As he spoke I just realised what I have done to my own son

What a cruel fate I gave him

I regret it now

But it was the only thing I could do as his father …….isn it my son …

Please forgive this foolish father of yours……..

As I was starting to despair for the second time I came here my curse nature worked and sobered me

up ..and

Made me rational

Then keeping my thoughts aside for a moment I beagan to think of what to choose as my next nature

as he said

Should I choose ”to devour ” as it would cause me problem somewhere or another

If I choose ”plunder ” it need something existing to latch on

If choose ”upgrading system ” it would get difficult to upgrade

If I choos to go with ”world editing ” , after expencing my lives till now I know that it would lead to world destruction

If I choose the ”dream maker ” its also ftal to the world

Any skill that challenges the rule of world itself comes with impact of hatred

In the end it all comes down to you or world and as I have seen only this much isn the only thing out there

Im quite doubtbul regarding it

yes yes yes wow soo cool thats wghy you have survived till now and will continue to do so ….. so

show me what you have to offer because the only condition I put for any being that came before me

which I randomly summoned after death is

”not to fall in despair ”

Thats what I didn even tell your predessors about it they survive till millions of years and lives but at

the end they succumbed to it

The condition to saty int this game of mine

But you of course choose the first nature to bhe of curse and as soon as you got it you cursed yourself

to never fall in despair after experiencing 9 lives in which you were being played by me








Faced to the crul nature of humans



But you did
t fall in despair even once

Unlike your predecessor who strenteghted her willpower what a courageous fool she was

Thinkabout hwe gives me goosebumbs all over my body even now I feel strangely satisifed and

chrmed by that wonderfull women the only one whom I didn want for her to end

But alsa at last when she fell in despair I took her nature and let her suffer by knowing her sins she

didn even had her wisp of soul left…….oh so marverlou scene was it ,…….. ohoooooooooooo

Such a sweet and bitter taste I never tasted ……he he he he he he ehe he he

As I was hearing its description something inside me raged a part in my hear that even I didn;

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