Curse – a conditioned blessing (I would like to call it because having knife doesn naturally make a

criminal and

discrimating the thing which naturally exist in nature & is a part of nature is the heigh of arrogance

and that would lead to destruction it was quiite a heavy lesson I learned from my 43th life as they

didn allow me to live so I ended them along with the whole world with the ”curse of no life ” they

won be able to feel the birth of new offsprings ;

That was quite cruel of me if I have to say but in that world as to see what my nature does to a person

itried doing it on yself by deriving all my emotions so when iwas born my birth parents tried to kill me

as they left me in waterways , when I was about to drown a hand picked me up it was the facee of an

old man he kindly took me to his house where I found another old women whom I woud call parents

in future but as I grew they came to know why my parents abandoned me , iwas emotion less , in

order to treat me they did whatever they could but at the end they failed , but they never stopped

loving and caring me , but the worlds didn seem to as peaeful as we thought , our neighbours grew

supicious of me and came with stakes in front of our house and surrounded it and barged into my

house and dragged me out while doing so they brutally killed my parents and didn even cared for

corpse as they tied it to the stakes and burned it saying ”the parents who gave birth to devil ”

As ironic as it may be the one who stated was my birth parents ,it seems they caught wind about an

emotionless child who never laughs or cries so they went around gathering people and spreding my

name as devil as I tried to fake emotions it caused me pain which caused my face musceles in form of

smile which further lead to encouragement of the title devil: so the last lingering attachment and belongingness went away as I saw the cruel things that they did to my parents just based on some wild imagination and personality difference so

I saw all this without showing any emotion and any resistance as they tied me to a stake and nailed

me with it and set fire to it , for the first time in my 43rd life I spoke a curse ”let there be no life

(decendents )in this world ” as I was burning I saw people after hearing my words came to senses and

tried to stop fire from taking my life but they failed to do so as so the world was destroyed by me ; which I never intended to , but no

personal emotion to it I was just trying to see the limits of my power ; the screen of continue and retry popped up again on me , but in the past few lives I have lived I have never touched it and even checked it also never tried to use it but at the end of every life the screen pops up

This is the only unknown thing to me till now , untill now I thought that this is something that ” ”it ” ” has given to me but neverthless even ” ”it ” ” didn know of its presence, so I thought that until I get eough of my nature Im confident in wouldn try to use it , but it became difficult as the lives progressed , I did a lot of mistakes and wanted some other things out of the usual way but never touched it , as so it happened my mental breakdown starfted to happen from 43rd till 99 on which I was finally trying tio use it fir the first time but , the warmthness from my kid held me up from totally breaking and finally chose not to use it )

As far as I know its current power is world level tried and tested (THe nature of curse)

As far I know and from the experimnets that I did curse is something that is similar to resentment, desire, longing wishes,true nature & theeir percentage and amount after death decideds the quality of the soul that is pure and following when judgement needs to be passed as for the judgement due to my nature all creatures from the particular world when I was there were under my judgemnt where I was naturally deemed to be the judge by the will of the world , therefore I judged any and all creatures of the world , that Is to be weather to become nutrient of the earth or to follow the flow of river of time

Yes the concept of reincaaarnation was
t an iption its a make belief

As such its always something unexpected that happens and that lead lead to reincarnation

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