he went to bed early if he worked the next day.
As I thought about his sleep pattern, I remembered something I could do.

The only thing I did for him.
The only action he accepted.

I walked downstairs to Yeon Woojeong’s room.
I grabbed the knob, and when I was about to turn it, I took my hands off.
I made a fist, then I knocked on the door.


His voice wasn’t loud, but it was clear.
When I went inside, I saw Yeon Woojeong leaning on the headrest.
This time, he might have dried his hair properly.
His hair wasn’t wet.

Yeon Woojeong, who was looking at me, didn’t look like he was feeling regret.
A strong impression compared to the pale skin.
I thought as I looked at each and every man’s features on his face.
That even if this man used me as a tool, I would never be able to use him.
It was just; it felt like that was the settled position.

“You’re going to work, right, tomorrow?”


“Then I’ll wake you up.”

As I just spit it out, because I wanted it to sound like nothing happened, Yeon Woojeong raised up his brows.
The staring gaze felt odd.
As if he was holding back his smile.
He wasn’t in a position where he needed to hold back, though.

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He slightly leaned his head to the side and tapped on the bed.
As I walked there, he smirked.

“You’re doing something cute.
Just like you.”

“I said it wrong.”

“You didn’t, I believe?”

Yeon Woojeong tapped the bed once again and then laid down.
I sat next to him.
After pulling the blanket up to the chest, he looked up at me and then closed his eyes.

The black and dark eyelashes.
His face was like a strong achromatic color.
Sucking in the colors around him.

I stared endlessly as if I, too, was sucked in, but then his closed lips parted.

“I, sometimes, I mean—perhaps—often, hurt other people’s feelings.”

The faint voice sounded like he was falling asleep.
His face turned soft as if it was flashing light colors. 

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“There are times I did it deliberately, but there are also times I did it unintentionally…”

Was Yeon Woojeong really telling his story, not mine? It didn’t come to me that he, who looked skillful in everything, had hurt someone’s feelings by mistake.

“I don’t think my stake doesn’t exist in your mood.”


“But it’s the first for us, and… we have to get used to each other.”

The voice turned slow.
While it was mixed with breath sounds, the room completely turned quiet.

I became a part of Yeon Woojeong’s we.
Strangely, it felt like Yeon Woojeong was apologizing to me.
The man who had no reason to do so.

I ended didn’t break anything.
He was a man that someone like me couldn’t break.
Though I felt sad at that fact, I felt relieved.

Suddenly, something suffocating once again rose up.
I quietly laid down on the bed and curled up to the side.
In front of my eyes was Yeon Woojeong’s finger that was slightly bent inward.


I reached out my hand.
I brought my finger to Yeon Woojeong’s finger.
I rubbed my face on the soft blanket.
A cozy scent.
I shut my eyes tight because I felt something was about to explode.
All the beats that made me alive felt like heading to my fingertips.
I breathed out two times slower than that beat sound.
He guided me to a deep slumber.

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