And that incarnation is used by worlds will to direct or destroy the world as to follow through the process of destruction , creation , advancement to the peak and then again destruction

Luck controller – this was the recent skill that I integreated in my nature as such I don know what does that even mean ?

But I know that luck is a crucial factor for life and nobody can have a indefinite amount of luck , but exceptions always exist and that doesn apply to the rule maker ,so as I gained the nature of luck controlled , I was excluded out of the rules.

After obtaining it I got a gist of what it was but I was hesitant on using it because whatever I get from that (I would like to name him the determiner- (Dermit)) thing is nothing good ,but I need to exactly know about myself so I thought of activating luck to max as I have luck controller I know the limit of it ,after doing so I lost my consciousness.

I heard a call that seemed to wake me up ,at first I was unable to understand the language but as seconds turned to minutes I was able to understand it , woke up from a annoying alarm ,which of this worlds protagonist Issei ,after waking up first thing I did was to check my status that was

Name – Issei >>(Rex)

Race – Human

Age – 10

Magic – Curse

Releam – Human Releam (Earth)

Sacred Gear – Red Dragon Emperors Ganulet

Power level (world limit – 1->1000) – 10 (Avg human 12)

Universe –similar to High School DXD(Parallel Earth)-High degree of similarity can be found

Skills (Nature/ Law )- Curse,Luck Controller,

Luck – 100%

Luck Advantages- Originator Demonoid , Clone , Info Provider (Exact Details included past and future based upon its learning/Adapting capabilities & would start upon hosts awakening)

Titles (can be Stacked and with their effects) – The cursed one, The Feared one, Destroyer ,Saviour , Creator, Hero , Hero maker , Saint, Demon Nemises , Demon, God of Monsters , The harbringer , The Divined one (Activated due to luck) , God of Curses (Due to Hosts nature/ skill / law) , God of Luck (Due to Hosts nature/skill/ law ),God of Misfortune (Currently Deactivated)

Current state – Awakened (with memories)

After seeing luck advantages I guess it was true after all ,

Haa my poor life

After meeeting Dermit as my soul was floating to other worlds , a god pulled me up into his space, as I regained my consciousness I saw this guy who was there to present me with any three wishes ,because when he saw my last life (99th) he felt sad and gave with the so called reincarnation bonus , so asked him the first question ”why are you giving me bonus ? ”

He said ”Truthfully speaking you know this world ,Also called as High school DxD in your world ”

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