forest of green. all, green.

”i see trees of green ”

”green trees there too ”

”i see the trees ”

”and they are green ”

”and i think to myself ”

”i am lost in these woods ”

well, i thought this would be more eventful. but nope, just been walking for who knows how long.

”i should stop looking passively and look actively. ” i mumble, now in a full stop.

i lift my nose and start sniffing around. the trees have a certain smell, berries too (especially that poisonous clackers) and ants have some pheromones.

after a bit i also fucus my ears into the surrounding and start humming.

i open my eyes once i finished, first i made a mental map with sense of smell, only going 100m sadly.

but i also made one through sound and hearing.

the second one is a quite a bit less accurate than the first, but if i fuse these two and the one Ive been making since i woke up (not sure how to put the beach, so Ill make it transparent within my mental map).

—— 〔skill〕 – gained – (smell) ——

—— 〔skill〕 – gained – (hearing) ——

—— 〔skill〕 – gained – (mental map) ——

—— 〔skill〕 – gained – (echo location) ——

Ill check those later, bow i have something much more important.

i have a near perfect map by where i already been, Ill name it map tier 1.

next is my sense of smell map, it gives me rough idea of what is around in a 100 meter radius of where i mapped it, Ill call this map tier 2.

lastly is the hearing, i can make a map for 2 kilometre radius, in this i cant tell the details, but i can get a rough idea of the environment around, Ill call it tier 3, of course.

in my tier 2 map, i can see (smell) some different types of berries, some insects, and animals. i think there may be a group of bunny to my left.

anyways, the important one, tier 3, in it see plenty of trees (a bit wiggly from the distance) weird objects on the ground (animals, i presume), more trees, and a wall.

that wall bounced all that i sent at it back towards me, so im guessing its a wall.

if so, that means a few things.

1 -> its civilization (oh yay… (sarcasm)).

2 -> its a cliff. if so, the there may be a cave, a much better shelter than that grove.

”either way, i wanna go there. ” i say as i start running.

”its 1.7 kilometres out, so Ill have to run quite a bit. ” i mumble.

”welp, skill time. ”


〔skill〕 – (smell) —>

your sense of smell.



〔skill〕 – (hearing) —>

your sense of hearing.


”seriously, no special game like bonuses? shame. ” i say, shaking my head.


〔skill〕 – (mental map) —>

through the perception of your surroundings, you can map the world around you based on your perception.


”so i can make a map as long as i know? i already could do that, nothing new. ”


〔skill〕 – (echo location) —>

by sending sound waves and tracing them down, you can scan nearby areas.


”just showing me what i already know? ” i say as i start seeing something in the distance.

getting closer, i find it exactly what i was expecting, a BIG, ol cliff.

the tree lines stop a bit before the cliff, making it if you weren paying attention, the cliff wall would be a sudden change.

as i got closer to the cliff, the trees stopped around 25 meters (at the closest) and 60 meters (at the average farthest) away from the cliff ,roughly.

”roughly a kilometre tall. ” i say, estimating it based on the trees i estimated an… undefined time ago.

the cliff wall is rather rocky, to my left and right are more or less the same, going for longer than what my eyes can make out.

”i should go a direction, since i need to look for a cave… right it tis! ” i say pointing at the where to go direction.

i now start the process known as ”running ” to the right of where i originally was

as Im running, i start to think about what happend last night at the… ”incident ”.

the berries. i start thinking about their properties, thouse properties include poison, terrible taste, and acid…

the first, poison, i can see them being poisonous, i did consider the idea. and the second, shit taste, i should have stopped after the first to see if they where poisoned, but even then i should have stopped at the taste.

”now, the third… ”

acid, i know that there are plenty of acid creatures, few insects throw acid (mostly from their buttocks), some animals also spit acid, I think…?

even then, i didn consider acid plants, atleast nothing that major. since i saw ants eat it, shouldn they be, ya know, dead.

maybe they developed a resistance to it, like this one.


〔skill〕 – (poison resistance) –


”moving on to the second major-ish point, this. ” i say.

im talking about the grimoire, of course.

”but thatll wait. ” why? because i hear something in the distance, its like…

*distant swoshing*

as i hear that, i sped up my pace.

after a bit i find something nice, a water fall.

the water fall starts at the top of the cliff and goes down to a river leading away from the cliff.

”water, thats that covered. ” says me.

i should be careful when drinking, since it might be contaminated.

”but i didn find what i was looking for… ” i say as my eyes trail off to behind the water fall.

noticing something off with the water fall, i take a rocky road that leads behind the the falling water. as i take the back road, i find… a cave?

yup, a cave the entrance is 4 metres tall and 3 metres at its widest, in an pyramid shape.

entering the cave i find its insides bigger than the entrance (that makes it sound weird).

slowly sitting on the side, i find the few hours of running catching up with me.

after half an hour of resting i stand up, not because im rested, but because itll be night time soon.

i leave my small cave and go past the water fall in looking for food.

after looking for a little bit, i find berries, not the same as the last one, so maybe it isn poisoned.

with the night creaping in fast, i take a bunch and run for the cliff.

when i reach the cave, i drop the berries onto the side and relax… until my stomach said otherwise.


with my stomachs wrath just around the corner, i reach for a berry and gulp it down, just one.

nothing… i find nothing, i… expected it to be poi… se… n…


”ugh ” i grumble, opening my eyes and sitting up.

the ** happened last night? i ate one and… then what?

with the berries to my side, and the nightlight of the world on the outside of the cave, i open my grimoire.


