Starting with DxD to Become The perfect one (Desired)

Chapter 2 (It\'s Rambling and my thoughts)

this it drew closer and closer to me ,, yes ” ”it ” ”

Even after seeing so many times I couldn figure out what was it

But I know for sure it wass something that both liked me hated me too much

While ii was thinging about such things absent mindedly its words soon woke me up

”Im quite intrigued and surprised by your move right there it got me extremely excited for a moment

but then again I thought what a fool you
e , what parent could be so cruel to place the burden of

entire worlds on a small kid just with the some measly selected memories , youre quite a unique one

aren you ……..after all I finally allowed you to have an offspring after 99 lives

So what do you think waht will happen in his future ?

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