, so today is a happy day. Thank you so much for being very helpful. I hope we can get to know each other better in the future. But for now I must be off. I left without telling my sister I was leaving and I don want her to worry. ” With that said I walk out the shop, waving goodbye and make my way back home.

In the woods Baozhai was still practicing, trying to get use to her new strength. She wipes the sweat off her forehead and with a satisfied smile says, ”I am strong enough now that I can fight in the arena to earn money for my brothers cure. My brother… oh I was supposed to start breakfast, he should be waking up soon! ” Baozhai rushes and gathers all the wild vegetables she had collected and heads to a nearby stream to quickly wash off before heading back home.

”Big brother….. ” Baozhai says in confusion.

”Sissa Im so glad to see you, lets go inside I have some good news to tell you. ”

Eyeing me up and down, Baozhai says, ” Where did you get that outfit, you didn steal it did you? ”

Shocked I reply, ”Is that how you see your Big brother, as a thief that just steals. ”

She was about to speak but I continued, ”Bao my adorable little sissa, I know that I was dying so I entered the life and death match at the arena and I won. ” Then I dumped the content of my coin pouch onto thr driftwood table. Seeing all those gold and silver coins Baozhais eyes lights up.

”Big brother, Im confused. You said that you where dying….. Does…. does that mean you…. are cured. ”

”Yes I am sissa, I took some of my winnings and I was able to find a alchemist. He was able to fabricate a cure for me. Also Sissa, I noticed that you seem stronger today. You had a breakthrough…. ” I reach into my bag and hand her the cultivation technique and pill.

”This is a heavenly grade cultivation technique Big brother…. ”, She started to say ”That is what I got when I came in first at the arena. I want you to have them, I know the Assessment Program is tomorrow, but I won take no for an answer. I want us to get into a good sect and make at least one good friend. Also sissa I got you this, I just hope it fits. ” I then pull out 2 outfits from my bag and hand it to her. ” Oh and before I forget here… ”

Baozhai shakes her head and says, ”Big brother there is more… this all seems so unreal… its…. its too much. ”

”Nonsense, you are my sister, we have lived in rags for to long. Nothing is too much when it comes to my precious sister. ” I then hand her the white jade hair pin.

Tears of joy fills her eyes as she stares at the precious white jade hair pin. ”Sissa, you have to practice that cultivation technique. I will go bring us something to eat and when i get back we can eat. ”

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