「name」 – Jeneshisu

「race」 – fox-kin



「strength」 – 15

「endurence 」 – 15

「constitution」- 22

「agility 」- 13

「dexterity 」- 34

「intelligence 」- 982




(adaptability) (intuition lv- 1) (instinct lv- 1) (acid resistance lv- 3) (poison resistance lv- 2) (pain resistance lv- 19) (cell regeneration lv- 8) (regeneration lv- 5) (poison enzyme lv- 1) (poison body lv- 1) (acid body lv- 2) (smell lv- 1) (hearing lv- 2) (mental map lv- 2) (echo location lv- 4) (fainting resistance lv- 1) (cold resistance lv- 2) (starvation resistance lv- 1) (fatigue resistance lv- 1)


fainting and starvation resistance? i fainted, but why? was it because of fatig-


my stomach grumbled, feeling my face heating up, i get a bit of relieve that im alone.

it doesn take a genius to say im hungry, with night time outside, i dont want to go out when i cant see. and thus leaving the berries to my side as the only way to answer my eternal hunger.

with 19 berries left and my hunger growing, i do the second stupidest thing Ive done (since i woke up beach adrift) and gulp them all down all at once.


am i having deja vu?


—- 〔skill〕 – leveled up – (instinct) —-

—- 〔skill〕 – leveled up – (intuition) —-

—- 〔skill〕 – leveled up – (intuition) —-

not agai…



*waterfall noises in the background*

”eegh ” i grumble as i wake up.

sitting up (again) i take a look around, and confirm what happend last night. i collapse to the ground.

i put my hands on my face, trying to cover my rather red face. now, you might be wondering why im doing this, is it due to fatigue? no, while i am tired, its not because of that. then what? hunger? thirst? nope, its because my own, **ing, stupidity.

this is the second **ing time! youd think the pain of the first would stop me, but you are truly a fool for underestimating my pure, unfiltered, idiotcy. i deserve an award for universes biggest idiot.

”s~~i~~g~~h. ” i drag the sigh to match my peanut size brain.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

not wanting to think of my single digit IQ score, i open what i see as my only friend in this cruel, cruel world.


「name」 – Jeneshisu

「race」 – fox-kin



「strength」 – 15 [weakend]

「endurence 」 – 15 [weakened]

「constitution」- 22 [weakened]

「agility 」- 13

「dexterity 」- 34

「intelligence 」- 982




(adaptability) (intuition lv- 3) (instinct lv- 2) (acid resistance lv- 3) (poison resistance lv- 2) (pain resistance lv- 19) (cell regeneration lv- 8) (regeneration lv- 5) (poison enzyme lv- 2) (poison body lv- 2) (acid body lv- 2) (smell lv- 1) (hearing lv- 2) (mental map lv- 2) (echo location lv- 4) (fainting resistance lv- 6) (cold resistance lv- 7) (starvation resistance lv- 5) (fatigue resistance lv- 3) (dehydration resistance lv- 11)


i… stood up and went out. i knew i was thirsty, yes, but for it to reach lv 11… just how long was i out for?

heading out i find the dawn of this world, the binary stars atop the path created by the river, the river swerving a bit to the right, a bit to the left in the vast distance this river crosses, and with trees on both sides of the river, giving the feeling of confinement within an endless land.

with such magnificent scenery infront of me, i have but only one thought trapped within my mind.

how long has it been since i last saw the sun…

getting a bit further from the waterfalls splashing, i kneel down and start drinking water. when the cold water touched my parched throat, it tasted like the best thing ever. nothing i had eaten could compare to water. then again, the competition was between water, poison berries and whatever THAT that i used to eat…

so water is an automatic win, obviously.

while i drink, i stare at the water.

and the water stares back.

not really, its just my reflection. i see a young girl, white haired tipped in purple indigo, having fox ears on top of her head tipped in the same colour as her hair tips. opening her mouth shows teeth that resembles both human, and fox, but not quite either. closer to fox than human. with her crimson eyes staring at her hand placed on her cheek. feeling her, despite being dehydrated and starved, still smooth skin, she digs her nails into her skin and drags it down, leaving a trail of red burnt claw marks on her face. she stands up and leaves.


i did the sleeping, i did the drinking, now is the eating part left to do.

i dont want to eat anything poisonous again, so Ill try and look for some meat… meeaat.

while i was mentally drooling over some nice and tasty slice of delicious meat, i smelled something in the distance, guessing by smell, its leaving a trail of its smell as it walks, im guessing its an animal based on that.

—- 〔skill〕 – leveled up – (smell) —-

i quickly hide behind a tree since its approaching me slowly, very slowly. after getting closer to me it stops, while still hiding i peek out a bit, and what i found shocked me.

—- 〔skill〕 – gained – (stealth) —-

no, not really, it was just a bunny. nothing special, aside being coloured green, but who cares.

the rabbit was to eat from the ground as i was watching it, quite unhygienic if i say so myself, then again, rabbits may have the five second rule extended to a five year rule.

the rabbit continues eating without a care to the world, not minding whatever i think, how rude.

—- 〔skill〕 – leveled up – (stealth) —-


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