Starting with DxD to Become The perfect one (Desired)

Chapter 2 (It\'s Rambling and my thoughts)

Chapter 1 (Meeting for 99th time)

The heck !!?

A familiar screen popped out infront of me

{Please select an option}

Laying in the pool of my own blood ,with a completely numb hands and feet

Experiencing sad,joy and anger at the same time on seeing my beloved

No matter how many times I sees it I just can get over it ,the emotions that I tried to suppress burst out of me no matter what

As she lays besides me with an anguish expression with some tears at the corner of her eyes,

All the memories of us being together and the parting came to my mind

And besides her laid , unconcious four year old boy ,who was also my son <>

Before I could think of anything else the expected darkness came to me and robbed me of my site

leaving only a voice that asked me .. ” ”weather to Retry/ Continue ” ”

As always when I was about to say ”Continue ” in my mind , a strong sense of pain came from my cold

heart ,which was being beaten with a small fist of Rex,

Sensing the anxiousness of a small body that laid on me , I tried lifting my hand instinctively ……

Which sadly I was unable to ,

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