”Wow so , there is a world like this in reality ?, iu can believe it ,Damn so cool ”

”So respected god what do you need me to do ? ”

He chuckled ”So now you
e beleving me Im god Huh What a chap ”

Well heres the reason I want you to save this world ..

”Now thats a big responsibility , but why in the anime ,its an happy ending isn it ? why did you say save ? and why do you want to save it , because as far as I know , the god of DxD should have died, right?? ”

As I asked him my doubts he was certainly seemed happy ,but also frowned ; upon seeing which I stopped and waited for his response

So after waiting for some time and time to time thinking about the things I said he sighed and said

”Well what you saw is reality and what will happen but due to one idiots horniness the reality and future deviated and my dear god died ,and seeing him doing the same thing and destroying the world , I couldn stop my anger & killed him and so did but due to my recklessness the future is moving forward to an extremely wrong direction, so I want you to replace him ”

Upon listening this gods story I was also enraged but as he continued to spek something I thought of something and I think I figured out who he killed , Yup non other thqan our hero of DxD Iseesi hyudo

Damn hes a cool guy I thought

As if reading my mind he smiled and also added to futher my reassurence ”I won Intervieene from next time , as I lost any and all interest in this world ,as my dear departed , I wasn reallly gonna help you but after seeing a soul floating in the void I was confused so I saw your memories , after seeing you had similar kind and if I have to say a cruel experience , I thought might as well give you a chance to live a life again ”

Well Im safe as I thought ,that Dermit bastard an enima isn it , even a geniune god can get a read on him related memories well suck it , I need to be stronger than this airhead , what a headache it is ..while thinking such I Thanked him

”Thank you god ,for this chance Ill definetly live a good life ”

” well do as you seem fit ,as such sending you si also a + for me so treat it as a gift for your hard work till now ”god said

”Can I have three wishes?that you said at the start? ”

He smiled and answered me ” Yes ,so go ahead and ask me ”

On listening I thought for a moment and answered

”My first wish is to be an original demoniod, (A demon that grows on emotions of everyone ,Basically immortal ,as long as humans live ,so does their desire )

Second I wish to have the ability of making a clone, (The one which can be molded by me to my thoughts)

Third I want an ability to see all the attributes of any given person ,even god level powerhouse & Specifically a detailed analysis of their weakness ”

And if you could ,Please don put a limit on these wishes

He seemed to be surprised and spoke ”Well youve already thought this ? , wow it seems you
e quite a chuunibyou, ”

(As it would seem he didn even as much as get angry with the request of these ridiculous wishes ,Im seriously on high luck , so much it makes me feel weird ,as that bad luck lead me into that things clutches and then in this situation ….hmmm so its a good luck or bad luck ???)

on hearing what he said ,I blushed at his comment

”Sure why not ,I grant you all your wishes ,as a bonus Ill make it so you awaken when you
e 10 years old , so you don feel uncomfortable & while at it shall we make make few changes and gifts for you as a surprise as well ”

With stars in my eyes ”I said you really are a cool god ”

and with a wave of his hand my i fell asleep, as i would like to think that

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