n letter tomorrow! ” Brad shouted at the top of his lungs, snapping back all the officers who were slacking off in the station room. Some even jolted wide awake from their short nap and began to dive into their work.

”Sorry Boss, ” Steve muttered, cowering under Brads death glare. Steve quickly stared away and sat before his computer. And right when he was about to hit his keyboards, the door to the station room burst open and an old woman who looked to be in her seventies barged inside, her moist, silvery eyes wildly scanning the room.

”Leyon! ” she shouted after finally spotting the person she was looking for. ”My grandson, Im here. ”

Overcome with grief and in tears, the old woman rushed to her grandson and enveloped him in a tight hug. ”Granny…, ” Leyon mumbled.

”Im sorry I took so long to find you. ” Her heart sank as she looked at her grandsons poor, dishevelled appearance. His once shiny black hair was all rumpled and untidy; his bright blue eyes looked dull and lifeless, and his body was severely malnourished. Seeing the state her grandson was in made her want to kill herself for not arriving there sooner. ”Im sorry. Im so sorry, ” she apologised over and over again, even though she received no reply from her grandson.

Leyon did not cry, not even after seeing the grief and sorrow on his grandmothers crying face. Why should he cry? His mind stopped him. It wouldn change anything. It wouldn bring his dead parents back to life.

”Its okay now. Grannys here. Im so glad you
e okay, ” cried the old woman, kissing him repeatedly on his forehead and hugging him close to her chest. ”Are you hurt anywhere? ” she asked, hastily moving her hands up and down his body, checking for injuries. Apart from the small band-aid that was plastered on the left side of his forehead, there was nothing else to be concerned about. Her grandson seemed to be fine.

”Granny… Papa, mama… ”

”Its okay, baby. Granny knows. Its okay. Its going to be alright, ” the old woman assured him. ”Lets go. Lets go to grannys home. Granny will take care of you from now on. ”

”Ahem. You are the childs grandmother? ” Brad interrupted their short reunion.

”Ah yes, ” Leyons grandmother replied, wiping the tears off her face as she got up to look at Brad.

”I was beginning to think he had nobody left in his family to take care of him. ”

”Im sorry. You must have had a hard time trying to find me. I live in a small village, you see. The communication resources we have there are very limited. Thats why you weren able to reach me, ” she explained. ”I heard the news about the accident on the radio. I went to the hospital to check, but they told me my grandson had been taken to the police station, so I got here as fast as I could. ”

”I see. Our sincerest apologies for the ignorance, madam. Come this way. ” Brad motioned for her to take a seat in front of his desk, pulling the chair out for her. ”Im going to ask you a few questions and please answer them honestly. Youll be allowed to take your grandson home with you after that, ” Brad finished.

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