Year 2030 thay appeard out of nowhere, out of thin air thay brought destruction within,nothing but misery and pain…Dungeons.

thay first appeared in USA and caused huge uproar amongst us the government tried every means possible to conceal it but it was for naught.

one month later the first monster to ever set foot in human world appeard out of dungeon and many others followed.

thay cused tremendous amount of damage, after many soldiers sacrificed themselves and a bitter battle government succeeded in killing them.

this incident marked the beginning of many similar appearances.

dungeons appeard in every corner of the world the people, the government,were terrified of what happened in USA and began preparing to defend themselves against dungeons.

Year 2034

when world was drowned in despair and hopelessness the first superhuman appeard in China and with amazing strength, speed and most of all a mysterious substance called Mana in his body he slughterd monsters,and finaly the first ray of light in this dark and unforgiving world shined on us.

following that many others appeard like him around the world and with it a system came just like a game only those who have mana in their bodies can have accesss to it this mysterious system gives a clear understanding of your body and future by giving you a class and an aspect of your future,a Characteristic,superhumans started working together and suppressed the Danger known as Dungeons thay quickly gained wealth, fame and authority thay became symbols of hope for people…even if it was for a short time.

Year 2045

World now changed in short span of 11 years following the appearance of superhumans order of the old world crumbled and thay gained what thay wanted.

power above all,after the first appearance of them and their tremendous power and influence,thay created Guilds and super guilds even the government couldn do anything to them the chains known as law were useless against them.and normal humans became nothing more then ants in front of them the heroes once worshipped and respected become corrupted with power, thay became Symbols of oppression,fear and Power.its a well known fact if you become a superhuman by awakening your mana inside your body you can have anything you want.


On a very tall building on Rooftop

a young man with black hair pulled to right side and blue eyes wearing a black shirt buttoned to his chest with gray pants was standing he looked devilishly handsome with a cold look he was reading something on his phone when

suddenly a woman called him.

Young master!


your father has called for you his waiting at his office.

…ok lets go

I lazily put my phone in my pocket and walked towards the elevator with my fathers secretary as the doors closed an awkward silence fell on us.

and finaly after 10 minutes of walking and riding another elevator I stood right in front of my fathers office.

pls young master

the secretary gestured me to go inside

i opened the door,what greeted me was an very spacious room with a large desk and a man stood there with h

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