, the same sweet goslings leave their shit all over the sidewalk, the same verdant lawn becomes infested with overgrown weeds and slimy earthworms. So yes, growth is beautiful. But it is also foul and ugly and terribly painful. That is one thing I know very well: growing pains and how much they ache. My summers at Bell lake gave me enough to last a lifetime.

But in between those loathsome growing pains were moments of pure bliss; the kind of moments that feel so unreal you question whether this is real life. The moments where I danced barefoot in the pouring rain. The moments I laughed until my muscles ached and my eyes shed joyful tears. The moments I wished upon shooting stars under the moonlight. The moments I watched the morning sun rise upon the bay. The moments I fell deeply in love – and not just with romantic partners – but with myself, my friends, my beautiful life.

Those moments made all those damn growing pains worth it.

These moments that define my three summers at Bell Lake.

And I am here to tell it all.

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