Chapter 2- Robert

I don know what to do anymore, why did it have to be so…?! I cried out to my best friend, Sharon Jowel. She held me close as I shed tears into her white blouse. We were seated on the sofa in her parents house. My boyfriend just broke up with me after being together for almost a year. We were good together or so I thought. He ruined everything when I caught him with Jeannette in a passionate embrace.

She was a despicable person who thought she was better than everyone, especially Shar and I. Em, he doesn deserve you and you know it, she said. This alone made me cry harder. She never really liked Edward and I just thought she was jealous anytime she tried to point out her misgivings about him. I ran out of tears so I started to sob. Jeannette was a slut, a bitching slut who chased after anything in pants. I had quietened down after a few minutes. I had other friends but Shar understood me better than most.

That was how he came in to meet us. Robert Jowel was Shars elder brother, he was two years older than Shar and I. We were both sixteen and in first year while he was in the third year. He did not like me one bit and he didn even bother to hide it. I had complained to Shar once but she said I was only imagining things. I never understood why he behaved that way but I never cared enough to find out. I remember the day we first met, it was when mom and I moved to the neighborhood. The Jowels came over to welcome us and he was nice and polite to me but gradually his behaviour changed. He entered the living room and sat on the sofa, switched the tv on with the remote. He ignored us and Shar ignored him too which was weird cause they hardly fought unless it was about me. Last week, I accidentally overheard Shar confront him about why he was ignoring me. He said it wouldn do me any good if he noticed me like he wanted to, which didn make any sense. Shar tried to get him to explain but she couldn get it out of him. I never told her I overheard them.

Will you keep it down? Im trying to watch tv here, he said without sparing us a glance. I knew I had no reason to be annoyed but I snapped. Ive had it with you and your kind! I screeched at him. Pleasure coursed through me when his eyes widened in surprise. I ran out before anyone could say a word, thankfully I didn have to run far. I lived three houses away from the Jowels. I noticed mom wasn home yet, she might still be at the jewel shop. I went straight into my room upstairs, jumped into bed and cried afresh into my pillow.

After a few minutes of relentless tears, I felt someone sit on the bed beside me. Shar leave me alone I said, my voice muffled into my pillow. Normally, saying something like that would make shar hug me but there was no movement. Mom? I turned to look and it was Robert.

What are you doing here? I didn wait for a response, Get out. I added, without heat. I hugged my pillow tight, it was comforting.

I don like you. I sniffed. What do you want? I tried to ignore the smile tugging at his lips. He looked everywhere in the room except at me. Nice place. He smirked at the posters on my wall. Cut to the chase, what do you want? I asked. I came to apologize… and to stop treating you like…like he stopped. I had a fair idea what he was trying to say but I asked anyway, Like what?

He stood up and paced around making it obvious how small my room was.

He stopped suddenly and faced me. He startled me. Why do you have to be so damn desirable? he whispered. I was stunned at the desire and frustration in his eyes. What do you mean? I stammered. I was confused. Never mind because nothing is ever going to happen between us. He said. For some reason his words stung and tears gathered in my eyes. I buried my face in the pillow trying to muffle the sound of my cries. He scooped me into his arms and sat on the bed with me on his lap. I held on and even cried harder, he smoothened my hair and murmured soothing words. Im sorry, he murmured, its just that you scare me too much. He rubbed his face wearily.

But I didn do any…anything to…to you, did I? I asked between a sob, my face still buried in his chest. He smelled good and I wanted to stay in his arms forever. He smiled a little, he looked really cute when he smiled like that. I repeated my question again. I want you. He said simply. I went numb but I managed to ask But?

You are Sharons friend, you are like a sister to her he explained while rubbing a strand of my hair between his fingers. She never shuts up about you. It drives me crazy, but Marco likes to hear about you he said with a frown between his brow. Ive seen Marco lots of times before but weve not been officially introduced yet.

Without thinking, I used my hand to touch the frown between his brow. It disappeared as soon as I touched his skin. Brown eyes burned with fire that made my throat dry. His face slowly came down towards mine. Our breath mingled, his lips slowly came down towards mine. Our breath mingled, his lips nearly descended on mine when we heard mom call from downstairs. I sprang from his laps in alarm. He stood up and put his hands in his pants pocket. While my heart was in a frenzy he just stood there calmly. I wanted to hit him but the action would be childish. I composed myself as best as I could and went downstairs when mom called again.

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