knnow got out of my control so much that I temperorily cursed myself again to remove my anger

After becoming rational I finally found what I wanted my nature to be ..which I thought was luck


They were one of the few choices that were suggested to me ……as I about to continue to think

about It I stopped myself , I knew that it could also read my mind so I repeated sentece over and over

again in my mind

I want my next nature to be the ” ” luck controller ” ”

Reading my thoughts the thying stopped and lokked at me with an experssion even I was unable to


A sense of longignesss,, a deep sense of praise…. a deep sense of anger…. a deepsense of envy… a

deep sense of hapiness

Seeing it even I who has( not to brag but) lived 99 lives was confused …

In a matter of seconds that thing regained itself and gave it to me the nature to my soul ” ” luck

controller ” ”

It explains itself ,what it does

As iwas about to just about to lose my concisioness to live my life in 100 world he I heard it saying ” ” ”

good luck ” ” ”




I think I misheard him

A sadist said good lluvck ? what the **

Just as I was about to say it my conciusioness went out…

I don know how much time had passed hours , days , months , years or maybe even a decade

because I when I got my concioness It was as if my body I s being shackeled by something strong and

kept me from moving my physical body ;

If I have to say I was in form of a small baby

Which was shown on the screen in my mind

It also stated my age which was 120 years

I thought it was joking but thinking back how many times it saved me from premature death and

eternal damnation I choose to believe it

It was something that I got while I saved the boy who about too be crushed to death ,which instead I did

So while I was unable to do anything physically I thought of doing research on my skills and so I

satatred looking into my natures that

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