Chapter 1 Learning

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The subway is coming in.
It is a good time to steal goods.

The station is noisy with the announcement and the sound of the subway coming in, and people are busy with the train they are going to take, so there is no one who pays attention to their surroundings.
Those who are huddled together and look at the same place are funny like ants.
I want to step on them all.

My target is a middle-aged woman, or maybe a man.
The reason is simple.
Young people nowadays usually don’t bring cash, and even cards.

I’ve already set my eyes on a few people that will be my victims.
First, I choose one of the people standing next to the stairs to make it easy to run away if I get caught.
That woman is looking up at the electronic signboard with a small bag on her shoulder.
It seems like she will only realize her wallet is gone after getting off the subway or after arriving somewhere later.

I push down my hat, then stand close to her as if hanging around.
If others look at us, I yawn while standing crookedly like between a mother and son.
The zipper of the bag is facing back, and I tilt it my way so that she won’t easily notice when I open it.
After looking around slightly, I touch the zipper.

The subway that is coming in covers the sound of the zipper being opened.
When the zipper is opened half, I see a long wallet inside.
A long wallet inside a small bag.
It’s not a very good combination.
I support the bag with one hand, and I carefully put the other hand inside the bag.

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The subway stopped.
From now on, speed is my life.
I was going to take out the long wallet without hesitation. 

I feel a gaze.
If I take out my hand now or look in the direction of the gaze, it is no different from announcing I was stealing.
I tilt my feet and slowly take out the wallet.
When that person is unsure, when the subway is completely stopped, and they can’t see anymore, that is the time to run.

“Excuse me.
That person…”

The person that was looking pointed at me with their finger.
The bag owner turns her head towards me.
I completely take the wallet out, and after I grab it tightly, I quickly take a step.

When the subway is pulled in, I run, pushing the people that are getting off, and climb the stairs.
Piercing words like thief, catch him, can be heard from behind, but if a proper justice can be found here, it means that woman’s luck is good.

However, that woman’s luck is not good.
I quickly leave the station and run to the alley with no CCTV that I’ve checked before.
I run around an alley that connects to another alley, and then another alley.
Then, I stop at a leisure place that is completely far from the station.

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Calming down my breath, I lean my back on the dirty wall and open the wallet.


It doesn’t mean my luck is good just because I’ve stolen a wallet.
Since I’ve got caught, they will surely call the police, and not only at that station, I also can’t do my business in the nearby stations.
Then, I have to get an outcome, but there are only two credit cards, three 1000 won bills, several point cards, a family picture with a son, daughter, and husband, and a neatly folded paper inside.

I let out a sigh after brushing my irritating hair back.
The wallet is a branded item, but there’s a trace of it being used for a long time, so it won’t give me a load of money even if I sell it.
Even if it is, I won’t be able to get enough cash

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